Feb 13, 2014

Quickie Review - Sonia Kashuk Beautifying Blush

I bought out Target the past weekend. They had so many red clearance tags, I 'bout had a fit! I picked up a L'Oreal Paris True Match blush and then looked up and saw that Sonia Kashuk had one too. I almost left it there. The L'Oreal blush was twice the size for less money. The L'Oreal is .21oz and the Sonia Kashuk is .11 oz. And, the color (52 Spice) looked pretty similar to the L'Oreal blush so I walked away. Then a little, tiny voice in my head managed to get past the other voices and told me to go back and get it. Try it for five bucks! What could it hurt?!

That little, tiny voice is going to get a high five 'cause hot damn I love this blush! It may be small but man oh man, it's mighty! It was a creamy powder, not chalky at all. And a little went a long way. It gave me a sun kissed look and with all the cold weather we've had, I need as much faux sun kissing as I can get!

The first time I wore the blush, I just popped it on over a light dusting of Bare Minerals powder. I was going to a very casual dinner with friends so there was no need to get all glammed up. The blush made what was a very basic "no makeup" look into a "fresh faced casual but cute" look. All the girls complemented the look. The second time I wore the blush was a full face for work. I went a tad bit heavier and it looked so pretty. I got some comments and a whistle (but the guy on the train might not count -- anywho).

I really like this blush. It's been a while since I was able to gush over a blush. And, to think, if Target hadn't been getting rid of it, I'd probably have never known! You can bet I'll have some more Sonia K blushes in my makeup kit.

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