Feb 28, 2014



I love watching empties videos on YouTube. Why? Cause I'm nosey. I like seeing what people used up. I want to know if they liked something or just used it to get rid it or (as I have been known to do) just chuck it in the bin cause they are tired of trying to use it all. So, since I get great enjoyment out of watching other people route through their trash, I thought I'd let you see what's in my trash.

Where do I begin? Let's start with the face masks. I began using face masks about 6 or so weeks ago. I wanted to see if I noticed any improvement in my skin. The first round of masks didn't prove anything  really but the second round did. I won't provide any spoilers for my next mask review but you should totally watch for it.

Avon Bubble Bath. I'm kinda surprised there's only one in there. I'm a bubble bath fiend and my bubble bath of choice is Avon. One day I'll have to do a review of my Avon Bubble Bath collection. You can rest assured when I do, there won't be much complaining!!

Bath and Body Works shower gel in sweet cinnamon pumpkin. Oh. My. Gosh. This smells so good. I think it's only around during the fall and I stock up during the December sale. If you see it, grab 3 of them!

Jordana Best Lash Mascara. I won't say much because Mascara March is coming up (have I plugged that enough? LOL) and I'm sure to give it a glowing review. If you haven't tried this, you really need to. It's only $3.99 and I think you will be pleased.

Bare Minerals Handy Kabuki Brush. I got this brush the very first time I tried Bare Minerals. I purchased that starter kit that everyone gets and this brush came with it. At the time, I didn't really know what to do with it. Since then I have learned that whatever you want to do with it is probably fine. I used this one mainly for adding the barest hint of blush or bronzer to my cheeks. This one is not one of my favorites and ended up in the bin because it began to shed. Would I buy this brush alone. Probably not. It was fine but not fine enough to purchase.

Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails. This was ok. I had it for a number of years and it finally became too goopy to use. That's ok because I now have Sally Hansen Insta-dry (my new holy grail top coat/fast dry coat). And, because I have my new one I don't have to purchase the old one.

CVS pharmacy Eye Makeup Remover Pads. I have about 3 packs of these. I initially fell in love with these eye makeup remover pads and stocked up. Then after about a month of use, my eyes began to burn. I've been using them for cleanup (shadow fall out, lipstick slip, etc.) and once I finish the packs I have, I will not repurchase.

I love using facial buff sponges to wash my face at night. I use a light hand with my Purity Cleanser and make sure I get all the makeup off my face at night. I like to use the Target brand. I've tried other brands and they aren't as soft as Target facial buff sponges are. I use one sponge every 4 or 5 days and feel like I get a really good clean.

And last but not least, I've trashed another eye brow razor. This one is Annie's brand. I picked it up at the beauty supply store. I like it. It's a razor. Nothing earth shattering or life changing. I use 1 every 3 months because I'm lazy and don't keep my eyebrows up like I should. I'll do better and of course, I'll purchase more.

So that's my trash people. Nothing fancy or exciting. What's in your empties? Will you repurchase?

Feb 27, 2014

Sample Bin Review - Perfumes

Hey Everyone!

I'm almost through all of my perfume samples from the sample bin now. It's been an interesting trip through the valley of smells. I'm not really a perfume person. I like a nice body oil but I'm really picky when it comes to perfume. Still, I had no problems testing out these sample scents for you.

Katy Perry Killer Queen Sephora $39 for 1 oz.
I love this! It's a soft, spicy, warm scent that smells so good. It's mellow, laid back and just comfortable. I enjoyed wearing this and have plans to pick up a bottle.

Versace Bright Crystal - Department Store $51 for 1 oz.
I was expecting this to be a really heavy scent because I've smelled some high end fragrances that were really strong. But, this was nice. It has a faint, floral scent that is sweet but not overly so. The first swipe was kinda strong but after 15 minutes I was happy with the way it mellowed. I don't know that I'd buy it but if you get it for me for my birthday, I'll put it on.

Love Etc. by The Body Shop - I couldn't find a price other than ebay
This was really strong. It was a floral scent that overwhelmed me. I almost immediately washed my arm with soap and water. I tried a smaller dab the second day and wasn't any more pleased. I can't think of any reason that I'd purchase this.

Dreams Unlimited by The Body Shop - I couldn't find a price other than ebay
This scent was also a sharp floral that was a bit too much for me. I do have to admit, once I wear it for an hour or so it wasn't as sharp but who wants to wait an hour for a fragrance to die down. I probably wouldn't purchase it.

And that was part 2. I'm sure my coworkers have wondered what's going on? Why does she smell good (or bad) today?

No worries. I have one more part for you. You just wait until I pull out the last sample bin review - perfumes, part 3.

(sample bin review - perfumes, part 1)

Feb 26, 2014

Quickie Review - Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express For Brows and Eyes

I'll let you in on a little secret. I just "perfected" tweezing my eyebrows. Now, I know that everyone else has begun drawing them back in but I hadn't gotten quite that far. After watching everyone else for several months, I decided to try as well.

If a camera had been on me, you good folks would have laughed you booty off. I went to the Sephora counter twice and had them draw in my brows with different products. The first time they drew in my brows they used a pencil and it was waaaaay darker than I was comfortable with. The second time the nice lady assisted me, she used a brow powder. It was still kinda dark but more manageable. After watching what the sales assistant did, I decided to try the Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express For Brows and Eyes in brunette.

I was very pleased. The kit comes with a brush, eyebrow stencils, a circle of wax, a circle with 2 brow colors and a circle with 2 highlighter colors. The box (which was sturdy but kinda cheap looking) came with a mirror on 1 side and instructions on the other side.

I started with the highlight powder and defined where my eyebrow stopped and my brow bone (eyeshadow space place) started. I really liked the highlighter. It wasn't too sparkly and was a good shade for me. Next, I used the lighter of the two brow colors and just brushed a bit of color onto my brows. I know that your color should match the color of your brows but I just wasn't ready to go that far yet. Baby steps people! Instead, the color was in between skin color and brow color. I then used a spooley to blend in a touch of the darker color.

I didn't use the wax because I found it changed the color of the brow powder. It made it darker and that's what I was running from. It also made it look a little less natural. I also didn't use the stencils. I tried them during my practice run but decided that just following the natural flow of my arch looked more natural, more like I wasn't "all made up".

I wore the look for several days and no one seemed to stare and laugh or run away so I figure I did pretty good. I liked the result and was glad that I had given it a try. Would I repurchase? Well, I wouldn't purchase the entire kit. I didn't use everything in the kit and didn't feel that I needed everything in there. The whole kit was $39.50 at Sephora and I felt that I would have done better just buying the brow powder duo for $23. You get almost twice the brow powder and I have several highlighters at home.

Feb 25, 2014

Mascara March

I am soooo excited! I decided that March would be Mascara March!! I plan on trying several mascara's in the month of March and telling you all about them. I'm gonna pick some faves and I'm gonna dish on some duds.

Let me just explain my relationship with mascara. Mascara and I are friends. We don't "go together" or hang out after work. We don't meet at the same dinner parties or go shopping with each other. We are simply friends. We meet once a day, in the morning, and then we go our separate ways as soon as I get home from work. On the weekends, I never see mascara unless I have an event to go to and if I forget to meet mascara in the morning on a weekday, no big deal.

Mascara and I have that relationship because it has taken me forever to find one that I could live with. I don't normally wear mascara on my lower lashes because I get instant raccoon eyes. I am careful with the formulas that I wear during the day because if they are too wet, I end up with raccoon eyes. I have to remember that I'm wearing mascara because if I touch my eye in the slightest, I get...you guessed it. Raccoon eyes.

I also can't wear long, fabu-lastic mascaras because I wear glasses every day. If my mascara is too lengthening, my eyeglasses get raccoon eyes and then I can't see. I need a perfect mascara and perfect is hard to come by.

I currently am in love with Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing mascara. I can apply two coats and get just the right amount of length and just the right amount of volume. My second love is Benefit Cosmetics They're Real mascara. This will give you va-va-va-voom lashes that you will swoon over. My only complaint (besides the price, but beauty costs sometimes) is that they give a bit too much volume and begin to look Lamb Chop like. Now, some folks like Lamb Chop lashes. If you do, then that's ok. It's not for me.

So, March is going to be about trying new mascaras. I've already picked up some (both high end and drugstore, paid for and GWP) and I'm ready to get this show on the road!

What's your favorite mascara? Are you REALLY please with it? Do you want to try some new ones with me? What do you suggest?

See you on April Fool's day! We'll talk about it then.

Feb 24, 2014

Nail Polish Change - L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Collection Privée in 620 julianne's nude

Forgive me. My nails are still recovering from the fight with a pair of scissors. A few weeks ago I dropped a pair of scissors and instead of letting them hit the floor, I foolishly attempted to catch them and I unfortunately, succeeded -- in catching a pair of OPENED scissors with my finger tips. Sighhhh.

It's week 4 of my six L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Collection Privée nail polish colors. This week was 620 julianne's nude. Last week was 350 frieda's nude and I wasn't very impressed.

This week, I was ok with the color but I wasn't pleased with the formulation. Yes, you do see a chip on my pointer finger. If I had taken a picture of my other hand you'd see half the polish gone on my middle finger.

I've been trying to be nice about the chipping of this collection. This, however, was a bit much. I painted my nails one night and the next day, I wash my hair and presto chango! Two of my nails are chipped. I hadn't even typed or done any housework so I couldn't blame it on that.

Like I said, the color was ok. It reminded me of that color in the Crayola 64 box that you kinda avoided -- burnt sienna. It always reminded me of baby poo. So, this week I wore baby poo on my hands. LOL.

I have to admit, after 2 days I was ready to change polish. But, a deal is a deal -- one week.

I'm just ready for next week.

Feb 23, 2014

Wild Nails

I've spend the last 4 weeks using my L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Collection Privée nail polishes and I have enjoy trying them. But, I'm down to my last 2 weeks and I'll need something else to test out. Have no fear. Wet n Wild has had some coupons in the Sunday paper and I used most of them on nail polish.

Let me go back a few years (about 1986). My favorite color in the entire world was Wet n Wild 416A, a Pepto Bismol pink polish. I wore that color like it was going away soon. And then one day, it did. I was so unhappy! I wrote a letter to the company and told them about my love of 416A and guess what they did. Yep -- they sent me a box of 6 that lasted me through my bright pink phase. Because of that, I still use Wet n Wild polish.

Because I've used Wet n Wild nail polish so many times before, I know that I like the formulation of them so really, I'll just be seeing if I like the colors. And now that I look at my selection, I really didn't get a varied range. If you check the colors out, you know that they are my normal shades! I love warm colors on my nails and most of these are considered nudes. Luckily for me, Wet n Wild has a great range of colors, including nudes!

I picked up a nice sparkly fastdry polish in Party of Five Glitters. I know that will make a great accent nail polish. Add that on top of a color and you really do have a party.

I have a lot of the Wild Shine colors in my collection. I heard good things about the protective base coat so I picked one up and then also got the color Sparkled. Don't laugh, I actually picked up 2 of the color Sparkled! I have to take one back and exchange it. I guess I really liked that color, huh?!

I only have a few of the megalast salon nail colors so I was eager to add to what I have. I bought Undercover, Private Viewing and Bite the Bullet. I'm excited about those colors. I can't wait to show you what they look like. I already know that I'll go back and get more when the stores restock. I've been looking at Through The Grapevine, Wet Cement, Candylicious, Milk....you know how it is!

With a coupon, the first 3 were free and the last 3 were $.89. I would have purchased more but everyone had that coupon and so the selection was limited at the stores I visited. Do you find yourself trying new brands because you have a coupon (YES!!)? What coupons are you getting ready to use? Do you have a favorite color that you keep backups of?

Feb 22, 2014

TAG: What’s My Face Worth

I was reading through my beauty blogs and came across the "What's My Face Worth?" tag. I have to admit, I got a little scared. I don't feel that I wear a lot of makeup or that I spend a lot on it (well, never mind) but I as I saw from others, the cost can add up. I thought it would be interesting to see how much I spend on my everyday face products. It's probably scary!

So, I made a list of what I wore Tuesday morning and priced it out for you. The prices listed are the normal prices at the stores that I purchased them from. It doesn't include coupons or sales or samples and y'all know I like those!
Who can start their beautification process without concealer? Not me, that's for sure. I begin everyday with it. Right now I'm using Bare Minerals Concealer in Tan2 ($20). I then pull out my NYX Eye Shadow Base, skintone ($6). I just began using BB cream in the past 30 days but think I'm gonna love it! I am using the Lancôme BB Cream in 6 caramel right now ($45). I don't feel comfortable with just bb cream alone so I do a quick sweep of Bare Minerals Original Foundation ($27).
Then I take a sip of coffee or two or I may pick out a pair of earrings and I put on some Maybelline Baby Lips in Grapevine ($3.49) to moisturize my lips and get them ready for lipstick.
Just this December I discovered Revlon Photoready Bronzed & Chic bronzer ($7.99) and fell in love. It's the perfect bronze for my skin. I'm currently using my Sonia Kashuk Beauty Blush in 52 Spice ($9.79) This too was a surprise find. Sometimes taking chances works out.
I've been testing Milani Brow Fix in 02 ($6.99) and like it. The brow powder is a bit redder than I like but I can blend it and make it work. The highlighter that it's paired with is a great color. It's just enough sparkle and a good color for the brow bone. To complement my fabulous brows (well, I think so) I've been using the Wet n Wild eye trios ($2.99). My faves right now are Knock on Wood and Walking on Eggshells. I also add a swipe of Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Stick ($3.97) and some Almay Intense i-color Purple Amethyst Eyeliner ($4.99).
I've been trying the trick I saw on YouTube to keep my eyeliner in place. When I add my Bare Minerals Well Rested ($18) under my eyes I make sure that I get it close to eyeliner. It's supposed to help minimize oils under your eye. Works so far. I add some Jordana Best Lash mascara ($3.99) on my lashes, fill in my lips with a Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Pencil ($6.29) and add a touch of Revlon Pinkisimo ($7) gloss over that and whaa-la! Perfection.

Well, close, you know.

And the total cost for perfection? $173.49

Not bad considering the many of the products last at least 6 months. Some items last as long as a year so doing some quick math, we're talking about $.63/day.

Now THAT's not bad!

Feb 21, 2014

Quickie Review - NYX Lippies

Recently I found some discounted NYX  lippies at Target. The $6 Xtreme Lip Cream was on sale for $2.48, the $4 Extra Creamy Round Lipsticks were $2.24 and the $6 Glam Lip Gloss Aqua Luxe was $2.28. With prices like those I couldn't resist but, I did get there a bit late to the game because 2/3rds of the shelf was bare.

I was very pleased the with Glam Lip Gloss Aqua Luxe in Velvet Ropes. It's a sheer berry color that is great alone or with a lip liner as a base or over a berry matte lipstick. It's not too sticky and it lasts a few hours. I would definitely buy more colors in the Glam Lip Gloss Aqua Luxe line.

I liked the Extra Creamy Round Lipsticks. I picked up Tea and Indian Pink. I found that they were more matte than I really liked but the Tea lipstick with a gloss on top was nice. Indian Pink was really too pink for me but with a deeper gloss on top it was tolerable. I'd buy more colors but I'd probably make sure I'd go to a place where I could test them.

Honestly, Xtreme Lip Cream left something to be desired. The colors are fine but man, they are overly drying. I had to lip balm it up first and then add lots of gloss afterwards. I probably wouldn't purchase another one but if the right color flew by me, I might.

Feb 20, 2014

Sample Bin Review - BB Creams

I've mentioned that I would spent January, February and March testing different samples that I've gotten. I have samples of perfume, moisturizers, serums, etc. I've been doing a pretty good job at testing. And to think, 6 weeks ago I hadn't tested a thing!

I'm pretty proud of myself. I tried all the BB Creams from my sample bin and I came away thinking that a BB cream isn’t such a bad idea. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

By definition a BB cream is a blemish balm. I found after playing with them for several weeks, they appear (to me) to be tinted moisturizers. I thought that they all would be very similar too but they aren't all the same. I tested all of the BB creams at home first. Many of the samples that I got were too light for my complexion so I’d look a little crazy if I wore them all out in public.

Here are my results….

Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector Anti-Aging BB Cream – I used the Medium/Deep packet and the color was a great match. I liked the fact that it matched well but the BB cream itself was the thickest of all the creams and it was also very tacky. My skin felt damp and sticky even after waiting 15 minutes. There was a slight smell that was kind of unpleasant and I do not like all makeup smells at all. I've returned makeup to the store for that offense.

Ponds Luminous Finish BB Cream – The shade that I had was light so it was totally the wrong color for me. The BB Cream was thick but not as thick as the Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector Anti-Aging BB Cream. Again, there was a smell so it wouldn’t work for me.

Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream – I had the light to medium shade and that worked well. This BB cream had a very nice feel. It was thick but like a tinted moisturizer. There wasn’t a smell and because I liked it so well, I actually used the package for “real” wear twice.

Garnier BB Cream Skin Renew (no anti-aging) – I used the medium/deep shade and it was nice, a bit beige though (I need a tad bit of red in my beauty balm). I also liked the feel of this. It felt light enough that I could add my foundation powder lightly over the top. It also had no smell. Even though the Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector Anti-Aging BB Cream is by the same company, it was almost like using a completely different BB cream.

Again, I only tested most of the beauty balms at home, only wearing the Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream & Garnier BB Cream Skin Renew (no anti-aging) in public. I added a light covering of my Bare Minerals Original Foundation (mineral powder).

Going into the test I would never have even thought of using a BB cream. It sounded like a waste of money to me. After this test, I did go out and purchase a BB cream. Don’t laugh but it wasn’t one of these at all! But, if I had to choose one of these that I tested, I’d choose two (cause I can do stuff like that). I’d go with the Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream & Garnier BB Cream Skin Renew (no anti-aging). BUT, I’d only use them with a face powder because neither of them was a perfect match.

Feb 19, 2014

Maybelline Color Sensational The Buffs

I saw these lip colors on the blogs about two weeks ago. I knew I had to have them when I saw them!

Maybelline Color Sensational - The Buffs are beautiful nude lip colors that are great alone and magnificent if you add a liner or a gloss over top. I normally reach for glosses or butters but these lipsticks are great. They are moist and last nicely. I had color for about 3 - 4 hours, about what I expect.

I searched several drugstores and oddly enough, it was tough to find all the colors. One store had 4 colors that were still on the shelf stocking cart and the second store had 1 color. But, just as I posted on my Instagram account (instagram.com/wri316), I found all of them at Wal-Mart. I don't even know why I go anywhere else (smiles dreamily).
A = Touchable Taupe, B = Stormy Sahara & C = Untainted Spice
I picked up 940 Touchable Taupe, 945 Stormy Sahara & 950 Untainted Spice. Out of the three, Stormy Sahara is my fave. It's lighter and more versatile than the other two. I've added several liners to change the color slightly and add a nice pink or peach or bronze gloss on top...OMG! I love these buffs.

What am I looking for now? Maybelline Dare to Go Nude Collection for Spring 2014 - Color Tattoo Eyeshadows, Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow Quads and Color Show The Nudes Collection. I'm on the hunt people. If you see them in the metro Atlanta area, give me a shout out!!

Feb 18, 2014

Gift With Purchase

I like makeup. You know that I'm all about a good sale. I love my drugstore makeup and love it even more when there's a coupon and a BOGO. But, I also have a wild side. Surprised?

I occasionally indulge in some fancy makeup too! I go nuts over a good Lancôme lipgloss (I'm currently loving Cinema  Cinnamon). Who doesn't love NARS bronzing powder in Laguna (I use it sparingly!). And, I really like my Estée Lauder eyeshadow trios. I like to play in high end makeup just as much as my drugstore makeup. I just have to save up a little longer to do it.

But, I have a secret! Kinda. I mean, it's not a real secret. Everyone knows about it -- Gift With Purchase!

I NEVER purchase high end makeup unless I'm getting something free! It's how I can test out new things. For instance, I used to love the Lancôme tinted moisturizer and when I saw that they now had a BB cream (Lancôme Bienfait Teinté Beauty Balm Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30), I thought I'd try it out. But that bad boy is a $45 purchase. I can't just go all crazy and spend all my money on one thing! So, I saved my duckies and waited until they had a GWP that included some goodies I could use. Now I have a new Définicls High Definition Mascara (remember Mascara March is coming up!!), Color Design Lipstick in Trendy Mauve, a Bienfait Multi-Vital night cream plus several other goodies. Will I end up purchasing all of the goodies that I get to try? Of course not. I might buy some of the things that I get free, but it is nice to know what I like can be put on my wish list.

How do I find out when good Gift With Purchase deals happen? Sometimes the television commercials will clue you in. You can also find several websites and blog posts dedicated to GWPs. But, remember in my BEE Nice post I mentioned sales associates? That goes for high end stores as well -- get to know your sales folks! Tell them about yourself. Let them know that you work hard but love a good red lippie. They will give you a call when something exciting happens. They'll call you when GWP times come up but they'll also let you know when a special guests will come to town. Many sales associates want to get to know you and help you stretch your dollar. Use your resources, ALL your resources, wisely.

DO I have any more gift with purchase plans? Of course! I'm just not sure what yet. There are a lot of GWPs out there. What's your favorite? What do you have plans to purchase? Have you made friends with the faces behind the counter? Go do it!!

Feb 17, 2014

Nail Polish Change - L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Collection Privée in 350 frieda's nude

I must preface this post and ask that you excuse my hands. I had a fight with a pair and the scissors and the scissors won. I have several cuts and I lost some nail length (grrrr!).

This week is the 3rd week of my six L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Collection Privée nail polish colors. This week was 350 frieda's nude. (Yes, I know, lower case frieda. Sorry. It's the way the name is written on the bottle). Last week was 600 doutzen's nude and I really hated taking it off. It was very nice. I was hoping that frieda's nude would be just as delicious.

Well, frieda's nude was good, not as good, but good. It was named for Frieda Pinto, an Indian actress and model, most notably from the movies Slumdog Millionaire, You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Frieda's color is a metallic bronze nude. I'm not a big fan of metallic colors on my finger nails but this one was okay.

I wore the polish for 3 days before chipping occurred. Even then, it was minimal chipping. Remember, I type and work with my hands a lot so I give a little leeway to chipping. It didn't streak and I could have gotten away with 1 coat. I just wanted to see what 2 coats looked like. Well, 2 coats almost was too much. Next time, I'll go with one good coat and then add my top coat.

While this wasn't my favorite of the Color Riche Collection Privée nail colors, I won't push it to the back of the nail polish container or pass it to a friend. I can see me using this as an accent nail color or a toe color.

Feb 16, 2014

Quickie Review - Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar Perfume Roll-On

Lately I have had a thing for the smell of coconut. For about 3 months vanilla coconut, mango coconut, anything coconut really, has been my go to scent. There is just something about the clean, fresh smell of coconut.

And, roll-on oils or roll-on perfumes mixed with oil are always best for me. I have allergies and some perfumes are just too much for my nose. Normally oils aren't as fragrant. They are softer but last longer. They warm up with your body heat and release fragrance through the day.

I have been using Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar Perfume Roll-On for a while now. Wow! This smells so good. It's a fresh, warm coconut scent with hints of vanilla. It's a .33fl oz. roll-on tube that fits nicely in your makeup bag or purse. I got if for 50% off but the original price was $11.99. I'm not sure that I'd have paid full price but now that I have, I'd probably try one of the other scents. They have several scents and Malibu Lemon Blossom, Sandalwood and Hawaiian Ruby Guava that look good to me.

I have to admit that this particular scent doesn't last as long as other's that I've tried but I bet if I used the coconut body butter first, the two together would be powerful.

And yes...I plan to test that theory!

Feb 15, 2014

Rub A Dub Dub

I'm a bit of a bubble bath and shower gel junkie.  I love a good bubble bath, I love a soft smelling bath fizzy or bath salts and I adore the lather from a rich shower gel.

Yes, my bathroom looks like a Bath & Body Works store. Yes, I know I have enough bath products for the next 9 months. Yes, I'd purchase more if I found out they were on sale.


My bath always begins with a generous pour of a rich bubble bath and while I play with different shower gel brands, I am pretty set in my ways when it comes to bubble bath brands. I love Avon bubble baths. I have waaaay more that I'm showing here. As a matter of fact, this basket holds my bubble baths. Currently, I have 7; Pomegranate & Peony, Vanilla Cream, Lavender Garden, Fresh Peach, Peppermint Vanilla, Sparkling Apple Blossom and Dark Orchid and Raspberry. Yeah, I know. I'm getting low. I have an order coming in. No worries.

Once I have settled into the luscious bubbles, I reach for one of my many bath gels. How many bath gels do I currently have, you ask? Well, again, I'm low in that department. I'm down to one Aruba Coconut, one Paris Amour, one Moonlight Path, one Vanilla Bean Noel, one Paris Amour, one Twisted Peppermint, two classic Lemons, one Black Raspberry Vanilla, and one Warm Sugar. Does anyone know when the next sale is? I need to be there.

Oh, don't get confused. That's not all the gels I have. That's all of the Bath & Body Works brands that I have. I have a couple of Philosophy gels, 5 or 6 Caress gels and I also have a myriad of store brands and drugstore brands that I love to suds up with. It's a relaxing way to get clean.

And when you're finished, grab a body butter or body cream and slather it on.

You are gonna smell so good my friend!

Feb 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Chocolate

My first thought was to post about red lipsticks. I thought I'd do a post about 7 red lipsticks and tell you what I thought of them.    

But then I remembered. I don't like red lipsticks. I like fuchsia and I can work a reddy brown but I'm not really partial to red. I'm a brown or nude kinda girl. I can go for a warm brown shadow or cocoa colored lip maybe even a chocolaty bronzer on my cheeks. 

Not red. Not really. 

But chocolate...hey wait minute!!

You probably don't know this but I loooove chocolate. I love hot chocolate, milk chocolate brownies, even white chocolate candy. So, it's understandable that I'd wear it on my face. 

Of course!

So these are some of my favorite "chocolates".

My face has fallen in love with the Revlon Photoready Bronzer in 100 Bronzed & Chic. A natural look on my skin. So pretty. My eyes are very simple. They like the Wet n Wild Coloricon trios Knock on Wood & Walking on Eggshells. Warm chocolate with a touch of pink, some deep plum and a swipe of white chocolate. I sometimes mix it up with CoverGirl Eye Enhancers single in swiss chocolate, Maybelline Expert Wear single in cinnamon spice or L'Oreal Wear Infinite Studio Secrets single in Gilded Bronze. My eyes love NYX retractable eyeliner in brown and Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye shadow stick in Bad Girl Bronze. They glide like butter (a component in cooking some of the best chocolate treats!).

Lips, you know, are the part of the body that chocolate touches first. I have my favorite candy liners by Jordana and Rimmel Exaggerate lip liners. I also like my Kate by Rimmel (Rosetto) and Milani (Candied Toffees) lipsticks. Now I know that I said I don't do red but this L.A. Colors Luscious Wine is an exception. It's a chocolaty red that is oh so pretty. I wear it when I need a strong lip color.

Now, you know I like my gloss. I have several favorite glosses, NYX Lip Cream in Buttery Nude, Femme Couture Lip Luster in Creamy Copper, Make Up For Ever Lab Shine gloss in Metal Shine M10 (a nice cherry chocolate), and Almay Liquid Lip Balms in Rosy Lipped and Truffle. They make lips feel nice and warm.

My fingers like to be dipped in chocolate as well. I've been using Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in 200 Bare Naked and L'Oreal Collection Privee colors in doutzen's nude & juliane's nude. They are softer shades of chocolate but still just as sweet!

So there you have it. No red lips but lots of chocolate. Ahhhh, the joy of Valentine's Day. I hope your day is just as sweet.

Kisses & Chocolate!!

Feb 13, 2014

Quickie Review - Sonia Kashuk Beautifying Blush

I bought out Target the past weekend. They had so many red clearance tags, I 'bout had a fit! I picked up a L'Oreal Paris True Match blush and then looked up and saw that Sonia Kashuk had one too. I almost left it there. The L'Oreal blush was twice the size for less money. The L'Oreal is .21oz and the Sonia Kashuk is .11 oz. And, the color (52 Spice) looked pretty similar to the L'Oreal blush so I walked away. Then a little, tiny voice in my head managed to get past the other voices and told me to go back and get it. Try it for five bucks! What could it hurt?!

That little, tiny voice is going to get a high five 'cause hot damn I love this blush! It may be small but man oh man, it's mighty! It was a creamy powder, not chalky at all. And a little went a long way. It gave me a sun kissed look and with all the cold weather we've had, I need as much faux sun kissing as I can get!

The first time I wore the blush, I just popped it on over a light dusting of Bare Minerals powder. I was going to a very casual dinner with friends so there was no need to get all glammed up. The blush made what was a very basic "no makeup" look into a "fresh faced casual but cute" look. All the girls complemented the look. The second time I wore the blush was a full face for work. I went a tad bit heavier and it looked so pretty. I got some comments and a whistle (but the guy on the train might not count -- anywho).

I really like this blush. It's been a while since I was able to gush over a blush. And, to think, if Target hadn't been getting rid of it, I'd probably have never known! You can bet I'll have some more Sonia K blushes in my makeup kit.

Feb 12, 2014

Behind The Mask

I've mentioned that I was going to try out some masks and see if adding them to my weekend routine would make any significant changes.

 I've tried 3 masks and so far...no, I don't really see a difference. But, over time, I might see a difference. So, I'll keep on keeping on!

The first mask I tried was the Epielle Facial Essence Mask in Collagen with Vitamin E. It was supposed to leave my skin hydrated and renewed. My skin felt good so I guess it accomplished what it said. I picked it up at Big Lots for  $.60. It was a thick mask and the longest sitting mask of the ones that I purchased. I was supposed to wear it for 20 - 30 minutes. I ended up wearing it for 30 minutes. It felt very comfortable, smelled fine and liked the feel of the left over liquid (I smeared it over my face and neck). It wasn't too wet or anything. I was able to move around the house doing other things. I have another one of these that I picked up that I'm happy to try. I got them from Big Lots so I may or may not be able to pick up more there but I did see some on Amazon that I'd be interested in ordering.

The second mask I tried was Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Hydrating Paper Mask in Blue Agave. It's promise was to hydrate dry, thirsty skin. Again, it felt good so I guess it's claim is true. I purchased this mask from Wal-Mart and I think it was $1.39. This one was supposed to be worn for 5 - 10 minutes. I probably kept it on for 12 minutes. It was a little wetter so I stayed put in the bathroom. I'd probably try this one again as well. It's in all of the stores, they have a very good variety and I'm okay with the price point.

The third mask I tried was Que Bella Bath & Beauty Refining Fruit Enzyme Spa Masque. It's goal is to soothe and moisturize and leave skin feeling moist and radiant. It was BOGO 1/2 at Walgreens so I paid about $1.50 for it ($1.99 normal price). It was the thickest of the masks that I tried and it smelled the best. The required time was 5 - 10 minutes. I wanted to go the entire 10 minutes but.... IT BURNED LIKE HELL! My fault though. I'm allergic to a ton of different fruit and this is apparently FULL of fruit enzymes. I'm sure this mask is a great mask but my skin isn't ok with fruit enzymes so 3 minutes was all I could do before using Purity cleanser to wash my face. My face was red for about 10 minutes afterwards but then calmed down. I couldn't use my night cream though because my face was too delicate at that point.

So, I guess while I didn't see major changes, I felt pretty good doing a little somethin' somethin' for my skin. If nothing else, spending some time pampering myself can't hurt.

Unless you are allergic to the ingredients in the mask.

Reading really is fundamental!

Feb 11, 2014

Quickie Review - Black Radiance Dynamic Duo Lip Balm & Gloss

My eyes zoomed in on the $1.00 off coupon. Yep. That's why I picked my first one up. I had seen Black Radiance products before, of course, and had picked up an eye quad or two but had never purchased any of the lippies. Black Radiance is a good brand and at $2.99 (after the coupon), it's really worth a try.

I'm glad that I did try. These Duo Lip Balm & Glosses are really nice. The website claims that there are 6 colors -- Hibiscus, Fuchsia, Plum, Bronze, Nude & Mauve. I only saw 4 at my store so I picked up Mauve and Bronze.

The balm isn't really a balm. It's very pigmented. It's almost a lipstick. And, the gloss is almost the same shade but glossy and shiny. So nice. You could wear them alone but I think they really mesh well. I knew when I was putting them on that it was a winner.

Both duos lasted your normal time frame for a gloss and my lips felt very hydrated. I preferred the mauve color. I immediately fell in love with it. The bronze was lighter than I thought it would be and required building up a bit.

I liked the Dynamic Duos. I will use the colors that I purchased quite a bit. Would I purchase more? Yes, if they came up with new colors. The colors that I saw left a bit to be desired. But, I would certainly recommend that you take a look at the colors and at that price point, you could try without worries.

Feb 10, 2014

Nail Polish Change - L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Collection Privée in 600 doutzen's nude

Hey pretty people!

I am now on polish two of my six L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Collection Privée nail polish colors. This past week was 600 doutzen's nude. Last week I wore 370 jennifer's nude and wasn't all that excited about the color. I liked the formulation but the color didn't rock my world. This week...600 doutzen's nude...oh baby! I am loving this one to pieces!

doutzen's nude (yes, lowercase on purpose) refers to Dutch model/actress Doutzen Kroes. The lip and nail colors with her name are shades of warm pink. The lipstick is the barest hint of pink and the polish is a warm, milky cocoa color with a splash of pink thrown in. The formula itself is the same as last week. My nails didn't chip any quicker than any of the other L'Oreal polish. I like the brush. It makes staying in the lines easier -- trust me, I need this perk.

I am really enjoying this color. It will definitely stay in my rotation. 

Feb 9, 2014

Concealer Revealed

I've hit pan on my bareMinerals Correcting Concealer. I've had it for almost a year and I can probably get 6 more months out of it but I thought I'd better start looking around. After all, it took me 3 weeks to decide on this one.

Yes, yes, yes, it took me 3 weeks to pull the trigger and buy my bareMinerals Correcting Concealer. I don't have a lot of spots on my face. I do have side burns though. Kinda. Well, I have several wayward hairs that grow out of the side of my face and the skin around each hair has discolored. It doesn't really bother me but I think when I wear makeup it takes away from the finished look.

A little over a year ago I went into Sephora for my bareMinerals powder foundation and I played in the concealer. I tried 2 or 3 and then walked away. A week later I went back in, played in the concealer and took a sample home. I wore my sample for another week and liked the finished look so I decided to make my purchase.

Now that I've been playing in makeup for another year, I've seen several people talk about their favorite brands so I decided I'm going to look at other brands of concealers. No, I'm not displeased with my bareMinerals but I thought I could possibly be more pleased with another.

So far I've played with a couple that I'm not too wild about and 1 that's a contender. I'll continue to play with the Cover FX Cream Concealer. I've used my little sample for almost 4 weeks and I still have about that much remaining. I nearly balked at the $27 (.33 oz) price tag (even though I paid $20 for .07 oz of the bareMinerals) but then you have to remember that the tiny tube will last you 1 year to 18 months. Once I remembered that, it made it much easier to swallow the pricey tag.

I have my eye on a few brands -- L'Oreal True Match looks good, NYX has one, Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo, Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat' and several more. Now, I don't promise to purchase them all (but don't you love the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat' name? I might buy it for the name alone). I do promise to try out several and let you know what I like. I'm going to try all sides of the dollar spectrum.

What do you think I should try? What should I avoid? I'm not sure how long it will take me to make a choice but I'll let you know what I choose!