Feb 21, 2014

Quickie Review - NYX Lippies

Recently I found some discounted NYX  lippies at Target. The $6 Xtreme Lip Cream was on sale for $2.48, the $4 Extra Creamy Round Lipsticks were $2.24 and the $6 Glam Lip Gloss Aqua Luxe was $2.28. With prices like those I couldn't resist but, I did get there a bit late to the game because 2/3rds of the shelf was bare.

I was very pleased the with Glam Lip Gloss Aqua Luxe in Velvet Ropes. It's a sheer berry color that is great alone or with a lip liner as a base or over a berry matte lipstick. It's not too sticky and it lasts a few hours. I would definitely buy more colors in the Glam Lip Gloss Aqua Luxe line.

I liked the Extra Creamy Round Lipsticks. I picked up Tea and Indian Pink. I found that they were more matte than I really liked but the Tea lipstick with a gloss on top was nice. Indian Pink was really too pink for me but with a deeper gloss on top it was tolerable. I'd buy more colors but I'd probably make sure I'd go to a place where I could test them.

Honestly, Xtreme Lip Cream left something to be desired. The colors are fine but man, they are overly drying. I had to lip balm it up first and then add lots of gloss afterwards. I probably wouldn't purchase another one but if the right color flew by me, I might.

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