Aug 30, 2015

It's A Haul Y'all! - Five Below

Hey There!

It's an odd haul to be sure. It is indeed a mish mash of stuff.

I drove to a new Five Below yesterday just to see what it had inside and what shopping plaza it was in. If you don't know what Five Below is or don't have one near you, it's a Dollar Tree-esque store where everything is under five dollars. It's not the "same" as the dollar store in that they don't have everything that you'd ever need for your home for one dollar. It is the "same" as in cute things that you didn't know you needed until you saw them...and now you can't live without them.

I picked up 3 packs of hair elastic bands. It sounds a bit much to pick up 56 hair elastic bands but they were 3 for $5 and I wanted all of these colors. And, I have to split them with the kiddo. So, no, it's not a bit much. Well, it kinda is.

I have never wanted to purchase Honey by Marc Jacobs. I've never sniffed it. Five Below had all of their imitation perfumes out so that I could take a sniff. Well, I did take a sniff and I liked it. It's soft and honeyish. The FB version doesn't last very long but, it was $5 so it's ok. And, isn't that bottle the cutest? Yes it is!

I like REVO lip balms. I just can't stand paying $2.99 for a full size (and I'll never finish that!). But, paying $3 for 3 mini sizes, well that's a bargain! And, I might actually finish these 3.

No, the Wet n Wild Under The Sheets makeup remover towelettes weren't at FB. They were below five dollars though. They are my favorite makeup remover wipes and I had run out. I hadn't been in a hurry to replace them though because I have been trying new makeup remover wipes. I will try new ones for a while and then my face will ask, very quietly, "can we have the wipes we love, please?". Why yes, face. Yes we can.

So that's what I bought. Not anything amazing or fantastic. Just stuff that I needed, kinda.

Like I said, things that I didn't know that I needed until I saw them. And then I couldn't live without them.

Aug 29, 2015

Does it make scents?

Hey There!

There I was just walking through the Dollar Tree, minding my own business when BAM! I turn the corner and there is a display of Krispy Kreme Doughnut Brand Scented Candles.


My and Krispy Kreme go together! We are planning to get married and have donut babies! That just how much I love Krispy Kreme! I had no idea that these things existed! I had no idea that I could smell sweet, doughy, sugary goodness all day and not gain a pound. This is what delightful joy feels like people. I'm very excited to try these.

I have to temper all that glee with the understanding that sometimes the candles from the Dollar Tree (these are from the Star Candle Company) don't always have good room throw and some of them don't even smell all that great. It doesn't upset me because, well, they are a dollar. And they are cutsie. It would be different if they were $5 or $8 candles and I expected them to be amazing. They are $1 and if they are mediocre I'm ok.

I haven't been burning candles lately. There's been so much going on I haven't thought about it. But you can bet your Bath & Body Works stash I'm lighting these suckers up tonight!

Just stay tuned for my review. It's coming soon.

And yes, you guys are invited to me and KK's wedding.

Aug 28, 2015

Nail Polish Change - Wet n Wild in Candid Affair & Sally Hansen's Pacific Blue

Hey there!

I know that it's been a while since I dipped my nails in polish. I decided to tone back the nail polishing because my nails started to look really good. At first I didn't understand. I mean, I didn't polish my nails, let them get all chippy and crap and ignored them.

And they grew!

And they got stronger!

So obviously nail neglect is nail love!

Or something like that. Anywho, I pulled out a Wet n Wild nail color in Candid Affair. It's a beautiful lilac shimmer cream color (yeah, I said all that) and look at my nails. Look at them! Delicious! I love this color. It matches my complexion and it goes along with my summer pastel love that's been happening this year. I always say that Wet n Wild is one of my all time favorite polishes and $1.99 is a better than fantastic price for this.

Wet n Wild polishes last for several days (or a full week 'cause I don't know when I'm polishing my nails again! #lazy). The formula is so easy to work with. I own a lot (A LOT - think more than 50) of Wet n Wild and I think I might have 1 that was a bad formula. The tapered brush is great and makes polishing my nails so easy. If I had to give a con to counter this list of pros I'd say I want MORE!!! It's about time for a new collection.


Now these toes? Yaaaaass! Sally Hansen's Pacific Blue. I hesitated but I am enjoying it. My tootsies are getting some wanted attention, as well as the odd toe fetish creeper's unwanted attention (You shouldn't be drooling when you say "nice feet", sir!).

Now SallyH can have some difficult formulations but this one is not. It's a dream to work with. I hate that it's discontinued but I have picked up Julie G's Cabana Boy as a decent dupe. 

I'm loving my fingers and toes folks! What are you wearing this week? Are you loving it? 

Stop looking at my feet!

Aug 24, 2015

NYC Expert Last Lip Color

Hey There!

I'm not sure if these NYC Expert Last Lip Color lippies are new or if I just missed the boat. It's very possible that I was simply in lala land when they came out. No worries though. I have them now!

Sugar Plum and Creamy Caramel just happened to jump into my shopping cart. The display had a few colors listed as NEW! but only those two made it to my house. I have a like/not like relationship with NYC makeup. These lip colors are like and not like.

I like the colors in the tube. They are pretty, sweet colors. The unlike is that on your lips, they become invisible. The other unlike is that they are frosty. I don't like frosty lips.

I like that they glide on smoothly and are moisturizing the not like is that the moisture only lasts for about 2 hours.

I obvious like is that they are $1.99 but the not like is that they behave like they are only $1.99.

If the colors were a bit bolder, a bit more pigmented, I would certainly purchase more. If they had more colors to choose from I'd be happier. These are colors that I could pass to a young niece if she were old enough.

I don't think I'll keep them though.

Aug 23, 2015

More Bang For Your Buck

Hey there!

Sorry, this post is so short. I'm still getting better from my dental procedure that I had this past Friday. Anesthesia always takes a while to get out of my system and the antibiotics they like to use make me a bit nauseous so I'm off kilter a bit longer than other folks. But, I had to tell you good folks about my latest bang for your buck!

I LOVE my NARS Creamy Concealer. That's not a secret! This stuff is heaven sent. It's the perfect shade, the perfect consistency, and it lasts the perfect amount of time. I began using the NARS Creamy Concealer about nine months ago and it's been my go to concealer ever since. The only problem is that it costs and arm and a leg. 

Well, kinda. It's $29 for .22 oz of product but it has lasted for 9 months so far. 

And then I started to hit pan. I wanted to cry. I almost did!


Before the first teardrop fell, I remembered that one of my favorite YouTubers, ItsKeerstin (I. LOVE. HER. CHANNEL!), showed us how to pull the stopper out of the tube and get another several months out of it. At the time that I saw her video, I knew that it was a tip that I'd keep in the back of my head.

Well, it was time. It was time to test it out and see if I could do what she did. I took an older pair of tweezers and gently pulled the stopper out. You know what? It's messy as hell but it works! It works people!!

So when you see that you are getting to the end of your concealer or something else in a tube (skin care in tubes!), don't toss it out! Pull off the stopper and have 2- 6 months of product left!

Aug 22, 2015

Brush Up On It!! - My 4 Current Faves

Hey there!

I had three teeth pulled. I was fortunate to be put to sleep while it happened. You should be put to sleep before all dental work in my opinion. Anywho, I was on the good stuff for pain so today is my first coherent day in a while. 


When I cared about makeup and looking pretty, I took a look at which brushes I was using to apply my makeup. I showed my most recent e.l.f. Studio Brush Purchases and while they are good, I still have my 4 top used brushes and yes, 2 of them are e.l.f. brand brushes. 

I haven't been highlighting a lot lately but when I do, my e.l.f. blush brush kicks butt! The bristles are light and fluffy and put the highlight exactly where you want it. It works beautifully with my bareMinerals READY Luminizer. I just swirl my e.l.f. blush brush into both colors (The Live Affair and The Shinning Moment) and sweep magic above my cheeks. I think angels sing when it happens. 

I liked the contour brush that I just ordered but it doesn't beat my Eco Tools brush. I love that brush for contouring. It puts my bronzer in the correct places and blends like a dream. Right now I've been using my 
e.l.f. Contouring Bronzer from the St. Lucia kit. My tan is going away so this shade is perfect for a natural look. 

Everyone knows how I feel about my Claire's kabuki brush. I use my powder foundation as my all over foundation instead of liquid and this brush works well to spread the color evenly. I've tried other brushes but so far this is my number one. This one does a great job. 

My e.l.f. Concealer Brush is perfect for under eye powders. It is the best shape and distributes the powder thinly but evenly. I use my e.l.f. Eye Brightener and then my e.l.f. High Definition Undereye Setting Powder to finish. Tada! It looks like I got 8 hours of sleep instead of 4 or 5. 

I won't need my eye powders for a while right now. My after procedure drugs are perfect for putting a girl to sleep. I stayed up long enough to write this post. When I wake up I'll review it. 

Cause all we need are too many drug induced mistakes!

What brushes are you loving right now? Are they high end, drugstore or dollar store? I'm currently looking for a better blush brush. What are your suggestions?

Aug 17, 2015

Vaseline Intensive Care Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer in Aloe Soothe

Hey There!

I am still working through my Influenster Sunshine Vox Box box from last month. One of the products in my SVB was a full sized (yes, I said full sized) Vaseline Intensive Care Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer in Aloe Soothe. I was happy to get this because you good people know that I think lotioning up the ole body is a tedious process. Yeah, I know.

I have tried this product several times and I have to be honest. This product is just ok. I thought that it would be super convenient and become my "go to" lotion because it's a spray but will probably not be a regular in my routine. No, it's not greasy on my skin but it is greasy on my bathroom floor. I don't dare spray it in the tub. That could be bad. I could see an ER visit happening.

Let me back up. The magical think about this product is that it's a spray lotion that you use when you get out of the tub. It "moisturizes and absorbs in seconds to help heal dry skin". It has micro-droplets of vaseline jelly. Honestly, I just didn't see the benefit over traditional lotion. The instructions say to hold 4 inches from skin and spray all over in a continuous motion.

Go ahead. You do it.

Remember, your skin is damp. Your bathroom is probably damp as well.

I will finish this, but I think I'll spray it in my hand and rub it on my body. I've tried that and that works better than their suggestion. But, if that's what I have to do to make it work, it's kinda not worth it.

So see! I can give an honest Influenster product review. I didn't really get this one. Sorry.

Aug 16, 2015

It's A Haul Y'all! - Target - Ava and Viv & Merona

Photo credit:

Hey There!

I went to Target!

That's not new!

But, it's not often that I go to Target and look at their clothes (besides tops) because their jeans and pants don't often fit my curvy shape. I find that the plus sized pants from Target have no waist line. The waist and hips are the same size. I don't know about you but my waist and hips are not the same! I saw the Ava and Viv brand a few months ago but because of my prior experience, I just kept going.

Friday I went into a different Target and saw the line and saw the jeans that they had. I decided, what the hay?! I've got to try on these t-shirts so I'll try on their jeans too.

MAN!!! These jeans are the business! They fit wonderfully! Ava and Viv understand that my waist is smaller than my hips. The dark blue wash complements my shape and they were on sale for $17 and change so they jumped into my cart. Did I mention that they are skinny jeans? Yeah, skinny! Jeans in sizes 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20 don't often look skinny when they say skinny but these looked skinny! I'll let you know how they wear but I'm excited to try them!

I also picked up some t-shirts because they were $5. They aren't the Ava and Viv, they are Merona brand. These are a silky material so I can dress them up a bit for dinner or lunch out. I have plenty of junk t-shirts but I don't have any nicer t-shirts. I wanted to get more but the other styles of t-shirts didn't look right on me when I tried them on.

This is not a large haul, I know, but enough to slowly add to my closet. When I moved, I discarded some things that no longer fit right or hot rips or tears or were worn out. I decided I'd slowly add thing back into my wardrobe.

Have you been to Target lately? Do you see the new clothing lines that they've added? What do you think? 

Aug 14, 2015

REVO - Cotton Candy and Pina Colada

Hey there!

I'm not the biggest fan of REVO lip balms. It's not that they aren't moisturizing, because they really are. It's not because they aren't EOS because I actually prefer the REVO lip balms to the EOS balms. They are more moisturizing and I love the scents. The kiddo prefers them too. The reason that I'm not the biggest fan is because of their shape. I know that it's supposed to be fun but it's hard to put them in smaller purses and I carry smaller purses. Also, it's awkward to hold them and put them on my lips. The shape is just odd.

So, crazy lady, why did you buy some REVOs if you aren't that into them. Well, I saw that one of them was cotton candy scented/flavored.


You know how cotton candy is a very intricate part of my life. My house smells like it. My favorite perfumes smell like it. I eat it all the time! So if there is a lip balm that is cotton candy scented I must have it! It's non-negotiable!!

And because I can't just purchase one REVO lip balms, I also picked up the Pina Colada one. No major reason. I just thought it might be nice.

And they are both nice. They are of course, moisturizing, and they smell good. Cotton Candy is softly scented, not over powering. Pina Colada is ok scented but there is a subtly plastic smell. Both of them are just fine and I'll use them.

Do I suggest that you run out and get them? Well, you don't have to run out but if you are at the Walgreens, yeah, pick up one. I'd go with Cotton Candy Scent.

Of course.

Aug 13, 2015

MAC Veluxe à Trois

Photo Credit: MAC website
Hey there!

I like MAC lipstick ok. The ones that I have are moisturizing and feel good. And, I wear them quite a bit. But, I haven't purchased any new MAC lippie colors because they haven’t made me look twice. All of the new collections that have come out lately haven't made me put on clothes and run to the store. I look at them cause you know, MAC will send you emails.

Photo Credit: MAC website

While many of the past collections haven't churned my butter, I have to admit that 2 of the new Veluxe à Trois colors caught my eye. Royally Riotous and Heaux ($17) look like they need to come to my house! Do you see them? Of course you do! Just look at that rich brown and gorgeous berry. I even think the You’ve Got It, cremesheen glass looks pretty.

Photo Credit: MAC website

Now, there are other products in the line. But the lip products got my motor running. Pillow Talk, How Tropical, Flowerscope and Quelle Surprise are pretty too. None of them jump out at me (well Quelle Surprise ($16) does) but if you want to buy them for me…
Photo Credit: MAC website

I also took a look at the other cremesheen glasses in Softly Lit, Loud & Lovely, Richly Revered and Dark Outsider. I’m not a fan of the cremesheen glasses. I have one and they seem like really overpriced lip glosses to me.

Now, I have put several lippies in my MAC cart and then I close the browser. Sighhh. I have about $50 worth of lipstick in my cart but pulling the trigger is hard! I'd rather find dupes for $5 each! Drugstore lipsticks are coming out with their fall lines and I really want to try some of them. If these lipsticks were in stores I could go try them on and make a decision that way.

But, for now, I'll keep drooling over them and never actually pull the trigger.

Sure. Let's see how long that works!

Aug 11, 2015

Wipe It Clean

Hey there!

Yes, you can wipe it clean. Kinda. Sometimes.

I am currently giving a work out to three different facial wipes. Yes, I have my Wet n Wild wipes that I love so much but I always like to try a few new to me products every once in a while.

I got a Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Refreshingly Clean Cleansing Cloths in my Influenster Sunshine Vox Box. I like them. I expected them to sting my face because they are witch hazel but they don't burn and they are comfortable. My only complaint is that they smell funny.

I picked up some Pure'n Gentle Make-up Remover Wipes from Wal-Mart. They were only .88 cents. I've never tried them before. They are alcohol-free and oil-free and enriched with aloe, green tea and cucumber extracts. I think they should work well.

I also picked up this little pouch of Yes to Carrots Nourishing Fragrance Free Gentle Cleansing Wipes. I'll be honest. I haven't tried Yes to... face wipes because I'm allergic to so many things. I'll try this over the weekend, just in case.

And, I have to include two honorable wipes. I am still trying to use these bad boys up. They weren't what I expected them to be and neither of them is acceptable for facial makeup remover. The e.l.f. Lotion wipes is not a makeup remover but more of a skin refresher. Well, I always forget to refresh my skin. The Makeup Cleansing Tissues from Marshalls just were terrible at getting makeup off of my face and they left a residue. These became swatch removing cloths. That's about all they are good for.

Honorable mention wipes aside, I have plans to really give these wipes a go. I'll let you know which is comfortable, which works and which one I plan on repurchasing!

Aug 10, 2015

TMI - Five Blade Razors

Hey there!

Yep. You can list this as TMI and close out if you want to. Not everyone wants to talk about razors. Hell, I don't really want to talk about razors but it's become a bit of a necessity of late. I have a wee bit of a problem and I need to take care of it.

You see, I have always used cheapo, reapo razors under my arms. And, they have worked brilliantly. I haven't had any issues. I don't have a lot of underarm hair but the area there is already darker than I'd like, so any little bit of stubble comes off as super gross. I find that it is best to make sure it's clean as a whistle in the pit area. I use to accomplish that with either hair depilatories or razors. Lately, it's not working!

Someone told me that every 7 years your body changes. I've hit my 6th change in life and perhaps that has done something to that area. Maybe. What I do know is that I have to do something to fix it. I can't walk around looking like a hairy wildebeest and don't want to only wear long sleeve shirts. I certainly can't keep my arms down by my sides all day when I do decide to wear short sleeves or tank tops. And bathing suits? Really?!

I know that I could get laser hair removal. I'd like to save that as a last resort. I'm currently spending an arm and a leg on dental work (one arm pit taken care of!) so I don't want to spend any more money on "medical" procedures right now. I will if I have to but...

So instead, I decided to pick up a pack of 5 blade razors from Walmart (comparable to Venus Embrace razors according to the package). They are rounded for a comfortable shave, and coated with botanical oils for a smooth, close shave. The botanical oils are supposed to help the razor glide over skin. All of that is great. I just hope that they get all the little hairs! I can rub kitchen oil under my arms after I shave (just kidding). I simply want a close shave.

So stay tuned my lovelies. Let's see if this $5.99 wonder is really that magical.

Aug 9, 2015

Nail Polish - July

Hey There!

I had the chance to dip my toes into Sinful Colors Southern Belle Polish. Influenster sent me a Sunshine Vox box and the lovely color that I ended up with inside my Vox Box was Southern Belle. It's a beautiful purple cream that I don't currently have in my collection (I mean, now I do!).

And, I love Sinful Colors polishes. They are a great price and the formula, 9 times out of 10, is pretty good. With Southern Belle, I only needed 1 coat but I did 2 just to be sure. It's a fall color but it's so pretty. I normally wouldn't use a fall color in July but I made an exception. My feet enjoyed it.

It has been a very neutral finger nail month. I've been enjoying wear pale colors for the summer. Pale polishes work well when you're doing a lot of things with your hands. Pale polishes don't show the chips and/or nicks. Pale polishes look better for a longer period of time.

Wet n Wild's Private Viewing is a peachy nude. The website says that it's a polish that has shimmer. I say not really. It's almost has some shimmer. I definitely needed 3 coats of this polish. It's a very sheer cream polish that goes on just a little bit streaky. This color is one of the WnW polishes that doesn't have the best formula. It's one of the ones I struggle with. Even so, the polish makes my nails look super professional.

Wet n Wild polishes do last quite a long time on my nails. I normally only wear them for about 4 or 5 days but you really can do a good 7 - 8 day run. You know that I love the bottle and handle. I don't have to talk about the tapered brush that makes polishing my nails easier. It's why I reach for WnW polishes so often.

I didn't have to change my toe nail polish (because SinfulColors lasts quite a while) and I didn't wear polish on my nails half of the month. But, both of the colors that I did wear are winners.

Aug 7, 2015

Does it make scents?

Hey There!

It's time to find out what my house smells like! Well, it's time to find out what it did smell like in the month of July. I didn't have too many new scents going on but they were great scents.

I have been loving my Bath & Body Works Wallflowers. I have purchased new wallflowers for new portions of the house (haul to come soon). I used three of them this month. I used a Watermelon Lemonade, Pineapple Mango and Coconut leaves. Watermelon Lemonade and Pineapple Mango are regulars for my house. I love those scents. Coconut leaves is new. I like it but I'll probably try some others next time.

I only burned one new candle and finished up an old candle. I tried out a Guava Colada mini candle in my bathroom. It was very nice. I loved the tropical smell and it made my tiny, little bathroom smell great but, it didn't really have great room throw. Maybe it was because it's a mini. But, for the room that I used it in, it was good. I'd purchase it again.

I finished a large Target candle - Sweet Spun Sugar. It is my favorite candle of life! I love this candle. I never get tired of this scent. It's like a burst of cotton candy. If you haven't sniffed this, you are making poor life decisions. Start making better one's today! Get to your local Target and pick up one of these.

I switched out a car scentportable this month. Remember that Watermelon Lemonade scent that I told you I liked? Well, that was what I was rocking in my car. And, yes -- my car smelled amazing -- For about 3 or so weeks. The website says it should last twice as long. Maybe you can get a 4th week out of it but I didn't get much more than that. I have several more so I'll test them for longevity too. No worries though. At $2.50 each (when you purchase 4 at a time), I'd still keep purchasing them.

Has your house smelled as good as my house this month? I know it sounds like a Bath and Body Works haul but have you tried any of these products? What do you think about them?

And, please excuse the photos I've been posting lately. I haven't found a good place to take pictures just yet. I'm still working on it. Bare with me please!

Aug 6, 2015

Revisit - e.l.f. Brush Shampoo

Hey there!

It's been several hauls since I purchased my e.l.f. Brush Shampoo. I did a quickie review and said that I'd come back and tell you how I felt about it later. Well, it's later. I thought I'd tell you how I feel now.

I really like it! On my counter I have a bottle olive oil and dawn, and my Purity Made Simple and some baby shampoo. I use all of those to wash brushes but recently I have reached for my e.l.f. Brush Shampoo more than anything else.

It works very, very well. It smells good, it lathers like a dream and it cleans my brushes quickly. My concealer brushes are always the test. Normally I have to wash them 4 or 5 times before they are clean. With the e.l.f. Brush Shampoo I only had to wash them twice. I wash them once to get rid of the makeup and once to rinse away all makeup residue. And, you only need a drop! You don't have to use a ton of it to clean your brushes. Just a drop works.

So a normally $3 cleanser (I got mine for $2.69) is going to last you a long time! I should wash my brushes every week, but it's closer to 2 or 3 weeks (don't you judge me!). With other cleansers, cleansers that two and three times the price, I'd have run out of product a long time ago, but no, I still have plenty of brush shampoo.

I heard someone talk about crunchy brushes. They said that they wash their brushes and then once they dried, they would be crunchy. I have no idea what that is. The e.l.f. Brush Shampoo conditions my brushes. I never get crunchy brushes. That's worth the price of admission right there!

So yes ma'am. You need to get this. Full price is $3 and you can find it in your Target or Walmart store. I will certainly pay full price.

Aug 5, 2015

Becca Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector(R) Pressed - Champagne Pop

Photo credit -

Hey there!

Do I dare? I mean really? Do I dare spend $38.00 on a luminizing pressed powder? Do I dare give in to the thousands of women that say "Yaaaas girl! You need this in your life?" Do I admit that I have searched every which way to confirm that brown skinned girls can enjoy this too? Do I risk it and find out if it's worth the hype?

I have tried many highlighters in my life and I have a high end love and a drugstore love. I don't NEED a new highlighter but a girl has got to live a little! I mean, if I don't play in makeup what on earth will I find to occupy my time?

Today I'm not wearing highlighter. Saturday night I put on so much of my bareMinerals READY® Luminizer Duo that whatever strobing is in the makeup world, I'm sure I was doing it, HARD! Tuesday night was a quick game of trivia so I just swept on some Wet n Wild Fergie Shimmer Palette in Rose Champagne Glow. So, as you can see, I'm not new to the illuminize and/or glow world. 

Did I mention that I spent days, DAYS, watching videos seeing if this would work on my complexion. I was introduced to several new YouTubes because of it (yaaay!)

People say that the Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector is perfection. "They" say that it give a pop! bam! wham! to your upper cheek area. "They" say that it is high shine and a little goes a long way. "They" also say that it's not for the faint of heart and it's best at night. "They" say that its very shimmery. Who the hell "is they"? Sighhh.

And so that brings me to the question that is filling my heart with love, my head with confusion and my wallet with fear.

Do I do it? Do I get it for my collection?

Stay tuned and see what I do.