Feb 18, 2014

Gift With Purchase

I like makeup. You know that I'm all about a good sale. I love my drugstore makeup and love it even more when there's a coupon and a BOGO. But, I also have a wild side. Surprised?

I occasionally indulge in some fancy makeup too! I go nuts over a good Lancôme lipgloss (I'm currently loving Cinema  Cinnamon). Who doesn't love NARS bronzing powder in Laguna (I use it sparingly!). And, I really like my Estée Lauder eyeshadow trios. I like to play in high end makeup just as much as my drugstore makeup. I just have to save up a little longer to do it.

But, I have a secret! Kinda. I mean, it's not a real secret. Everyone knows about it -- Gift With Purchase!

I NEVER purchase high end makeup unless I'm getting something free! It's how I can test out new things. For instance, I used to love the Lancôme tinted moisturizer and when I saw that they now had a BB cream (Lancôme Bienfait Teinté Beauty Balm Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30), I thought I'd try it out. But that bad boy is a $45 purchase. I can't just go all crazy and spend all my money on one thing! So, I saved my duckies and waited until they had a GWP that included some goodies I could use. Now I have a new Définicls High Definition Mascara (remember Mascara March is coming up!!), Color Design Lipstick in Trendy Mauve, a Bienfait Multi-Vital night cream plus several other goodies. Will I end up purchasing all of the goodies that I get to try? Of course not. I might buy some of the things that I get free, but it is nice to know what I like can be put on my wish list.

How do I find out when good Gift With Purchase deals happen? Sometimes the television commercials will clue you in. You can also find several websites and blog posts dedicated to GWPs. But, remember in my BEE Nice post I mentioned sales associates? That goes for high end stores as well -- get to know your sales folks! Tell them about yourself. Let them know that you work hard but love a good red lippie. They will give you a call when something exciting happens. They'll call you when GWP times come up but they'll also let you know when a special guests will come to town. Many sales associates want to get to know you and help you stretch your dollar. Use your resources, ALL your resources, wisely.

DO I have any more gift with purchase plans? Of course! I'm just not sure what yet. There are a lot of GWPs out there. What's your favorite? What do you have plans to purchase? Have you made friends with the faces behind the counter? Go do it!!

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