Feb 12, 2014

Behind The Mask

I've mentioned that I was going to try out some masks and see if adding them to my weekend routine would make any significant changes.

 I've tried 3 masks and so far...no, I don't really see a difference. But, over time, I might see a difference. So, I'll keep on keeping on!

The first mask I tried was the Epielle Facial Essence Mask in Collagen with Vitamin E. It was supposed to leave my skin hydrated and renewed. My skin felt good so I guess it accomplished what it said. I picked it up at Big Lots for  $.60. It was a thick mask and the longest sitting mask of the ones that I purchased. I was supposed to wear it for 20 - 30 minutes. I ended up wearing it for 30 minutes. It felt very comfortable, smelled fine and liked the feel of the left over liquid (I smeared it over my face and neck). It wasn't too wet or anything. I was able to move around the house doing other things. I have another one of these that I picked up that I'm happy to try. I got them from Big Lots so I may or may not be able to pick up more there but I did see some on Amazon that I'd be interested in ordering.

The second mask I tried was Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Hydrating Paper Mask in Blue Agave. It's promise was to hydrate dry, thirsty skin. Again, it felt good so I guess it's claim is true. I purchased this mask from Wal-Mart and I think it was $1.39. This one was supposed to be worn for 5 - 10 minutes. I probably kept it on for 12 minutes. It was a little wetter so I stayed put in the bathroom. I'd probably try this one again as well. It's in all of the stores, they have a very good variety and I'm okay with the price point.

The third mask I tried was Que Bella Bath & Beauty Refining Fruit Enzyme Spa Masque. It's goal is to soothe and moisturize and leave skin feeling moist and radiant. It was BOGO 1/2 at Walgreens so I paid about $1.50 for it ($1.99 normal price). It was the thickest of the masks that I tried and it smelled the best. The required time was 5 - 10 minutes. I wanted to go the entire 10 minutes but.... IT BURNED LIKE HELL! My fault though. I'm allergic to a ton of different fruit and this is apparently FULL of fruit enzymes. I'm sure this mask is a great mask but my skin isn't ok with fruit enzymes so 3 minutes was all I could do before using Purity cleanser to wash my face. My face was red for about 10 minutes afterwards but then calmed down. I couldn't use my night cream though because my face was too delicate at that point.

So, I guess while I didn't see major changes, I felt pretty good doing a little somethin' somethin' for my skin. If nothing else, spending some time pampering myself can't hurt.

Unless you are allergic to the ingredients in the mask.

Reading really is fundamental!

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