Aug 31, 2014



Hey there!

And another month bites the dust! That's how it goes!

The month of August was unremarkable when it came to empties. I didn't really use much up. I spent the month testing new things and that almost always means nothing gets tossed in the trash.

Well, lucky for you, some things are consistent. I finished up several bath items. Of course I used a couple of my Avon Bubble Bath (2/$10). I used up a Warm Vanilla & Fig (which I LOVE!), a Peppermint Vanilla Swirl (which is great and makes the entire bathroom smell fantastic) and a Vanilla Cream (a favorite in my home. It's our go to BB). I always repurchase Avon Bubble Bath. I think I always will. I tried a Creightons Lime & Grape Energise Bath & Shower Gel (purely because it is English and in my head, I'm from England). I found it for $2.99 at Ross. It wasn't good. Not at all. It didn't lather worth anything. I ended up pouring it into the water stream as I ran my bathwater. It scented the room rather than anything else. I will not purchase another one (but I think I have another one to use up).

Another constant is candles. I burn candles all the time. I have to. It keeps me very level.
This month I finished a Bath & Body Works Peach Bellini ($5 sale) and Mango Dragon Fruit (3/$10 sale). The Peach Bellini is so peachy and smells soooo good. I used my warmer to finish off what you see here. The Mango Dragon Fruit was just ok. I can't see myself picking up another one of those. The large tin is a Target candle that I saw on a YouTube haul. It's a Bubble Gum Scented Soy Candle and in the store it smelled heavenly. Once I started to burn it, nuthin. I mean nuthin! For the first hour there was a faint scent of bubble gum and then nuthin for the next 44 hours. It claims to burn for 45 hours. I didn't test the theory because I have no plans on every purchasing this again. Disappointing! I kept the tin though, because it's cute but for $10, I'd like more than cute.

Then I have some random empties.

I am tossing an Egyptian Musk roll on oil. I love the smell of Egyptian Musk and can point it out in a crowd. But this bottle was old and had gone rancid. I have a replacement. I pick them up for about $2.99 at my local beauty supply store.

I always use Mizani Spradiance Hair Gloss on my hair. I use it every 3 or 4 days to keep my hair shiny. I also use it when I "pull" my hair with the flat iron once every two weeks. I have found that this is one of the only products that doesn't weigh down my hair and assists the flat iron with straightening my hair. I pay about $25 for it (depends on which beauty supply you go to). I've tried cheaper ones and they just don't work as well.

I had a mini Aveda Hand Relief that I got free when I purchased my full size Aveda Foot Relief. I love the foot relief. It does amazing things for my feet. But, the Hand Relief...meh! Nothing special. The 4.2 fl. oz. size is $24. For $24 I want ZING! BANG! POW! I won't be purchasing this.

The one mask that I did do this month was a Anti-Aging Grape Seed Mask by Skin Benefits. I don't remember where I got it from or how much it costs but I like it. It smells very grapey and the paper mask fits my face very well. You keep it on for 15 minutes and it's very comfortable. Afterwards, your face does feel refreshed and renewed. Man! Just writing that makes me want to go do a mask treatment!

I also finished a Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes. I think this pack was probably more for swatches than anything. I know that I purchased it while away from home (because it was a 6 pack) and it must have been my only alternative. I like unscented, sensitive baby wipes because I have sensitive skin. I don't know why the tiny pack though. I'd never buy one that small unless I had to.

And that's what went into the trash can this month. I didn't do anything fancy this month -- I kept it simple. Hopefully you found out about something new that you'd like to try.

OH!! I always try to add a non makeup item to the round up. Well folks, I have gotten heavy in the scrapbooking, card making, journaling arena. I have a pile of photos a mile high and didn't know what to do with them other than put them in a photo album and that's it. But, I'm a creative girl. I can't just do that! So, I've been scrapbooking. And, I've been card making. And, I've been having fun. If you've seen my IG, you've totally been bombarded with it. My tip for you? Find something that let's your creative juices flow. It helps with the stress of the day.

What did you use up this month? Did  you like it? Should we all buy it? Let me know!

Aug 30, 2014

TARDIS Blue Nails

Hey There!

I have quite the geeky side and a major reason for that side is because I am a HUGE Doctor Who fan. I mean I am a BIG, BIG, BIG Doctor Who fan. For instance, last weekend was the series opener and I DARED anyone to call me, text me, or even look at me for the approximately 2 hours it was on.

And people respected my wish.

That tells you that they understand my obsession or they understand my crazy and have no desire to deal with it. Either way, no one called, texted or looked at me from 8 p.m. - 10 p.m. ET. And I watched The Doctor.

And I did so with blue toe nails.

If you have no idea why I would do this, take a minute and read what Tardis Blue is. Or, if you just don't have the time, TARDIS is what The Doctor travels in (think spaceship, in the form of an English police box). There is a whole world of Whovians (people that are BIG Doctor Who fans) that will have toe nails and finger nails painted for the show. I just happen to be one of them.
Orly's Macabre Masquerade & Sinful Colors Break Away 

I have several blue nail polishes but a few weeks ago I had to weed out the ones that weren't the perfect shade of pantone 2955C (TARDIS blue). Unfortunately, I don't own polish that is that shade, but I came close enough (in my mind). Here are the losers (put such pretty blues) and the winner (made prettier by the fact that it's the closest and I think other Whovians would approve).

First, let me have a geeky moment and say, many of the tardis blue polishes aren't fantastical or anything. They are simply pantone 2955c blue. BUT, polishes that fall into Who fanfare are sparkly and dazzling and have sparkles and shapes in them and that makes them "tardis blue-like" -- which in many parts of Who-world, makes them ok.

Ok, back from that. Any who (LOL - I'm a laughing my butt off at that joke) here's what I had to choose from.

Orly's Macabre Masquerade is a sparkly blue that glitters and shines and makes it a great "tardis blue-like" color. The TARDIS doesn't shimmer but this is so pretty, it's ok.

Sinful Colors Break Away is such a rich denim blue. It is sooo pretty. It's perfect for the fall. It's almost TARDIS blue but it's not quite there.

KleanColor in Leap of Grape

KleanColor in Leap of Grape is the closest that I have to TARDIS blue. It's what I wore on my toes for  the Doctor Who series premiere weekend. It's a beautiful blue that I think The Doctor would be proud of.

Wet n Wild in Blue Visionary is very un TARDIS blue. It almost doesn't fit the "tardis blue-like" qualifications. It's a very pretty pearl blue but you'd never mistake it for a Doctor Who blue.

Sephora Formula X in Zing is pretty and just qualifies for "tardis blue-like". Because of the touch of warmth in the color, I can get away with it on my fingers. The other blues are too cool for my hands but remember, my toes are party toes and they get party colors!
Wet n Wild in Blue Visionary , Sephora Formula X in Zing & Revlon's I'm Electro blue

And last but not least is Revlon's I'm Electro blue. Very far from "tardis blue-like" but still very galactic in nature. Because of that, you won't get kicked off of the TARDIS for wearing it.

Those are the TARDIS-ish colors that I had to choose from (and the one that won). Hopefully you too have loved a show or something so much that you had to pay homage to it in polish or makeup. It takes fandom to another level!

Aug 29, 2014

Summer Blush

e.l.f., Milani, Sephora + Pantone

Hey There!

I'm a simple girl really. I don't need much especially when it comes to blush. I have several (does that just negate what I said?) but other that testing new ones out, this summer, I've only been reaching for three -- e.l.f. Pressed Mineral Blush in Wanderlust, Milani Baked Blush in Delizioso Pink and Sephora + Pantone Universe Rush Luster Cheek Sweep in Radiant Orchid.

The e.l.f. Wanderlust is a deeper rosy blush than you'd think of for summer but when I use just a little, it give my cheeks life! I use it at night when I'm meeting friends for dinner or going clubbing (ok, I don't go clubbing, but if I did, I'd wear this).

My Milani Delizioso Pink is a fresh pop of pink goodness. The smallest sweep over my cheeks gives me that fresh faced cutie look that I like. This is good for weekends when I'm not wearing a lot of makeup and just want some color on my cheeks.

Now I use my Sephora + Pantone Universe Rush Luster Cheek Sweep in Radiant Orchid almost every day that I'm not trying something new. I didn't think I'd be able to pull of that orchid but if you just use a little, you get a beautiful, warm plum glow. It brightens your face and works well with the harsh office light that I'm in all day. I use the heck outta this bad boy!
Swatched super heavy for the camera. I do NOT
wear my blush like this!!
I've learned that with blush (with most makeup really) a little works better than a lot. I just touch the apples of my cheeks and then spread the b;ush brush. I mean, there's more to it than that, but you know what I'm saying. I don't pile it on and I don't put it everywhere. Some days I use some highlighter underneath it, other days I just go free!

It doesn't matter what day I wear them, these colors are guaranteed to make me look alive, healthy and very pretty. You don't wear blush? I'm telling you, just a touch will change your whole face. Try it!!

Aug 28, 2014

September Face (Powder) Off

Hey There!

I read an article on that talked about their 13 best face powders. I like face powders. I'm not big on liquid makeup as I don't like that "claustrophobic" feeling that they give me. They are a few liquids that are lighter than others but I haven't found one that impresses me yet. I don't like creams at all because I have an oily t-zone and my glasses already like to slide down my nose. Powders do the trick and they seem to come in more shades that match my skin tone perfectly.

I decided I wanted to try out the powders that TB suggested. Not all of them because the entire collection would run me right at $400 plus tax. I just don't have that kinda cash folks! So, instead I'm going to be selective about the powders that I try and see what samples I can use!

So, I have decided that September will be "September Face (Powder) Off" Month. I'll try some of these 13 powders and I'll mix in some of my own. I don't want the good folks at to come looking for me, so I won't list each powder (you can run over to their website and take a looksie) but as I test each powder, I will let you know how I came to get it in my hot little hands!

I'm going to have fun with this! What powders do you like? Which ones should I avoid like the plague? Are you a liquid or cream girl? Am I missing out?

Aug 27, 2014

Ipsy Bag - August - Review

Hey there!

Are you ready to find out what I thought of the goodies in my little pink bag? Are you on pins and needles? Well even if you aren't, here goes!

I mentioned that this month's Ipsy bag has an Urban Decay Perversion mascara, Coastal Scents Forever Blush duo, Absolute New York's 'You're The Balm' Lip Balm, Dr. Brandt Pores No More and Lord & Berry eyeliner. I made sure to take adequate time to try most of the items, but not all.

I'll be honest with you (cause when do I lie?) I didn't even try the Dr. Brandt Pores No More. I've used a lot pore shrinkers and vanishers and I've come to realize, my pores aren't very noticeable and I'm wasting money on products like this. I'll probably give this one away instead of using it. Someone will need it more than me.

I also didn't try the Urban Decay Perversion mascara. I had already tried another sample of this about 6 months ago (Sephora I think) and it was ok. I've had better though. My holy grail mascara (Jordana Best Lash Mascara) does about the same job. I'll pass this along to my mom. She will probably like it. She doesn't like "POW" lashes that reach out for days but she does like black lashes. This definitely did make my lashes black back during the holidays when I tried it.

The Coastal Scents Forever Blush duo was great! The pink shade showed up very well on my skin. The peach shade gave me a fresh glow. They wore well and lasted almost all stinkin' day! I love that in a blush. The packet boasts that there are 18 Forever Blush colors to choose from and it gives you 25% off of blush (not to be used with any other offer). But honestly, Coastal Scents has so many offers, you can always get their blushes at a discount. Right now the deal is 35% off of the 10 blush palette (there are 2 different ones). But if you wait a bit, you can find the perfect sale for you.

The Absolute New York's 'You're The Balm' Lip Balm is very nice. It smells great! There's a slight sparkle but nothing too bad and it smells great! It goes on smoothly and you only need a dab and it smells great. Did I mention that it smells great? Ipsy offers a 30% discount at the Nicka K website making it $10.19 for the duo (30% off plus $6.00 S&H). Spoiler alert, I've seen these duos at T.J. Maxx for $3.99. I'm just saying folks. The down side? The container. I hate tins of lip product. What if your fingers are dirty? Love the product - hate the tin - because of that I probably won't buy it.

Last but not least was the Lord & Berry eyeliner. It's a soft eyeliner that glides on your waterline (where I wear my eyeliner) and stays for a decent amount of time -- several hours. The Lord and Berry website sells them for $18 (with and extra 25% off Ipsy discount). No way these are worth $13.50. It was fine but not great. I have $5 brands that are better.

So, this bag wasn't as great as the others were but I do fill that I got my $10 worth. The eyeliner will last me about 6 weeks. The lip balm will go to work with me and after I wash my hands, I'll moisturize my lips. The Blush sample showed me that I can trust Coastal Scents blushes to work (and this sample will last about 2 months in rotation, if not 3). I can give my mom the mascara because she is ALWAYS looking for a good mascara that isn't wet. The Dr. Brandt, well that was a fail for me. And, the bag that it all came in is currently holding scrapbook essentials.

So there you have it! Another month of Ipsy love. I still think it's worth the $10 and I still recommend you try it.

Aug 26, 2014

A Month of MAC - MAC Studio Fix

Hey there!!

We have reached the end of our journey towards "A Month of MAC". Not as much MAC as you were hoping for? Me neither. But, there just weren't that many varied items in my collection and the patent polish lipstick that I ordered hasn't arrived (sighhhh). I'm a lippie girl so that what I had the most of.

But I will end the month of MAC on a high note. I am in love with my MAC Studio Fix face powder. I'm in shade NC42 and it is the PERFECT color for my completion. Right now I have a little bit of summer color so it doesn't add any more color. It just lets my natural glow shine through. In the winter it gives a hint of color and makes me look all the more fabulous!

I only need a little on my face -- no need to pile it on. And, after lunch, I touch up my face and it doesn't look cakey or anything. I still look fresh faced. They make a loose powder but I like that I can take this compact with me on the go and just use a face sponge to touch up.

It was $27 but I've used this particular one for almost 3 months now and look at how much is left! Not even a dent and I use it 6 days a week!

I asked my aunt over a year ago, "If I wanted to invest in MAC, what should I try?" She said lipstick and face powder. Man, she was right! If you start with these two things, you will be alright!

Don't worry. Just because our Month of MAC is over, doesn't mean I won't have other MAC goodies to show you! Unfortunately for my wallet, I like to shop at MAC. So, fortunately for you, there will be more pretties to see!

Aug 25, 2014

Nail Polish Change - Sassy + Chic Nails and Zoya polish in Meadow


Hey There!

I'm wearing press on nails this week.

Stop laughing at me!

I decided that I was tired of my nails looking all cray cray and decided to go back to my roots (well, go back to 1986 anyway) and put on press on nails.

I don't think they look half bad! I even got some complements. Perhaps they weren't sincere complements, but they were complements none-the-less.

They wore well. They were thinner than they used to be (in 1986) but they were surprisingly tough. Two popped off but I glued them right back on, no worries! I type all day and pick things up. I'm pretty tough on my hands in general and for only 2 nails to pop off? That's pretty impressive.

I purchased the Sassy + Chic brand from the dollar tree. I got the short, box cut because I like a natural length nail and it's hard to type with anything longer. I got two packs which worked out well because I didn't like the lace design at all. I ended up using only the French tips.

I wore them for a few days without polishing them and then I wore them with Zoya's nail lacquer in Meadow. I can't tell you how well this polish really wore because I polished plastic. Polish on plastic stands up much better than polish on nail. I must say I was a bit disappointed in the color though. The bottle has a shimmery orange look. My nails are bronze -- metallic but not shimmery -- does that make sense? Well it does in my head. But, I guess it was ok.

(Pink) Lola is in the middle. That's what's on my toes.
Meadow is on the right. That's what's on my hands.

I also have Zoya polish on my toes (you can look at the swatches). I wore Lola. Not a fan. The consistency was very runny and I had to work VERY quickly to lay down each coat. I normally wait 5 or so minutes between coats. I waited a full 15 minutes. Who has that kind of time?? (Just kidding). And, I wasn't fond of the color. There was something off with this pink. Too much blue hue? I don't know. I won't be using it again.

So my verdict on the Zoya nail polishes is in. (I wore another color here). They aren't any better than the $1.99 polishes that I wear. So, I don't think I'll be purchasing another one at full price (I didn't purchase these at full price either so...).

And, my verdict on these "do-it-yourself" nails is in too.  I'm gonna keep wearing them (for now). They are comfortable and allow me to wear pretty polish and pretend I have nice nails without going to the nail salon; without shelling out $20; without have the top 7 layers of my nail buffed off to add acrylic or gel on top.

Have you tried press on (ok, glue on) nails or Zoya polish? What did you think?

Aug 24, 2014

Sunday Funday - Beauty Alert Tag

Hey there!!

I like makeup tags. Tags cause me to go back and evaluate what I have. They make me to think about the purchases that I've made and I get to show you good people what I think is great or horrible.

Most of the time (Ok! All of the time.) I tag myself. I don't have a problem with that. If you tag yourself, you don't have to wait for someone else to tag you. So, if you are wondering...I am tagging all (both) of you!

Beauty Alert Tag

1. Favorite face product?
2. Worse face product bought?
3. All time favorite eye product?
4. Favorite lipstick brand?
5. Favorite drugstore brand?
6. Favorite high-end brand?

1. Favorite face product? So you get to see a peek into my next MAC month makeup item because my current favorite face product is my MAC Fix +. I was late in discovering this powder but honestly, the reason I love it so much is because it is a PERFECT match for my complexion. Really, it is. I've been using it in the summer and adding my bronzer but in the winter, it's that perfect touch of color that I need.

2. Worse face product bought? I try really hard to research products before I buy them so I don't often by things that I don't like. And, if by chance, that does happen, I return things with the quickness. That being said, I have a whole drawer of face primers.

I understand what face primers are for. But, they don't seem to do anything that I can see. I don't see that they minimize anything or help my makeup glide on or help it stay on. The products I use are products that I love because have longevity. I don't see that all of these primers help. The ONLY two exceptions are the Hourglass Mineral Veil and Becca Shimmering Skin Primer. I use the Hourglass all over and I get just a beautiful glow. I use the Becca in my cheek region and whatever blush and bronzer that I wear stays perfectly. I don't use them at the same time though.

3. All time favorite eye product. I don't wear much in the way of eye makeup anymore (too many eye issues) but when I do, I always use my NYX Eye Shadow Base in skin tone. My eyeshadow lasts all day with this stuff. I've tried many other eyeshadow primers and they just don't seem to do what this stuff does! Magic, I tell you, magic!

4. Favorite drugstore brand? Wow, that is so hard because right now, the drugstore brands are really on their game! They are working it. If I had to choose, I'd go with NYX because of their butter glosses. I have one of those on most days. They are comfortable and sheer and they smell delightful.

5. Favorite high-end brand? Arggg! That's hard too! I've recently spent more time in my local Sephora than I care to admit. If I had to narrow it down (and thank goodness I don't have to) I'm loving the Sephora brand right now. I'm using some of their lippies and blushes and they are doing it right for summer! The color palette is nice and the products I've been using have been great.

Can I tell you how hard that was? I'm an equal opportunity gal and narrowing it down to one item or brand is difficult for me. Thank goodness I don't have to do it all the time.

What are you loving right now? What are you regretting? I'm tagging you so leave a comment and add your blog, video, whatever and let us know!!

Aug 23, 2014

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipsticks

Hey There!

A few weeks ago I went to my Sephora's Kat Von D Studded Kiss Event. I got there about 4.  By the time I got there the pickings were slim.  There are 20 shades of this new lipstick, but there were only about 14 left and just 1 or 2 of each. 

I swatched several of the lipsticks -- Agatha, Lolita, Petal Pink Nude, Mauve Pink Nude... you know how I do. I love my nudes. I only ended up bringing Lovecraft home. I wanted to test one before I purchased all the pretty ones that I saw.

I almost bypassed these because they are matte lipsticks. It's been my experience that matte lipsticks have been dry and are awful on my lips. I stay away from them a majority of the time. I have naturally dry lips. The last thing I need is more dryness.

This one wasn't dry. Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipsticks are smooth, moist and long lasting. 

The color that I chose is a beautiful pinky mauve. It's almost nude but not quite. It's that pinky milk chocolate color that I love. And, it smells good. I can't resist a lippie that smells good.

The Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipsticks are $21 at Sephora. I've worn cheaper and I've worn more expensive. I can tell you this...

I will wear this one (and other shades from the line) again. 

Aug 22, 2014

Quickie Review - NARS Laguna Bronzing Powder

Hey There!

You guys are going to be so mad. I mean, I'll lose half of the three people that read this blog when I say this...

This bronzer didn't work for me.

There. I put it out on the table. You can leave now if you'd like or you can hear me out.

I know, I know. Everyone loves this bronzer. I wanted to love it too. I got this in my Sephora Favorites Summer Stash mini set. I have the e.l.f. brand "dupe" and it's pretty good. But, this one just didn't do it for me. It just didn't work for my complexion. I think the color might work in the winter. I'm not sure.

I don't know that I can give a great review because I couldn't tell if it lasted all day because it didn't show very well. My blush that I was trying out lasted but I couldn't see bronzer beneath it.

The texture was fine. It was nice and smooth just like everyone says. The e.l.f. brand is kinda gritty now that I've used the hell out of it.

Now let's talk about the obvious -- the e.l.f. bronzing powder in St. Lucia is most certainly not a dupe. E.l.f. is much, much darker and therefore works with my skin tone. NARS bronzer is lighter and doesn't. Seeing them side by side -- I do wonder if it will work in the winter, or if I should just give it away now (Mel B, are you reading this??).

I searched on line and in store but there doesn't appear to be anything darker than NARS Laguna bronzer. That's sad. I wonder if NARS ever had anything darker. Does anyone know?

That being said, this certainly isn't for me. It's nice, smooth but doesn't work at all. Maybe I'll let someone else do a better review and post that later.

Aug 21, 2014

Somersets Skincare For Women English Shaving Oil

Hey There!

A few months ago I got several packets of these Somersets Skincare For Women English Shaving Oil. I got two extra sensitive ones for my legs & underarm and two extra delicate ones for my bikini line. I was pretty excited about these. I normally just use whatever shave cream is on sale at Target so...

When I opened the packets, I couldn't get over the "fishy" smell that they had. You know how you can get really "fishy" fish oil supplements? That's what this smelled like. Once you open the little packet that the oil comes in, the smell goes away a bit. The samples came in a packet -- the full size comes in a regular container so the smell shouldn't be a problem.

The product is smooth and helps the razor glide, but in my opinion, the razor glides a little too much. It seemed like I had to go back over the same area too many times because the razor just zipped on across my legs and arm pit. And, it was harder to wash off than shaving cream is. You can use shaving cream, wipe and go. With this, you have to use soap and water and scrub a bit. I normally shave my legs right before getting out of the tub so I had to modify my routine a bit.

The website says you can buy this at Walgreens but I didn't see it at my Walgreens. Online it's $6.99 for a 15 ml bottle. That's a bit pricier than my .99cents can. But not too terrible.

While I think this is a good idea, it's not for me. I don't think oil shaving is best for fumble finger people. And, I found once I had put the oil on my legs, I had to wash my hands so that the razor wouldn't slip out of my hands. Shaving cream from the can doesn't do that.

I appreciate the samples but I think I'll stick to my shaving cream. I'm a simple girl, with simple legs and arm pitts.

Aug 20, 2014

A Month of MAC - MAC Lipsticks, Cremesheen and Lustre

Hey there!!

Month of MAC

I received my new MAC lipstick from the A Novel Romance Collection the other day (may I saw awesome? Yes I may? Awesome!) and it reminded me that I'm supposed to talk about my MAC items this month. I don't have much but I'll share my thoughts on what I do have. 
Top = Plumfull
Bottom = Yield To Love

I now have 2 MAC lipsticks. Yeah, I know -- just 2. Like I explained earlier in the month, I just didn't "do" MAC. I didn't see what all the hype was. Then I began to purchase a few things, you know, to see if it was all that. Some things are, some things aren't.

I must admit, the lipsticks are pretty fan-tab-ulous. They are moist, last for several hours and have enough colors to suit anyone's needs. Oh, they smell great. It's that sweet vanilla smell that I like. The price point isn't so bad either. $16 - $22 bucks for a lippie isn't bad. Especially if it wears well.

The down side? Believe it or not, they have soooo many colors, it's hard to find ones that aren't something that you already own. And, they have so many limited edition items that it kinda sucks. You have to be willing to take a chance on a color rather than see what everyone else thinks and then purchase it. That may work for you cutting edge folks but for me and my other "let's think about this for a day or two (month) before we pull the trigger" people, it doesn't work.

For instance -- I purchased my Yield To Love cremesheen without really knowing what it looked like. It's an online exclusive so no in store demo (AND in stores, you have to wait a few weeks). I got lucky and the folks who tried this in advance were correct about it being very nice. The color was  a bit pinker than I thought it would be (I was thinking more pinky nude) but it's still quite a pretty color.

On the other hand, my Lustre in Plumful was one I got to test in the store. I knew when I swatched it on my hand that it would be pretty and then I tried it on and knew it was coming home with me.

So MAC has opened my eyes with their lipsticks. I really like them and see why everyone has 10 or 12 bullet containers in their makeup case. Do I plan on adding to the collection? Yes, but not so fast. I need to only purchase colors that really stand out.

How many bullet containers do you own? Did you try this newest collection? What did you think?

Aug 19, 2014

Quickie Review - Stilla Magnificent Metals Foil Eye Shadow mini in Kitten

Hey There!

I went to a small "shindig" this weekend and thought it would be the perfect time to pull out my Stilla Magnificent Metals Foil Eye Shadow mini in Kitten. I got it when I purchased my Sephora Favorites Summer Stash (at half price). I've been working my way through the kit and Saturday was the eye shadow's lucky day.

First let me say that this is a brilliant gold color. On my hand I've built it up but Saturday I wore it slightly sheerer. Either look would be gorgeous on my skin.

The full size is $32.00 and comes with a Stay All Day Liquid Eye Primer and a mixing tray to take the foil color from pretty to down, right gorgeous.

The shadow wore for the full 4 hours I was out and I purposely left it on for another 2. The only problem I saw was that it began to wear unevenly so I had patchy foil places and you get glitter all over the place. My cheeks sparkled, my chin sparkled and some kind of way my ear lobe sparkled. Not sure how that happened.

But for the beautiful 4 hour look, it was worth it to me. I liked the result. Would I wear this to work or longer than a few hours? No. Would I pay full price for this? Hellz no! Not because I don't think it's worth it (not sure that I do though) but because this mini is going to last me years! If you are only purchasing 1 foil eyeshadow for the next year, I say invest. I purchase eye shadows quite often so this is not a good plan for me.

But, I do like it and I'm itching to try Rose Quartz and Golden Pink. If I can find the mini's somewhere, I may purchase them but I can't spend $32. Not worth it to me.

Aug 18, 2014

Nail Polish Change - Tools of the Trade

Wow! Who did the staging on this photo? Me, oh, nevermind.

Hey There!

I didn't change my nail polish this week. It wasn't that the last nail polish was super fabulous or anything -- I just didn't get a chance to. So, I walked around with chipped nails for several days. Then I took the polish off and moisturized my nails and cuticles for the rest of the time.

So, this week, you get to see what products I used. Actually, they are the products that I use every week.

I take my nail polish off with remover (well, duh!). Most of the time it is whatever remover was on sale. That's not what I'm showing you here. I'm showing you the bottle that I use. I originally picked up the nail polish remover at Family Dollar. I picked it up because of the bottle. It's one of those fancy ones that you push on the top with your cotton ball or cotton square or piece of tissue, and the remover comes up through a tube. The first time I saw it, I thought it was just the gimmick I needed.

I've mentioned my Sally Hansen Insta-dri top coat a million and seven times. It makes your polish dry super fast and gives them a pretty sheen. I won't use anything else now.

I love my Aveda foot relief. Every morning and every night, I slather this stuff on. It's quite pricey but it works wonders and I can tell when I haven't used it. So can everyone else.

I've been quite fond of my Ped Egg for the last month or so. It really does work. I wasn't expecting it to, to be honest. But, it works like magic on my heels and I've fallen in love with it.

Sally Beauty Supply has the best nail extras. I go there about two or three times a month. I like the Beauty Secrets nail file line. They have different grits for different filing purposes. I always have a medium 180 grit on hand. I also like the orange sticks. I don't use them to push back cuticles. I use them to wipe away stray polish when I'm doing my mani/pedicures. I color outside the lines and these help.

I've built up my nail polish routine over the past 2 years. Before that, I hardly ever painted my finger nails. I only painted my toe nails during the summer and even then, I used the same 4 or 5 colors. My have times changed!

Next week you'll be in for a treat (I think). I am trying something a bit new (and a bit old). It may be a blessing or a disaster.

Stay tuned!

Aug 17, 2014

Sunday Funday - Holy Grail Tweezers

Hey there!!

Tweezers. Pluckers. Hair pullers. Stray eyebrow grabber. These bad boys have several names. I call them life savers.

I'm not a super duper hairy beast but I have my fair share of extra hair. And, because I have hair that has to be plucked from different parts of my body, I'm particular about the brands of tweezers I use. I have tried so many brands I can't name them all. I need tweezers that grab the hair and pull it from the root. Many "lesser tweezers" break the hair before the root is pulled. It doesn't matter if they are expensive or cheap -- Other tweezers that I have tried just didn't make the grade. They all have been trying to come close to the pair above.

I don't remember where I got my original pair of these tweezers. I just know that I fell in love with them once I used them. They are the perfect size and weight. The fit comfortably in my hand. The ends close tightly so they grab the hair and pull it completely out (instead of breaking it in half). They came with a pretty pink carrying case that I threw in the drawer and never used. If I couldn't find them (because I took them everywhere in the house -- good light is hard to find when plucking hair) I'd be distraught and spend hours looking (ok, ok -- minutes!) looking for them.

You get the picture. These were my fave.

I didn't want to be without these tweezers so I began the hunt to find a new pair. I figured if I had 2 or 3 pair, I'd be ok and I could stop buying crappy look a likes. I searched every store I could think of. I tried high end and low end and every end in between.


Until last week.

I found them at Marshalls.

I might have jumped up and down and started doing the hallelujah dance right there in the middle of the store. I confess to nothing. I was so excited. You know how you try out that new lipstick in the car? Yes, I did folks! I plucked out a hair in the car, in front of Marshalls.

Don't make fun of me. You've done it.

They pulled out the hair so smoothly. They pulled out the hair all the way to the root! I might have needed a moment with my tweezers (that didn't sound right).

So, here are my hold grail tweezers. I am not ashamed to say it. And if I find another pair, I'm going to buy them (and then do the happy, hallelujah dance).

What's your favorite "weird" holy grail item? Do you do the happy hallelujah dance when you find it/them?