Sep 30, 2015

What I Drank This Month September

Hey there!

It coffee time! I didn't have anything fantabulous last month, so I thought I'd wait and just do both months together.

Of course, I'll start with my holy grail coffee, Tully's Decaffeinated French Roast (12.99 /18 pods). I drank one pack each month. Nothing new there.

But you wanna know what is new and might give Tully's a run for its money? Barista Prima Coffeehouse Decaf Italian Roast Coffee (12.99 /18 pods) is giving it a run for its money. This stuff is good! It's strong and bold and super rich. It's not better than my Tully's but it is certainly a good runner up!

I was in my local TJ Maxx store and found my Gloria Jean Coffee in Brown Sugar Cake ($7.99)!! I was so happy! I discovered the Gloria Jean brand at the beginning of the summer and I have loved every flavor I've tried. I wish they were decaf because they would be so nice at night before bed with a slice of cake or some other dessert.

I also purchased The Donut Shop Vanilla Cream Puff Extra Bold Coffee. I like vanilla cream puffs! This must be just as good! Wrong. This coffee is not bold and the vanilla cream isn't strong. It's just ok. Not gonna lie - I have no idea where I got this from and how much it was. That's okay cause it's not something that I would purchase again.

And my last coffee purchase was the Cafe Mexicano Mexican Cinnamon Gourmet Coffee ($7.99) from Home Goods. Holy Caffeine Batman! This stuff is so great! It's cinnamony and tasty. It's delicious and I have been drinking it almost EVERY morning. I am going to go and stock up on this because I don't want it to go away when the season is over.

I've had some good coffee's recently and that made up for the just ok coffee's last month. I am going to brand out and try some of the other seasonal coffees that have been popping up in the stores.

What are you drinking from the coffee aisle? Are you loving it? Is it worth my hunting it down?

Sep 29, 2015

Making a House a Home - Fall Candles

Hey There!

I love burning candles. Scenting my house is a favorite way to get into the season. I don't like the change in weather but I do like the change in colors and scents. I already have some Fall candles from end of season sales last year. But I have picked up a few new candles this past week.

I wanted to add some Halloween candles to my decor so I picked up this Chesapeake Bay Candle Campfire Marshmallow candle. It has a slightly sweet marshmallow smell and I'm excited to burn it. The color is dark and the twine makes it fall-ish. I picked up a great candle holder from the Goodwill thrift store with this candle in mind.

This Sweet Pea and Pomegranate candle isn't really a fall scent but the color of the jar is pretty and kinda goes with my Halloween decorating theme (purple and black). The scent is a lightly sweet fruit smell. It's not over powering or anything, but I think it will smell so good.

I ran into Target this past weekend and went beyond the candle aisle end cap and walked down the actual aisle. I never do that. I love their regular candles but wasn't ready to purchase the new ones that they had (I don't know why). So I wandered down the aisle and found the Pure Clean Soy candles. The one that I fell in love with is the Lavender Lemonade scent. Man!!! Ok, so it's not a fall scent but it smells so fantastic I needed to have it. I'll put it in my bedroom so it won't clash with the Halloween-ness of my front rooms.

I also have some smell goods until it's time to light a pumpkin candle. I have some Luminessence Fragrance Oils in Apple Cinnamon, Pumpkin Pie and Black Cherry. I like these because when I get a candle that doesn't burn well or has a bad room throw, I can add a few drops of fragrance oil and make the candle smell good again.

I also have wax melts that I don't use as often as I use to but I still love them. I have my Iced Winter Cranberry and Toffee Nut Crisp. These Better Homes and Gardens wax cubes are fantastic! They have scents that fill a room and make you think something is cooking or baking. I enjoy popping them into my scent warmer.

So I'm ready to change the scent of my home from sweet, summer smells to warm, holiday smells.

What candle are you burning? Did you purchase it this season or last?

Sep 28, 2015

WHAT I WORE - This Week In Face

Hey There!

My face products don't vary much. I always use a powder, bronzer, blush and a lippie. It keeps it simple. I said this week, but this has actually been my face for the last two weeks!

I love my MAC Studio Fix in NC42
That's not a surprise. I've been using 2 bronzers this month. I've been using my NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in Sunny (cult fave) and my e.l.f. Glow in Bronzed. Sunny has been my everyday bronzer and Bronzed has been my "let's go out" bronzer. I'm sad to say that haven't used my "let's go out" bronzer nearly as much as I'd like.

My cheeks have been simple. I've been using my NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder in Pink Cheek Glow. It's a soft pink color for me. Just a hint of color really. And when I need more color, I've used my Sonia Kashuk blush in Spice. This one is more of a deeper pink. You just need the smallest amount!

I mentioned going out and when you go out, you need a highlighter! I also gave my coworkers a treat during the week and wore my e.l.f. Baked Highlighter in Pink Diamonds. Careful! This is a BAM! highlighter and looks great. Just a touch!

My lips will amaze you. I have used 1 lipstick for two weeks. ONE!!! My Revlon Superlustrous Lipstick in Blushing Nude has been my bae (did I just type that?!). I have been loving this beautiful warm brown with a hint of pink. It's such a versatile color and I could just wear it every day (and I did!).

I mixed it up with some lip glosses. The mix and match ability of these were fantastic! I wore my new Milani Lip Gloss (with no name, so brown) and my NYX Butter Glosses in Angel Food Cake and Strawberry Parfait. My Butter Glosses are always in my purse. I love them. They smell good and the jazz up any lip color or work well alone.

So that's been my face for 2 weeks. There have been minor exceptions (link here) but this has been my face uniform. I prepare my makeup for the week on Sunday, so I should have new face colors at the end of this week (or next few weeks). Stay tuned!

Sep 27, 2015

FIRST LOOK - BareSkin 8 Piece Collection for Radiant Face, Eyes and Lips

Hey There!

Years ago I decided I need to try the bareMinerals mineral foundation. I like a light to medium makeup coverage but I don't like liquid foundations. I feel claustrophobic when I have it on my face so I very rarely use it. I thought that perhaps a mineral powder foundation would feel better on my skin. Well, I fell in love with it. It was light feeling on my face but had medium coverage and gave me a glow that I liked.

After falling in love with the powder I began trying other products; lip moxies, mineral veil, concealer, well rested, etc. Most things worked very well. A few things weren't my faves. But the items sealed the deal on my love with bareMinerals products.

And, QVC is my BFF when it comes to feeding my addiction. Several times a year, QVC has beauty specials including bareMinerals products. When it's strictly or heavily eye products I resist and move on. When it's face products I hover on the channel.

Recently they had a special on the BareSkin 8 Piece Collection for Radiant Face, Eyes and Lips ($56.94 QVC). The only reason that I didn't push the ship button faster was because I had to figure out my color. Unfortunately, the BareSkin colors don't match the powders so....

Note; I haven't used the products so I can't talk about the formulations and how long they last on my skin and how they wear in general. This really is a first look.

I decided that bareMinerals BareSkin in Bare Sand ($29, must be my color match. I'm looking and I think I did ok. The light doesn't do it justice. In person it seems to work. And, when I first looked at my bareMinerals BareSkin Perfecting Veil in Tan to Dark ($25,, I got concerned. It looked too dark for me. But, paired with my Bare Sand, it was perfect!
New BareSkin  on left, old concealer on right

The other thing I was concerned about was the BareSkin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer in Tan ($20, I thought it would be too dark as well but when swiped next to my current concealer (in Tan 2) it's about the same. I wonder how it will work though. It's a serum. Too many serums can't be good, can they?

Also in my box were bareMinerals colors. My swatches DO NOT do these colors justice. They are all very pretty! There was a Crushed Copper Eyeshadow (other shadows $14). This will be a gift for someone. I'm able to sneak eyeshadow under my eyebrows (brow shadow) but this pretty copper color is not going to work as brow shadow. There's an Equinox Blush (other blushes $20) in a warm peach color. It looked a bit chalky on my hand so not sure how that's going to work. And last but not least (in the colors section) is the Purely Brilliant Lipcolor in Delicate Cinnamon (other Lip Sheers $16). This is a pretty warm pinky brown Lip Sheer and I can't wait to try this. Lip Sheers are always moisturizing and give just that little pop your lips need. I like to keep these in my purse for quick color touch ups.

And, makeup brushes! Everyone knows about the Perfecting Face Brush ($28). If you bought your bareMinerals BareSkin the first few weeks, you got this brush free. While I've heard mixed reviews about the BareSkin, I don't know that I've heard reviews on the brush. You also get a Double-Ended Expert Application Cheek & Eye Brush (other double ended brushes $28). The bristles are very soft and I think they will work well.

So I like I said, I paid $56.94 for my kit. The value is actually $180! Even if I have to give the eye color away, I'm still getting three times the value!

I'm very excited to try this kit and see if BareSkin is the product for me. Of course I'll come back and tell you good people what I think!

And let me just say, QVC nor Bare Escentuals have paid me to try or rave about their products. I enjoy both companies and their products. As always, all product reviews, raves and rants are my own opinion.

Sep 26, 2015

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Limited Edition Runway Collection New York Fashion Week 2015

Hey There!

I have failed you. I have one job (well, I have many jobs) and that's to tell you about my likes and dislikes about makeup, scents, nail polish, home decor, etc., and today, I have failed you.

I ran into my local CVS and waaaaay on the tippy toppy shelf I saw the most beautiful shades of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polishes. I mean they were the most beautiful jewel toned shades I had seen in quite a while (and by quite a while I mean since fall/winter last season). And, I knew that I'd have to run to the bank and take out a small personal loan so that I could get at least 5 of them (they are about $7.49 at CVS). But, I was in a rush so I snapped a pic and decided to look everything up when I got home.

And you know what? I couldn't find a darned thing about them. I couldn't find a press release, a good review, nuthin! And it's raining cats and dogs and I don't feel like trudging back up the street to get someone to pull the display down off the shelf for me (I'm 5'4"). Instead, I'm going to show you the eye candy that I saw and tell you as much as I possibly can about them.

First, I did mention that I fell in love with these colors so there will be a wedding. Secondly, I will tell you that I "think" I know the polish colors but if I'm wrong, please don't yell at me.

So there are 15 colors shown here. I don't know if all of them are new or if some of them are older ones that they just brought out for the display. What I can tell you is that I want them.

The first one, I think, is Violet Glass (1) and it needs to be at my house. It appears to be a rich purple color and I love a good purple in the fall. Then you have a pretty green (2). Beige Glass (3) doesn't look like much but when I held it in my heart went pitter patter. Sighhh.

(4) is a very pretty deep pink shade. I have so many like this color so I don't have plans to bring it home but, you never know! Rose Glass (5) is a yummy rose pink that is perfect for the change from summer to fall. That's going to look darling on my nails. Winter Sky (6) is much prettier in person than this picture shows. This creamy color has a bit of sparkle inside. Nice but not necessarily for me. Midnight Affair (7), well, this is a pretty blue, isn't it?! I'm on the fence. I don't need it but I kinda do! It's a creamy blue that I bet is going to be fantastic on my toes.

I think (8) is Gold Glass. It is a yellow mustard color and not one that I'll bring home. (9) is a rich, peppery red that I really need for toes. (10) is a dark color that I can do without. (11) is a weird color that I probably can do without as well.

Yummy Yam (12) is a very deep mustard yellow. For my complexion this is a no no. Fortunately for my budget, I don't have to have it. Now, Maasai Red (13), that is a different story. This would look purty on my toes or my fingers. It's a delicious "dirty brown" red. (14) is a deep color that probably doesn't need to come home with me and (15) is a silver that I don't need because I still have my Fifty Shades of Grey polishes (link here).

DO NOT let one of the stores have a bogo. It will not bode well. I think I'm going to use some ULTA coupons and CVS coupons and just double up and see what I can score. Stay tuned because I'm going to see how crafty I can get and just how many of these beauties I can bring home!

Sep 25, 2015

FIRST LOOK - Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner

Hey There!

Initially I had a plan to purchase the Laneige Moisture Power Essence Skin Refiner ($25 Target). I've been using this sample size for a month or so and was ready to pull the trigger and I got cold feet. I was in the store and just couldn't do it. So, I took a deep breath and walked out.

I don't normally have problems purchasing skin care. If I find something that I like, I buy it. My Laneige face serum was a snap. I had no problems pulling the trigger. I loved the feel and the smell and how well it absorbed into my skin. When I purchased my sleeping mask, I didn't lose any sleep over the purchase (pretty puny, huh!?). This purchase didn't sit well with me.

So I purchased the Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner ($5.39 Walmart) instead.

I know that Neutrogena products normally work well on my skin. They don't irritate my face and the price point is great. I've never used their toner but so far it seems to be ok.

I'll keep trying it and let you know.

Sep 24, 2015

iConcepts Car Vent Mount

Hey there!

Because I've moved, the kiddo and I have been all over town, finding new places to visit, shop and eat. Sometimes we just drive until we see some place that we want to go to. Sometimes I have to pull out the GPS system on my phone. When I use my phone I have to load the location and then put my phone in my drink holder. It's not the best solution but what's a girl to do?

Well I was roaming the aisles of Target (Girl, what else is new?) and I saw this iConcepts Car Vent Mount. I was soooo excited!! I know that other people mount their phones to the dashboard but I don't like that. I really wanted to use my vents so this was right up my alley!

The first time I tried to use the car mount, I couldn't get it to hook on properly. It was all twisted and wouldn't hook on so that I could see my phone. Then I read the instructions (because reading is fundamental) and realized that the hook was a 365 swivel hook.

After learning it's a 360 swivel, I tried it again. I did get it to hook to the vent but it was still no good. It's too heavy for my air vent and kept falling down. I stopped trying because I didn't want to break the ac vent (not in the South!). It's probably an issue with my 1923 car more than the product itself. Nice idea but just not feasible. 

So, this is going back to Target. It doesn't get to stay at my house. 

Sep 23, 2015

Quickie Review - Nail Envy Nail Strengthener by OPI

Hey There!

I'm ready to toss my Nail Envy Nail Strengthener by OPI in the recycling bin. It's almost 2/3rds empty but it's gone all gloopy. When I first purchased it I told you that I'd report back. Well, I'm ready to report back.

I purchased this last fall (info here). At this point I had used it a bit and knew how I felt about it. The original price was $17.99 but I couponed and discounted and ended up paying $6 for it.

It's not the magical base coat that I wanted it to be. It was nice but it doesn't do anything special. If you are like me then you think that it's not worth the price. I mean I'd like a great nail base but at $18, I'm not willing to pay that amount if it doesn't do magical things.

My favorite top coat, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, is at most $7.49. I can normally get it for about $3 or $4 with coupons and discounts. It IS magical. I live for that stuff. I will not paint my nails without it. I take my nail color AND that top coat to the nail salon for pedicures. And, at highest price it's $7.49. That being the case, I don't think my base coat should be much higher than that.

I'm still playing with new base coats. It does take a long time to find one that you love. This bottle of OPI has lasted almost a full year. So, one would say that it was worth the price then.

Let's look at it this way. 

My most recent base coat purchase was Revlon Treat and Boost $3.49. Full price it's $6.28. Using it almost every week, that's twelve cents per use! If a twelve cent nail base is as good as a (do the math) thirty five cents nail base, which one do you choose? I go with the cheaper one if all things are equal.

I have nothing against OPI treatments. I'm sure they are lovely. And, if I were to find this discounted for five bucks, I'd pick it up. But if my Revlon Treat and Boost or some other nail base was on sale next to it... would be a hard choice to make. And, I'm not sure the OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener would win.

Sep 22, 2015

Quickie Review - Yes To Carrots Nourishing Gentle Cleansing Wipes

Hey There!

I picked up these Yes To Carrots Nourishing Gentle Cleansing Wipes and had semi high hopes for them. I always have to be careful with the Yes To line. I have some food allergies and while I don't think these are dipped in carrots, I still have to be careful.

But, I'm not allergic to carrots so one would think this should be ok.

I tried them a few times last week and everything was fine. I wasn't in love with the wipes because I just didn't feel that they took off my makeup well. I also felt that there was a residue of some sort on my face. I picked up a 10 count pack so I was just going to go through it and move on.

This past weekend I wore quite a bit of makeup and needed more that just 1 wipe. It took 2 wipes to get all of the makeup off. I was ready to use my toner and then I felt the tingle.

It didn't burn. My face didn't turn red but it tingled and felt uncomfortable. I've learned over the years that the tingle is my sensor. When I feel the tingle it's time to get that shiz-nit off your face. The next step is burn and red.

I did a quick wipe off with a gentle cleanser and my face felt better after a few minutes. I didn't use toner just some of my most gentle moisturizer and went to bed. The next morning my face was fine but I still babied it. Luckily I didn't have to work because if I did, I wouldn't have worn any makeup. I would have just let my face rest.

So no. I won't try any more Yes To products. I've tried others and obviously fruit essence is not a fan of my face (or my face is not a fan of it). I wish I could use them because I hear great things about them. My face says no.

And I have to listen to my face.

Sep 21, 2015

Face Of The Day

Hey there!

I don't really have a setup where I can blog a "get ready with me" so instead I thought I'd show you the products that I used to get ready for an event that I went to (Doctor Who series premiere! Fan girl ahhhhh!). I went just a tad bit harder than I normally do for work makeup. I wanted to pull out all the stops 'cause let's face it, I don't get to do that very often.

So I moisturized and all that goodness, because your face needs it. I didn't use a primer because I forgot. I don't normally wear primer unless I'm going out for the evening and even though that was the case this time, I forgot. I'm sorry. But, if I had remembered, I would have used my Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer.

So I concealed with my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Biscuit. This is my favorite concealer. I've pulled the stopper out and I'm enjoying several more months of use. I also moisturized my lips with my REVO lip balm in grape. I've been liking it. I've also been sniffing my lips more and trying very hard not to lick them (cause the smell so good!).

I took care of my eyebrows really quickly. I had let them become very sasquatch-ish. I raised and plucked a bit and then used my Anastasia Brow Wiz in soft brown. I love it. Then I had to highlight my brows. I can't wear eyeshadow without eye issues but I can wear eyebrow makeup (I have blepharitis). So for my eyebrow makeup I used the browlighter in my Mally Citychick Smokey Eye Kit. Even though I got rid of most of my eyeshadow pallets, I kept this one for the browlighter and I am able to use the crease color as a top lid eyeliner (I didn't do that this time. I went naked eye).

Once my concealer set, I put on my MAC Studio Fix in NC42. It's my love and we go together. I have others that I use but when I need to look and feel my best, I use this one.

Then I decided to use a bronzer with LIFE. I pulled out my Tarte Park Avenue Princess Amazonian Clay Bronzer. I know that you can get the one that's real sparkly and the one that's matte and just gives a glow. I got the matte one but the glow is AMAZEBALLS! It is gorgeous and make my cheeks sing! I love wearing it for special occasions.
This picture doesn't do the glow justice!

If you are using a bronzer with such a gorgeous glow, you have to use a blush/highligher with the same glow. When I purchased the NYX Illuminator in Chaotic, I was disappointed with the result. I initially thought it would look good as a regular highlighter. Then I discovered that I needed to use it as a total cheek highlighter and then add a slight blush on top of it. It's an awesome bit of cheek glow and the packaging is darling!

And the blush that I used, very lightly, was my Sonia Kashuk Beautifying Blush in Spice. It's a warm peachy pink shade that I use as an everyday blush.

For my lips I went backwards. I started with my NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Spice Cake. It's beautiful color but because I don't wear eye color, it looks a bit weird when I pull out the totally dramatic lip color. So, I blotted it a tiny bit and then added a swipe of Wet n Wild lipstick in Wine Room. The resulting look was fierce! I really liked it! I will wear it a lot.

And then my little cute self went out and had a great time at the Doctor Who premiere. I met some new friends and took a picture with the Tardis!

OH! You might be wondering why I added specific colors to the products I wore. And, you might not even care. A few days ago I was attempting to purchase new makeup product and I couldn't remember the shade that I use to wear. I ran to my blog posts, because I thought surely I'd find the shade mentioned there! Nope! I hadn't been consciously adding shades to my posts! So, I decided I needed to begin doing that

Sep 20, 2015

Sunday Fun Day - It's A Haul!

Hey there!

Just FYI, this is a haul over a 2 week period. I've been picking up random things here and there and now, I'm finally ready to share them with you!

I've mentioned in an empties that I enjoying adding lavender Epsom salts to my bath. I normally pick up smaller packs from Dollar Tree but the Target Up and Up brand was a good deal. I'll try them out but I can't imagine that it's any different than the Dollar Tree one.

Yep! I picked up another pack of Pure & Gentle Make-up Remover Wipes from Walmart. I have really begun to like these! They are nice and wet and most days I can use 1 wipe and get off all of my makeup. They aren't better than my Wet n Wild makeup wipes but they are a verrrrrry close second. And, the price is right.

I found Honeymania shower gel from The Body Shop at my local Marshalls. I've mentioned that any time I see a shower gel from The Body Shop, I am going to grab it. They smell so good and they lather so well. They had a peach one but I've already sniffed that one so I wanted to try a new one.

Also at Marshalls I found an Essie nail polish in Using My Maiden Name. It appears to be a beautiful, slightly iridescent light purple. I also got a purple from NYC at Walmart. Purple Pizzazz Frost is a darker iridescent purple. I also picked up Strip Me Off by NYC. It's a base coat that you can peel off. I thought this would be great with any glitter polish that I use.

And, I lucked up during a Dollar Tree trip. I found 2 Milani Liquid Lip Colors. Neither of them have a name so I have to go with "the brown one" and "the fuchsia one". Perfect names in my opinion.

See, I didn't pickup much. I could have picked up quite a bit more but I really wanted to scale back my purchases. I went into Ulta and came out with nothing. NOTHING! I also went into the makeup section of Kohls and came away with .... NOTHING! See, I'm doing well.

But, why I scaled down my purchases, I'm not going to never purchase anything else. You know I'm not going to do that! What kind of blogger would I be if I didn't buy things to blog about??

Sep 19, 2015

Nail Polish Change - Maybelline Colorshow Blushed Nudes polish in Sultry Spice

Hey there!

Let's talk about this nail polish quick, fast and in a hurry... I can get it off of my nails. 

I was wasting time, wandering through Target (as most of us do) and my eye caught the Maybelline Colorshow Blushed Nudes nail polish line. I didn't even know if it's a new line or if the colors were new to the line but when I peeked at them I wasn't overly impressed. I almost walked about but then I saw the color Sultry Spice. It looked interesting. It looked like a color that I needed for fall. It looked like a color that my nails needed. I decided to pick it up and get a better look.

When I picked it up, my first thought was, "do I own any Maybelline nail polish? And if I don't, why don't I"?

To answer my own question, yes, I do.

I own six of them.

And except for one of them, I got them all on sale at Big Lots for about $2 or less. Does that mean something?

I was very excited to purchase my Maybelline Colorshow Blushed Nudes polish in Sultry Spice. You know I have a problem with cooler weather! The color looked like just the thing I needed to help me glide into fall. 

The color night have been but the formula was not. 


I've NEVER had such a difficult time with a polish. It went on patchy and dried super fast in some places and regular speed in others. 

And when I say super fast I mean one swipe, two swipe, dry on the left, wet on the right. 

And it was kinda gloppy. 

These shouldn't  be old polishes. This Blushed Nudes line is fairly new, right? Like within the last five years! I take that back because I have bottles of three year old polish that behaves waaay better than this. This was atrocious.

And yes, people have commented on how pretty the color is but close up reveals that it looks like a 3 year old polished my nails.

You know I can do slightly better than that! I might color outside the lines and onto my fingers but everything within the lines is all good.

And maybe I'm being overly dramatic and it's really ok. Maybe this polish and others within the line work better the second time. Maybe I should give it another chance.

And maybe you haven't met me in real life.

I give second chances. I know when it's okay to do so.

And, I know when it's not.

Sep 16, 2015

Laneige Skincare

Hey There!

It all began with a search in an Asian food mart and ended with a love for the Laneige brand skincare line. It wasn't supposed to happen and I certainly wasn't looking for it but BAM! There it was. 

I walked in looking for a toner. Yep, a toner. I remember when my mom use to go to the mall to pick up her cleanser, toner, moisturizer trio from Fashion Fair. I'd look at all the pretty makeup colors and wait for her to finish her transaction. Besides all the pretty colors, the one thing I remember is that toner matters. I think the name is a misnomer because I don't know that it tones anything. In my research I learned that it's supposed to shrink your pores and rejuvenate your skin. I'm not sure that it does that for me but I know that it does remove those last remnants of makeup and preps my skin for moisturizer. Well, a good one does.

So, my initial search was for a toner. I walked out with a skin refresher and a sample pack of Laneige Water Bank products. The skin refresher was the Brightening Sparkling Water Pop Essence ($33). This is a weird product that has been very interesting to try. It's a fizzy product (carbon air bubbles and sparkling water) that you use after your cleanser. I'm honestly not sure what it does. It feels good going on your skin because it is cool going on your face. But, I don't know that it really does anything. I'll finish this container but I won't purchase it again.

With this purchase, I ended up getting a free travel sized packet of all things water bank essence. Two of the items were pretty thick and didn't make the cut but three of the items did. The two that didn't were the Water Bank Moisture Cream ($32 Target) and the Water Bank Eye Gel ($32.49 Target). The Water Bank Moisture Cream was waaaaay to heavy for my skin and I don't let anything touch my eyes except aquaphor and Clinique Eye Gel so the Water Bank Eye Gel didn't stand a chance anyway.

One of the things that I fell in love with was the Power Essential Skin Refiner ($25 Target). It is an amazing toner and I want to marry it. It is the next item on my "Must Buy" list. Another thing that I fell in love with was the Water Bank Serum ($32). I use it as a daily moisturizer. Not sure if that's what it's real purpose is but I like it this way. I don't like the way heavy moisturizers feel. This is perfect for me. And yes, I bought the full size!

My impulse buy was the Water Sleeping Pack ($23). I've heard fantastic things about this. You are supposed to wear it at night and then wipe off in the morning for moisturized, fresh skin. It's true. This was the case. The only problem is that after doing this for three days straight I realized my makeup began to slide off my face during warm days. I got all misty and had to blot my makeup. I never really have to do that. I've begun to only use it every third night and that seems to work better.

So Laneige has become my beauty line. I really like my new additions. I didn't mean for it to happen but they seem to be good quality products. They are on the higher end but I don't hesitate to spend a bit more on my skin care line. I'll keep trying new things and I'll tell you all about them! 

Sep 14, 2015

The Scents of Summer

Hey There!

If you know me, you know that I have to get my mind right before cold weather raises its ugly head. I live in the south so right now it's cool but not cold. That's okay. Cool is the gateway temperature for sweater weather. And, I am not a fan.

But, before I pull out my heavy boots and parka (we only use those for like 3 weeks total), I'm going to tell you what I smelled like this summer.

I LOVE cotton candy. I eat a lot of it. I burn candles that remind me of it. And, I wear cologne that smells like it. Cotton Candy by Body Fantasies is one of my favorite scents in life. I always have 2 or three bottles of this at all times. I use it as body spray and room freshener. It instantly puts me in a good mood and makes anything bad, better.

Midnight Path is a fragrance mist in the Bath and Bodyworks fragrance line. I smelled this one on a coworker and fell in love with it. That weekend I went and picked it up and I've been sniffing it ever since. I normally wear this at night, if I'm going clubbing (I so, do not go clubbing!). I like that it's a heady scent and very musky. It's sensual scent and in my mind, I think that it's perfect for date nights.

My final scent is fairly new. I got a hold of it a few weeks ago but I've been drenching my body in it ever since I picked it up. It's Bumble Bee, a Mark Jacobs Honey imitation. It smells likes Honey but it doesn't last very long. I wear this if I'm going out for the evening and just need to smell good for a few hours. If I need to smell good all day, I run to my Cotton Candy scent.

I'm a simple girl with simple scents. Now that it's getting colder, I will want a something a bit deeper in notes.

Can't wait to smell that, can you?