May 31, 2014


Hey there!

We have come to the end of another month and I have brought to you my trash. I know, it just sounds so crazy to talk about what's in your trash BUT I love reading Empties blogs and Watching Empties videos so I figure 2 other people must like them too. So, here you go.

Let's start in the bath tub, shall we? The bubble bath shouldn't be any surprise to you. I have two Avon Bubble Baths (2/ $10) - Cucumber Melon and Warm Vanilla & Fig. The Cucumber Melon is blah, whatever but the Warm Vanilla & Fig is really nice. I have repurchased this one many times and yes, I have a spare.

I only have 1 Bath and Body Works Shower Gel ($11 ea at the time of this purchase) which is weird. But, I've had a lot of shower gels to try this month so I haven't finished much, I've just tried a lot. This one is a warm, spicy smell and is really nice. Not sure that I'd repurchase because B&BW come up with so many new shower gels you don't have to buy just any ole' one. You can only purchase the ones you love. I like this one but I don't love it.

On one of my many Ulta trips in April, I picked up a Be Happy Coconut Grove Cleansing Shower Gel. It was one of the 3 / $10 items that they had. Ummm, this one was crap. It did smell coconuty but it didn't lather and I had to use 1/3 of the bottle in order to get enough in the towel to go wash my body. I will never try this brand again. I promise!

Staying in the tub, I picked up a Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer with Lavender Tea Tree Oil. My mom and I saw them in Marshalls for $3.99 and we thought it couldn't hurt to try it. It's nice. Once side "cleanses and moisturizes" and the other side scrubs your heels. Again, it was nice. I had no real complains but I had no real positive feedback either. It's basically a loofa made exclusively for my feet. If I see it for $2, I might think about it again but otherwise nah. No real plus behind it.

The bathroom is ground zero for candles. This month I have loved Target Sweet Spun Sugar ($5) and Bath and Body Works Pink Bubble Gum (3/ $10). I mentioned them both in my May favorites. I also used up a B&BW Providence Garden candle. Meh. It smelled ok but I probably won't buy it again. (BTW, I forgot to take a snapshot of the empty containers).

And the last tub item is the Bic Soleil Razor (3 for $4.99 - I'm sure I had a coupon of some sort or got them at a discount on a Target end cap). Nothing special. It was on sale. I like it.

For hair care I have an Organix Brand Luxurious Moroccan Argan Creme Conditioner ($7.99 but I always buy during BOGO free at Rite Aid). I love this. I really do. It smells wonderful and glides through your hair and after leaving it in my hair (under a conditioning cap) I have soft, bouncy hair. This brand is a staple in my house. I have stopped buying anything else. If you see something else in my empties it's because I'm trying to use it up. I'm in love and the honeymoon is far from over!!

You see 2 Philosophy Hope in A Jar ($10, Sephora) containers. One is regular and one has SPF in it. I don't like either of them. I purchased and tried them before the holidays and I am finally getting around to trashing the containers. I gave the regular one a 2 week try and the one with SPF a 3 day try. No thanks.

There are 2 facial wipes in this month's empties. I have a pack of CVS Brand Age Defying Towelettes ($4.99 but I'm sure I purchased during BOGO 1/2 or BOGO free). They were fine. I used them to remove swatches on my hand or makeup mistakes in the morning. I also had Simple Radiance Cleansing Wipes. I actually got these free when I purchased the Simple eye makeup remover. I didn't notice radiance but again, I used them for swatches and makeup mistakes. I probably won't purchase either of them again.

CVS Premium Cotton Rounds ($3.59 for 100 in this case - I always stock up when these BOGO free. They do that every quarter or so). Holy grail cotton round. I love that these are quilted on one side and smooth on the other. They don't tear up when wet. I go through a pack each month. I do have plans on trying something new (and more expensive) in the upcoming months but not for my eyes. I will still have these unless my new item is just beyond amazing (which I can't believe it is). More on that next month, maybe.

The final 2 GWP items from Lancôme have been tossed in the trash. I tried the Bienfait Multi-Vital Night Cream. It was super greasy and smelled weird. I tried to use it on my elbows and heels (always try to use your products up for something!) but it left grease marks on my clothes and sheets. In the end it wasn't worth it. I just had to toss it. I also tried the Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate. It did absolutely nothing. It was a waste of time really. I'm sad to say that almost nothing was good in this past GWP. Oh well.

I tried the Enregin Time Released Action Eye Cream from the Dollar Tree. I tried this several months ago. It didn't do anything good or bad. It was only a dollar though so no real loss.

And last but not least -- people I tried to like this! So many people do. It's the Studio 35 Beauty Brand (from Walgreens) Alpha Hydroxy Face Cream ($8.99). I used it for 2 months and the only thing that it did for my face was irritate it. It made my face red and itchy for about 15 minutes. I didn't like it for my face. You want to know where I did like it? My heels! It works beautifully on my heels. Would I buy it again -- for my heels? No. I have products for a third of the price that I use on my heels.

And there you have it folks -- my trash! LOL. These are the products that I used up in May. Spoiler alerts for June? Well, candles (of course), bubble bath and shower gel, cotton rounds and well...just wait and see!

May 30, 2014

The Balm Nude'tude Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Hey there!

When the Balm website put all of its products on sale for 50%, I jumped on The Nude'tude pallet. I had coveted it for a long time and now it's mine!

And I enjoy it. The colors are nicely pigmented and most of the shimmery colors don't have a ton of shimmer (I'm a matte girl you know!). I know it may sound weird but I like a palette when I can use more than half of them as eyelid colors. I like to have deep colors for the "outer v" and outer lid. I like to then, go softer as I go in toward the inner lid and then use a nice crease color (usually something just this side of my lid color - peach, browns, warm pinks). This palette fit the bill.

Sassy (white), Snobby (yellow), Stubborn (pink) and Stand-offish (champagne) are probably not my favorites. They are colors that I might pop on my brow bone as highlight colors. Stubborn could be an accent color that goes in the center of my lid for pink looks and Stand-offish could be an accent color for browns.

Selfish (grey/silver), Seductive (bronze) and Silly (weird, chunky copper - not a big fan of it) are good "outer v" colors for date night. They are very glittery and I tend not to be a fan of that much glitter. I wouldn't trash them but I'd be aware to use them more at night.

Sultry (cinnamon brown) and Sophisticated are good blending colors for your crease. Sultry is AWESOME for the crease. I expect to hit pan on that one first!

Sexy (brown/eggplant/plum) and Sleek (deep, chocolate brown) are good "outer v" colors for me. I can do a light pop in the "outer v" or I can go a bit heavier and go for a splash.

Serious (black) is good for powder liner -- top lash line or bottom lash line. So is Sleek.

My favorites in this palette are Sultry (GREAT crease color), Sexy and Sleek. I know that these will be used the most.

I will admit that this isn't my favorite palette in my collection but it's good. I'd probably have been a tad bit upset to pay full price for it but half price is A-ok.

Did you pick this up? What do you think? Which color is your go-to color in the palette?

May 29, 2014

May Faves

I know, I've been such a slacker. I didn't do a March or an April favorites. It's not that I didn't have favorites, it's that I was too lazy to write them down, take pictures and talk about them. Really, it's the truth. This month, however, I pre-planning, got a good night's sleep and began typing.

Here you go.

I love my candles. My favorites for this month were Target Spun Sugar (see, I bought the big one!) and Bath & Body Works Pink Bubble Gum. I don't have to tell you that my house spelled like a candy store. I loved it! These are candles that I plan on keeping in rotation at my house.

My coffee of the month was Archer Farms Milk Chocolate Strawberry. I think people sleep on Target brands. They make some pretty good stuff and their flavored ground coffee is wonderful. Milk Chocolate Strawberry has an undertone of chocolate with a hint of strawberry. So good. I have 3 other Archer Farms coffees so Junes coffee fave may be different.

I was all about Simply Pink by Pink Sugar this month. I picked up mine at Sephora after smelling about 20 other fragrances. I sniffed this one and then went and played with makeup. Then I came back and sniffed it some more. Then I choose two Buxom lip glosses and went back for another sniff. By the time I was finished, I had tried Simply Pink so many times, I couldn't smell anything else.  I am soooo glad I kept smelling it. It's such a sweet scent that I smell good all day long!

The same day that I got my Simply Pink, I also picked up the Too Faced Bonjour Soleil Summer Bronzing Palette (Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer, Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer and Snow Bunny Luminous Bronzer). I was leery because not everything looks good on darker skin. I asked one of my ladies at Sephora (I spend way too much time in there -- I know their birthdays and all about their families!!) and she said that yes, this palette would work for me. Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer and Snow Bunny Luminous Bronzer are so awesome! I use my powder brush to add Snow Bunny to entire cheek area and then add Chocolate Soleil Bronzer as a contour. The Snow Bunny luminosity shines right through and creates a beautiful glow on your face. I am so glad I took a chance on it.

I've also been loving the Wet n Wild Fergie Shimmer Palette in Rose Champagne Glow. It, along with my Bonjour Soleil Summer Bronzing Palette, stays on top of my makeup table, ready to create a natural glow on my face. Not everyone likes the Fergie Shimmer Palette but I say try one if the three that she has and see how you like it.

And my favorite body wash has been Dial Frozen Yogurt Cooling Body Wash. I love the way this smells. It's a slightly sweet, refreshing smell. It's not overpowering. It's soft and lasts quite a while. The body wash itself is a nice, creamy wash that leaves your skin so soft.

So the theme for the month was candy smells and shimmery face. It's right after my birthday month -- you do the math. I like to glow and smell good.

What were your faves this month? Are the same as last month? What's new? I plan on trying quite a few new things in June so stay tuned!

May 28, 2014

Quickie Review - Hard Candy Fox In A Box

So, let's keep the quickie review theme going. I've mentioned before that I have to go to a Wal-Mart that's not close to my house if I want to try certain cosmetic brands. That includes Hard Candy Cosmetics. I haven't tried a lot of the Hard Candy Products because of this but so many people rant and rave I felt that I needed to pick up the Fox In A Box blush by Hard Candy Cosmetics. Everyone said such wonderful things about it, I felt duty bound to try it.

So, I purchased Fox In A Box in Spicy & Sweet. I hated it. It did nothing for my complexion. The box itself was fine but the brush that comes with it is a joke. I doubt very seriously that anyone really tries to use it (come on, really? who would try?). I tried blending all the colors together and it was horrible. When I tried to use each color individually, it worked better but do you know how difficult it is to keep those little cubits separate?

I paid $6 for this box. I plan on using it for shadow or mix with blush or something but I won't buy it again for blush. For my skin color, it just doesn't work.

May 27, 2014

Quickie Review - CoverGirl Colorlicious Lip Gloss

Hey there!

It took me a while to find the new CoverGirl Colorlicious Lip Glosses. I saw them on other blogs beginning about a month ago. They looked pretty and folks gave them favorable reviews so I was excited to try them. You know I love lip gloss!

I went to several drugstores and I finally found them at a CVS in downtown Atlanta. I picked up 2 colors -- 640 Juicy Fruit and 660 Fruitylicious. The CoverGirl website doesn't mention this new line but several bloggers have talked about them and taken pictures of their local displays. There were 7 in the display at the CVS that I went to. I've seen pictures with up to 13 colors.

Now that I've had time to try these out, I am impressed with them. These glosses are fab-u-lous! They are nicely pigmented, super moisturizing and last for several hours. I've used mine over lipstick and haven't had to apply any lip balm at all. That's a plus in my book.

The only minus is the price point and the fact that I'm having a hard time finding them. If I remember correctly, I paid about $8.29 for them. These are good, but I'm not so sure they are that good.  The packaging is sleek and pretty and as I said before, they are quite pigmented. But, I don't know that they are worth the price. I have to really think about whether or not I want to use my CVS dollars (plus BOGO 1/2 off) for these because I doubt that I'll be paying full price.

Have you seen these? Are you planning on trying them?

May 26, 2014

Nail Polish Change - Nail Treatment Week

I decided that this week I'd keep polish free and just treat my finger nails this week. I clipped them down, removing split and jagged ends, and then gave them a little treatment each night (and during the day Friday, Saturday and Sunday). But, don't fret. I did use polish on the toesies!!

So let's start with my finger nail treatment. I've been raving about my Sephora Formula X nail treatment. I did use it but then I picked up 2 new Revlon nail treatment products during my Super Spectacular CVS Spring Clearance Haul (I know. I'm so dramatic!). I picked up the Revlon Cuticle Softener and the Revlon Treat & Boost Nail Treatment. I only used each one twice so I can't really give a full review but so far I'm happy with my purchases. I'll check back in, in a few weeks and let you know.

And to seal the deal, as always, I used my Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Top Coat. Did you not drink the Kool-Aid yet? Are you not onboard the Sally Hansen Insta-Dry train? Then folks, my work here is not done! This is the most amazing discovery in nail polish history. I dare you to tell me anything better. Go ahead, I'll wait. That's what I thought. This stuff is amaze-balls. You need this in your life.

Oh! And on nights that I remember, I use my Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. I love this stuff. The smell is great and it really does moisturize my cuticles. I just keep forgetting to use it. And, yes it is right next to my bed! Maybe I should make my bed and put this tin on the pillow. Yeahhhhh, no. That's not going to happen. Oh well!

As far as the toesies, I decided to keep it all springy pink and use The Balm Cosmetics Hot Ticket nail polish in Don't Pink and Drive. Don't you love that color? I do. I think it looks darling with my little pink flippy flops. Now, full price for this polish is $10. I got mine during the 50% off sale so I only paid $5. Is it worth it? Let's see, shall we.

The formula is not the best. 1 coat was streaky and 2 coats only helped slightly. I can't tell you about the wear because it's on my toes (and I don't type or do housework with my toes) but I know that it isn't $10 lasting. I'd give it $3.99 lasting. So that means the other color that I purchased from The Bam will be a toes color too, unless I use an overlay of some sort on it.

So now that my fingernails are nice, hydrated and treated, I'll go back to polish this week. What color will I use? Since I'm running low on polish (HA! Had to laugh at my own self!!) I'll have to work really hard to figure something out. Maybe I'll go springy but maybe I'll go spicy because it's starting to get hot outside (just the way I like it).

You'll have to wait until next Monday to find out!!

Or you can cheat and check out Instagram

May 25, 2014

Bonne Bell Spring Items

I went to visit a friend and stopped by the CVS near her. It's at that CVS that I saw the new CoverGirl lip glosses. And, it's at that CVS that I saw the new Bonne Bell lipstick, lip lacquer and nail lacquer.

Bonne Bell evokes memories of pre-teen hood joy. I had Bonne Bell lip smackers in ever flavor possible. My favorite two were my Dr. Pepper one and my Strawberry one. They were perfect for the young girl who's mother wouldn't let her wear lipstick just yet. They were glossy and had just enough tint to make you think you were doing something. 

They were wonderful. 

These were not wonderful. 

I wanted to like them. I really, really did! I wanted them to work for history's sake.

The lipstick was in Calypso Coral. It was little more than a glorified Chapstick.  I had to very delicately keep adding gloss to get a hint if peach color. It wasn't much peach color either.  And I said delicately because the top kept breaking off. I figured it melted (how I didn't know because my makeup drawer isn't hot) so I put it in the fridge. It firmed up...for about 5 minutes. See the lipstick in the picture? That's an hour out of the fridge. The color payoff is little and the longevity is nil. I wore this for an hour and had to gently reapply. An hour later I changed lipsticks. I had no interest in trying it again. 

The lip lacquer in Bellini, wasn't any better. It was streaky and had the worst applicator I've ever seen. Do you see those bristles? Not good at all. The color didn't last long and I couldn't keep dipping the wand in the gloss. It seemed like it brush bristles were getting worse with each dip.

The nail lacquer was really the only saving grace. The color is Miami. It doesn't show very well on camera but it is a pretty color. I had to research that though because once you open the cap, the name goes bye-bye. I wish I have noticed that! The color is an iridescent gold color. It will be good as an overlay color I'm betting. I'm hoping it works anyway.

And, the nail lacquer is the only thing I'm keeping. I normally don't return lip products. I always feel bad because I know they can't return them to stock but I don't like these! They are horrible and I don't have room in my collection for horrible lip colors. I had such high hopes, I'm really sad about it.

What's the last thing that you purchased that didn't work out as well as you though it would?

May 24, 2014

Super Spectacular CVS Spring Clearance Haul a.k.a CVS Spring Clearance 2014 Haul

The CVS super spectacular spring clearance is one of my favorite makeup times of the year (second only to the super spectacular fall clearance and Black Friday). This is when I toss the things that didn't work over the past 6 months and when I build my collection with things that might work for the next 6 months. I don't go in CVS all willy nilly though. I do use a system. Even though I will go back to the CVS stores several times before it's all said and done, my first trip is when I pay 50% off for the things that I really want and wouldn't want to miss out on.

Front and center are 2 Revlon Nearly Naked Foundations. I picked up the 2 that were marked down (the others weren't - yet?), 200 Warm Beige and 210 Sun Beige. 200 Warm Beige is totally my color now and 210 Sun Beige will be my shade by August, after I've gotten some sun. Let me just tell you about my foundation situation. For years I didn't like liquid foundation. It made my face feel claustrophobic. Does that make sense to you? It totally does to me. So, I stuck with powders and then I tried a few high end foundations. Many of them felt nice on my face. I realized that I had been trying full coverage liquid foundations and while they may look flawless on your face, I prefer to have a flaw or two and let my skin breathe instead. So, I wanted to give these two a try and see if the Revlon Nearly Naked formula is really nearly naked and non claustrophobic. I'll let you know.

I don't have to explain the nail polish. It's nail polish. Everyone needs nail polish. Milani isn't a brand that I normally go to for polish but at 50% off, I'm willing to try. I have Move On Mauve, Heather and Cupid's Touch. I also picked up 2 of the CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Glosstinis from the Hunger Games line. I wasn't overly excited about any of the colors but Rouge Red and Inferno looked ok.

Day two of my CVS experience included more nail polish -- Revlon Parfumerie in Lavendar Soap, Milani Nail Lacquer in Sugar Burst and one in Sugar Cane. I think I'm going to like those sugar colors. While the nail polish is great, I'm really excited about the 2 treatment products - Revlon Treat and Boost and Revlon Cuticle Softner. I am expecting great things from them (which will be a bummer if they are being discontinued, right?).

Milani baked eyeshadow in Copper Excess
L'Oreal Paris Quad in Hollywood Icon
CoverGirl Eye Enhancers Trio in Major Distraction

I also picked up 3 eyeshadows and a shadow pencil. Milani baked eyeshadow in Copper Excess looked nice, L'Oreal Paris Quad in Hollywood Icon looked fun and CoverGirl Eye Enhancers Trio in Major Distraction looked fun as well. The CoverGirl Flamed Out Shadow Pencil in lime green looked good. Not sure when or where I'm going to wear it but I will!

And, Essence Face of Beauty Angled Blush Brush was an exciting find for me. I love angled blush brushes. They work perfectly for bronzer and blush and I can't wait to try this one.

And, this is just my first go at the CVS Super spectacular...I know, I know. It's the CVS spring clearance. See, I'm just as excited as you are!

May 23, 2014

Hand Lotions In My Purse

I keep my titles fancy, don't I?

I always have a hand lotion in my purse. So, it's really no surprise that I have a slew of hand creams, lotions and potions to choose from. Currently, there are only drugstore lotions in my purse. I keep my higher end items on my dresser. 

I like to have refillable containers for the obvious reason. The only drawback is sometimes the residual scent mixes with the new fragrance and it isn't always pretty. That doesn't happen too often though.  

Right now I'm going between 3 selections -- Jergens Original Scent Cherry-Almond Moisturizer, Bath & Body Works Pink Chiffon Nourishing Hand Cream and Suave Skin Solutions Soothing with Cocoa Butter and Shea. I have more, I just have been rotating between these three.

I like Bath and Bodyworks hand and body creams. They are rich and creamy and feel so luxurious. They are wonderful after a bath or shower. They keep you moisturized and smelling great for hours. That being said, they aren't the best for purse lotions. They are too oily to slather on and then do things. You'll have oily papers or an oily desk or keyboard if you do that. I realize B&BW have lotions that I could use instead of hand cream but I find their lotions are too runny. I know, I know. Some people are never satisfied. 

I got my Suave Lotion with Cocoa Butter in one of the sample boxes that I receive every now and then. I can't remember which one (horrible, yes but it was last year! My mind is bad people). I really liked this! It's rich and creamy and absorbs quickly and lasts through a hand wash or two. That shouldn't come as a surprise though. I have mentioned my love for Suave lotions before. While I like this lotion, I'm not a fan of the container because it's not a good refillable one. You can refill it but it's kinda difficult.

And the lotion that is my purse's favorite? Jergens. If I could only pick one lotion and wear that forever, it would be my Jergens. I love the Cherry-Almond scent. And, you cannot replace it with a store brand. I've purchased the CVS brand and the Walgreens brand and they both have a sickeningly sweet scent that isn't the same as the Jergens Cherry-Almond. Jergens has the perfect creaminess and absorbs quickly. It lasts through two vigorous hand washes (yes, I know this for a fact). You don't need a lot to moisturize your hands and the container is perfect for refills.

I'm not picky (LOL - did you roar with laughter too?) but I like what I like in lotions hand creams. I'm ok with experimenting but any hand cream willing to try for the coveted slot in my purse has big shoes to fill! But, I'm open minded.

As long as you are as good as my Jergens.

May 22, 2014

Brush Up On It!!

I like to tell folks what makeup brushes I'm loving. I'm a bit weird about my brushes so if nothing else you'll find my brush use entertaining. This month's Brush Up On It isn't about makeup brushes at all! I picked up 2 new makeup brush cleaners! I thought I'd chat with you good folks about that this time.

I currently use a mix of brush cleaning techniques. I have used Dawn dish soap mixed with olive oil and I've used Dr. Bronner's Magic Lavender Soap and I also have used my Purity facial cleanser to remove stubborn makeup (foundation & concealer). They work fine but I'm always on the hunt for the holy grail in all as many things that I can. I haven't found what I consider holy grail for brush cleaner so the hunt is on!

So many people have talked about The Masters Artist Soap. I went to 2 different Michaels and 2 different Hobby Lobbys and couldn't find the container that everyone loves so at the last Michaels store, I just picked up the soap. I figure it's probably the same product, right? Right? I dunno. I'll try it and see. I think it's close enough to get a good grasp of the product.

The second product I picked up was the Sephora Brush It Off Cleansing Brush Wipes. I saw a demo on YouTube (yeah, they got me) and I was intrigued. I have to admit that I'm kinda skeptical about this product. I mean it's a wipe and I'm supposed to clean my brushes completely with this. In my head (one of the scariest places to be!) I see it as more of a daily brush cleaner -- you know, freshen up your brush, spot clean it but not a deep down clean. We'll see.

I plan on trying both of these products thoroughly and reporting back my findings. Look at this as part one.

Part two to follow...

May 21, 2014

Quickie Review - Milani Baked Blush

Hey there!

Yesterday I talked about one of the drugstore highlighters that I'm loving. Today I'm going to talk about a set of the drugstore blushes that I'm also currently loving.

I purchased Milani Baked Blush in Delizioso Pink a bit skeptically. It is a bright pink that I wasn't sure would work on my cheeks. I was worried that I'd look a bit clownish. Surprisingly, it does work well. It gives me a natural glow when used moderately. This blush is definitely a "dab will do ya" type blush. A heavy hand is too much but a light touch will give you a beautiful pop of color.

Luminoso is a warm peach blush. Nothing special, just a nice flush of warmth across the cheeks. Again, a light hand is the best hand.

My favorite of the three is Corallina. Corallina is a beautiful, deep peach, marbled with a pearlescent highlighter. Instead of a pop of color, it gives more of a glow to your cheeks. It's not the same glow that Luminoso gives. Corallina is soft with a red base. For me, it like not wearing blush, just a glow.
Colors have been swatched heavily for viewing -- not the amount to be used normally.
All of these colors are very nice. They are smooth going on but they can appear a bit ashy if applied to heavily (well, Corallina doesn't) but it's not bad if you use a light hand. They are bendable so if you do put on too much, blend away to your desired look. If these three don't appeal to you, Milani has several more that will. They are all around $9 or $10 and the drugstores always have a BOGO 1/2 off so you can get 2 for $15.

I've often wondered why everyone seems to have several blushes in their collection. This is why. All of these blushes work well and give your cheeks a healthy look but with a different purpose in mind. I think this is a great line if you want to have a selection of colors to play with. They are smooth and colorful and very forgiving.

May 20, 2014

Wet n Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection To Reflect Shimmer Palette

I've seen a lot of mixed reviews on the Wet n Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection To Reflect Shimmer Palettes. The reviews have been so mixed that I struggled with whether or not to make the purchase. I know that it's an older palette but sometimes it takes me a minute. Finally a BOGO 1/2 off and a $1.00 off coupon won me over and I pulled the trigger. 

First of all, I had to go to several CVS and Walgreens stores before I found it. I guess that's what happens when you wait so long to pull the trigger. Cray cray I know.  

There were three palettes introduced; Carnival in Rio, Rose Golden Goddess & Rose Champagne Glow. I purchased the Rose Champagne Glow palette. In case you are (along with me) just now moving your rock and haven't seen this, it's a soft pearlescent powder marbled with a pale pinky mauve ribbon. I like this as a highlight. I have been on a highlight kick for the past month and this fits the bill. 

I know how highlighter is supposed to be applied but just like my makeup brushes, I use highlighter how I want to use it. Before my bronzer, I sweep highlighter across the tops of my cheeks, dipping slightly into the blush area. Then, I add bronzer to the portion that I want to contour and add blush. Because there is a bit of highlighter in the blush area, the glow doesn't stop as a streak across my face but an ombre blend (if you will) down my face. Don't let my mumbo jumbo fool you -- I don't know what I'm doing (hence the name of the blog). I just put stuff on my face and pray I don't look too clownish.

Now, I don't have a ton of highlighters but oddly enough most of them are mid-range to higher end. Those powders (they are mostly powders) are finely milled and glide on your skin like silk. This one was like a silk blend -- not bad but not silk. It is smooth enough (in my opinion) to be the starter highlight for your highlight collection. This will get your feet wet and then you can move on to bigger, better ones.

If you've been on the fence, I'd say give it a try. It's not that expensive and it will be something to have as a backup. And, if you don't like it, you only spent 4 bucks tops!

May 19, 2014

Nail Polish Change - KleanColor Nail Lacquer in Sheer Pink & L.A. Colors Color Craze Nail Polish in Candy Sprinkles

Hey there!

I decided to go all "bargain nails" this week. I used nail polishes that I picked up for a steal at my beauty supply store and the local Dollar General. I had been neglecting some of the tried and true colors in my nail polish bin so I wanted to pull them out and show them some love.

As always, I used my Sephora Formula X Hydrate Nail Hydrator as a base coat. Then I used 2 coats of KleanColor Nail Lacquer in Sheer Pink and 2 coats of L.A. Colors Color Craze in Candy Sprinkles for my party nail. Both colors are beautiful shades of pink that are nice and soft for spring. Candy Sprinkles really does remind you of the sprinkles that you see on top of cakes and cupcakes. Both polishes went on smoothly, no streaks and lasted well into the week. I really liked them both.

Now, every now and then I notice that complexion really does matter when it comes to nail polish color. Certain colors are kinda different depending on what color your hands are. I swatched these gorgeous colors on a nail wheel. Look at those pinks. Then look at my nails. While very, very pretty both ways, not the same pink, huh. Oh well. I still like the colors and plan to use them many more times.

What's in store for this week? I don't know. I'm currently slipping on some Nail Hydrator on my nails for a day or two. I'll think about color tomorrow!

May 18, 2014

Splish Splash

Hey there!

Because it's Sunday evening and we're getting ready to go back to the hustle and bustle of work tomorrow, let's try to relax shall we? Let's put on some really good music, pour a beverage of choice and slip into a nice, soothing bubble bath.

I'm such the bubble bath girl. If I've had a hard day, I need a good soak. If I've had a good day, I need a victory swim. If it's a random Tuesday, I need a good scrub. See how this works?

And, you can't love bubble bath's the way I do without....bubbles! I showed you a tiny picture of the madness but trust me, there's a lot more. If I weren't so in love with my bubbles, I'd be embarrassed. But I am, so I'm not!!

This month has been a bit stressful so far so I've pulled out some of my faves and I've picked up some new goodies.

I posted an Instagram pic of my latest darling. My local Marshalls had this tiny 4 oz bottle of Philosophy Old Fashioned Eggnog scented Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath (BTW, does anyone really use these as shampoo? Really?) for $4.00. Now, I'll pay 3 for $10 of the 3 oz Bath and Body Works shower gels but I feel a certain way if the price tag is more than that. But, I took a good sniffy of this one and decided I'd try it out. WOWSERS!! I smelled so good, all day. I called my mom and told her I smelled just like nutmeg! You know how a cup of eggnog sprinkled with spices smells? That's how I smelled yesterday. Heavenly! That was $4 WELL spent!

My other Philosophy luxury priced find (sorry!) was the Philosophy Strawberry Italian Soda scented Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath. It was $10 for 16 oz. I really had to psych myself up to make that purchase. But oh baby, once I did, I was so glad I spent the $10. You know how strawberry soda smells? This smells just like that...bubbles and all! I'm not kidding! It smells like soda bubbles! How on earth do you do that? It's magic I say!!

Bath and Body Works Signature Vanillas Shower Gel in Lemon. The day that Bath and Body Works stops selling this, I will throw a huge hissy fit and die.  They do a classic sale about twice a year and I stock up. I'm down to one opened and this one that's sealed. I show reverence to this scent. It's a sparkling lemon fragrance (if that makes sense). It smells clean and natural and so fresh. It brings me up if I'm down -- I mean really, it does.

Date night (like I remember what that is!) gets Bath and Body Works Moonlight Path Shower Gel (and yes, I did bust out the spray!). It's soft and silky and smells sexy. Ladies, you know what that means! You know that you have that fragrance that you slather on and you instantly feel sexy and ready to tame any wild beast! Moonlight Path does it for me. 

And finally, I am in love with this Dial Frozen Yogurt Cooling Body Wash! It is so nice. It has a soft, fruity scent and a very creamy texture. The bottle says that they've added yogurt protein. I haven't gone and tasted it so I'll have to take their word (and, what does yogurt protein do for your body anyway? Don't you have to eat it for the probiotics?). It's one of those body washes that lathers up for days! Bubbles, bubbles everywhere. I like it and yes, I do detect a minor cooling sensation but sometimes my bath water is hot so it could be that, who knows.

So when I'm feeling happy or sad I jump in the tub. These have been my favorites lately. What do you take in the bath or shower stall with you? What changes your mood in an instant? And how do you make shower gels SMELL like fizz?