May 29, 2015

Pinchme - May 2015 - Preview

Hey There!

I am so terrible at this. I know it. I don't even have a good excuse. Earlier in the month I got my pinchme box of goodies. I opened the box about two weeks or so ago, looked inside and then put it on the kitchen table (the catch all table, not where we eat). Tuesday I ran across the box and remembered that I hadn't previewed it or anything. So, in all my glorious lateness, here's a preview of my pinchme box.

Oh, wait! You don't know what a pinchme box is? Every month has free samples that you can try. And, they send you everything for free! You are supposed to try them and then tell your friends and family what you thought. Well, you guys are my friends and family, so I tell you! The only thing is, you have to be quick. Normally within the first 30 minutes that the site goes live (12pm noon on a certain Tuesday of the month) the good stuff goes away. So, it's best if you register, give them your email addy and they will send you an email before and then when the site goes live (this link is my personal site and this link just tells you what Pinchme is).

Ok, on with the show.

The largest thing in the box is a bag of PezHedz Soft Candy Chews. They are gummy type candys that are 99% fat free, gluten free, vegetarian and gelatin free. I won't be trying these for you. I don't like gummy candy. But, the kiddo does so she will review them and let us know what she thinks.

The next thing in the box is a package of ZzzQuil Nighttime Sleep-Aid "From the makers of Vicks NyQuil". Oh trust me, I will have no problem trying these out. Just give me a Friday night and I'll see exactly how they work! Who doesn't need an extra 50 winks?

I also got a double pack of Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex 10-in-1 Renewal System Shampoo and Hair Masque. I'm kinda excited about it. I know that I always say you can't get a good representation of how a hair product works by these little packets but I've heard really good things about Shea Moisture so I'm all about trying it out.

I got another sample of PureVia Stevia. That's good because I haven't tried the other packet that I got last month BUT I do plan on trying them out soon. I'm a little bit scared because some sugar substitutes give me a migraine. This one isn't supposed to do that but....we'll see.

Along with the PureVia, I got a sample of Equal Sweetener. I will tell you right now that I won't be trying this one. I already know how it tastes and I already know that it gives me a migraine. I don't care if it's new or improved or whatever. I'm not trying it. I will be taking it to work. Sorry, not sorry.

I got a smaller double packet of shampoo and conditioner from Natu. I got the Liberating Shampoo and Reawakening Conditioner. I am here to tell you, .25 fl oz is not going to be enough for my hair. I'll try it but don't expect much.

As far as vouchers and coupons, I got a $3 off any one method laundry product and another $100 wine voucher from I am excited about the method coupon. I like their products and their bottles are so cute! I'm tempted to just keep the bottles and refill them!

The voucher? Well, I'll tell you about that when I review this box. No spoilers.

So, stay tuned good people. I'm going to give them box a whirl around the block and then let you know what I think!

Go sign up!! (my personal link) It's free folks! And you get free stuff.

You are welcome!

May 28, 2015

Behind The Mask - nügg 5 Minute Face Masks for Beautiful Skin

Hey there!

I was in Target last week and saw these nügg 5 Minute Face Masks for Beautiful Skin. Now I can't use a face mask right now because I had a little cyst removed and I have a tiny hole in my face that I'd rather not get face mask product in (TMI? Sorry!) but these did look very interesting. My Target only had 4 types but the website touts 6 types. Target had an exfoliating one, a soothing one, a hydrating one and a revitalizing one. The website also offers an anti-aging one and a deep cleansing one.

They all run $3.29 at Target and on the website, so not too bad for a treat. The one that I'd love to try is the Shea Butter & Chamomile Extract one (the soothing one). It says that it "helps to calm, balance & hydrate troubled or sensitive skin". While my skin isn't troubled or sensitive, I like using shea butter and chamomile products. They just feel good.

I also wouldn't mind giving the hydrating one a try. It's Camellia Seed Oil & Spirulina Extract. It claims to intensively hydrate & replenish dry and/or dehydrated skin. Again, I don't have that problem but I'm figuring this would feel really good all the same.

Now, the third one I'd try is one of the ones that wasn't at my Target. I'm not sure if that's just a space issue or you can only get it online but I'm going to keep my eyes peeled and when my face is better, I'm going to try it. The Vitamin B3 & White Tea Extract is the anti-aging face mask. It is supposed to help improve skin elasticity & neutralize free radicals. Wouldn't we all do better if our free radicals were neutralized?

All of these masks have a seal that says they are gentle, nondrying and nave a natural oil dispersion technology. Now, I don't know what that means but it sounds good. They also don't use chemical emulsifiers, fragrances, synthetic colors, petrochemicals or parabens. For a girl that is allergic to everything under the sun, that makes me feel good.

Have you see these at your local Target? Have you tried them? Are you planning on it? Let me know if you do!

(ps - I was not paid to endorse this product at all nor was I given any free or reduced product. No one from the company contacted me. I saw them and thought they seemed fun to try).

May 27, 2015

The Jewelry and Makeup That You Pack Last

Please forgive my lighting. I've already packed my fabric and lamps.

Hey there!

I had to pack everything away BUT I wanted to keep out my favorite jewelry pieces and makeup in case I need to make a run to the store or a quick restaurant break because all of the pots and pans have been packed up. (In case you're new, I'm moving. If you're not, I'm sorry that I keep saying it!). It was very easy for me to decide what to keep out because my favorite jewelry pieces and makeup items are my most used.

First the jewelry. I love earrings and rings so picking one item sounds difficult but in fact, it was pretty simple. My favorite earrings are my silver hoops. They are light enough for everyday use but nice enough to dress up a pair of jeans and a top. I got these earrings from the apparel mart in downtown Atlanta. There are several jewelry stores in there that have amazing pieces and ever better prices.

My necklace is a no-brainer. Two years ago the kiddo bought me an "I Love You" locket. It has a heart shape with a small, pink rose engraved on the side. It's just a petite thing but it sits at just the right spot on my neck. It's not long but it's perfect. It's my favorite necklace and I wear it a lot.

Because I'm packing and moving boxes, wearing a ring or bracelet is out. Oddly enough, I packed those boxes last. I only wear rings for a few hours a day because after that, it begins to get uncomfortable. And, I have a fear that my bracelet will get snagged on something so I wear them when I won't be doing a lot with my hands. Needless to say, I didn't keep any of those out.

Makeup is super minimal. While I'd like to look cute for the movers, you know, just in case, I'm sure I'll be sweaty and not in the mood to flirt. So, in case I have to make a pizza run I keep out the standbys.

I love my MAC Studio Fix face powder in NC42. It's just a tad bit deeper than my current color but my shoulders have some color so it's ok. I probably won't need it but it's at the ready just in case.

No lipstick for this girl. I have my NYX Butter Gloss in Angel Food Cake. It smells so good and lasts a long time. It is just enough gloss for leaving the house. I have to run to Home Depot so I'll pop just a little bit on so that I can appear presentable to the world.

There are two implements that I've never be without. My trusty tweezers and my nail clippers. This girl has 1 or 2 hairs that magically appear so I have to have tweezers at the ready at ALL times. I've mentioned before that I have tweezers everywhere -- in my car, at my desk, in my purse, next to my bed... You never know when you'll need them. I find that stoplights about 4pm are the best time to see wild hairs and pluck them. Don't say ewww to me. Now you plan on stealing my idea, huh?!

Don't laugh at my nail clippers. I know they looked all jacked up but they are sharp as I don't know what! They are a Bassett USA brand that I've had forever and they work so well. I use them for hangnails, clipping your nails, etc. Yes, I have newer, prettier ones but these work the best. I'd love to get a new one but I can't seem to find a really good pair. Let me know if you see any.

And all of those items are riding in my pink faux snake skin Mally bag. I got this over a year ago when I made a purchase online. I can't tell you were the products are (well, one of them I can) but this bag is my everyday makeup bag. If I put on a lippie or special blush, it goes into this bag and on to work with me. I'm almost never without this bag. It's the perfect size and so durable.

And that is what get on the moving van last (well, in my car as the moving van pulls off). What items can you just not live without?

May 26, 2015

Does it make scents?

Hey There!

Because it's allergy season I didn't use much in the smell good department. If I'm outside dealing with pollen and grass and mold spores, the last thing I can deal with is a heavily fragranced house. So these are actually things that I used before the allergy season began.

I finished a Glade Plugin refill in Pumpkin Pie Diner. Man oh man, these smell so good! They smell like sweet potato pie (I don't eat pumpkin pie so I'm not 100% sure what pumpkin pie smells like). I love food scents and this one was right up my alley. It's perfect for the holidays. I had one leftover from Thanksgiving, so I went ahead and used it.

I'm actually phasing my Glade Plugins out. They aren't making the fantastic scents that they use to (maybe 1 new scent that I like, a year). The regular fragrances are nice but I like variety. I love their holiday scents so I will still keep my plugins and maybe purchase 1 or 2 of my favorites but plugins won't be my main scent dispenser.

What I have been using are the Bath & Body Works Wallflowers. They are a bit more expensive than the Glad plugins, especially when you use coupons on the plugins, like I do, but once you purchase your actual Wallflowers, you can get your wallflower scents when they go on sale (which is almost every month). And, they have such fantastic scents, with new scents coming out each season.

And, let me mention that the wallflowers are the cutest things ever! I originally got just plain ones to hide around the house but I have been picking up cuter ones to be seen.

This past season I was using Georgia Peach, Vanilla Bean Marshmallow and Cinnamon Sugared Donut wallflower scents. Yes, they are wonderful. My house smelled like delicious goodness. I loved walking through and smelling all the food scents. No, they don't make me hungry but they do make me happy.

I purchased quite a few other wallflower scents when I could get them on sale, but I can't use them just yet. I think by mid June I should be ok. I think you are really going to enjoy seeing what I got -- well, I'll enjoy sniffing them and then telling you about them.

What did your house smell like this month? Are you struggling with allergies too? Do you have a favorite scent or scent dispenser?

May 25, 2015

REVIEW - AcneFree Clear Skin Treatments

Hey there!

About six weeks ago I picked up the AcneFree Clear Skin Treatment packet for the kiddo. She has a hard time dealing with acne and we have tried quite a few products over the years. We've even gone to the dermatologist with little success. So, when a co-worker mentioned this product, I had no problem picking it up from CVS in order to try it out (preview here).

I purchased the box from CVS for $19.99. Inside you get three products -- An oil-free purifying cleanser with micro-benzoyl peroxide, a renewing toner for oil control & tone balancing and a repair lotion with continuous release micro-benzoyl peroxide.

As I mentioned before, you are supposed to use this every morning and every evening. The instructions in the box said that you should start seeing results within 1 - 3 days.

Well, I can't vouch for 1 - 3 days but I can tell you that after 7 days I could really tell a difference! Her skin was clearer and the acne was coming in smaller clusters than previously. I was excited to keep using the product.

I verified with the kiddo that the product didn't burn or irritate her skin because some acne treatments can do that. She said it was "fine" which is the teenage equivalent of "it rocks!". Of course it's also the teenage equivalent of "I hate it" but I've learned to differentiate her "fines" and this time she meant that it worked well.

We've been using the kit for a full 6 weeks (almost 7) and she is just now starting to run low on items. I think the box will probably last about 8-9 weeks which is phenomenal for a $20 product. I do not mind spending $10 a month on this kit at all. That being said, I was ready to pay twice, maybe even triple for the same effects. I just want the kiddo to have clear, healthy skin. And this seems to be doing the trick.

Have you ever tried this product? If you've seen it in the store, were you swayed to pick it up and read the box? If you're on the fence, I say try it out. We tried everything else and this has really worked for us!

(ps - I was not paid to endorse this product at all. I purchased it with my own money and the kiddo tried it).

May 24, 2015

What I Drank This Month

Hey there!

I mentioned last month that the two "fun" coffees that I tried out didn't make an A+ grade. That's always sad because we all want great tasting coffees, especially since you get the Keurig pods in packs of 12, 16 or 18. No one wants to drink 11 more cups of mediocre coffee and while my coworkers love it when I bring my unwanted coffee to work, I really would like to focus on more coffee for myself, not them.

Sorry, but I always start with my Tully's Decaffeinated French Roast (12.99 /18 pods). I know that you keep hearing the same old song every month but it's my favorite. It's a deep, rich, decaf roast that I have every morning. In case you're new, I order the 18 pack from because my local store doesn't always carry good decaf brands.

Oh, in case you wonder about why I try to put such a huge focus on decaffeinated coffee, I have hypertension and my doctor only allows me to have 1 cup of caffeine a day. I have made it my mission to find really good decaffeinated coffee's so I don't have to limit myself quite as much.

When placing my last coffee order, I also order 2 new coffees. I had heard about Door County ($8.99 / 12 pods) from a YouTube friend and was super excited when I saw it online. They had several types to choose from but I figured Heavenly Caramel would be a fun one to try. MAN!!! This changed my life! It is so good. It's sweet and caramelly and I didn't need half of the sugar that I put in my coffee in the morning. I was super excited to have this one. The only drawback was that that the BB&B ones aren't decaffeinated so it means I have to use them sparingly. I have to admit, I went on the website just hoping but alas, they only sell decaf in bags. It might be worth it but I can find good flavored decaf pods and just use one when I want a treat.

The other coffee that I got from BB&B was the Green Mountain Coffee in Brown Sugar Crumble Donut. Can you say, "Slap Yo Mama Good"? I mean, I wouldn't recommend slapping your mother but you could offer her a cup of this and she would be super happy (if she drinks coffee). This one was sweet with a hint of "I kinda want a brown sugar donut or cookie". It had a good medium roast flavor that went down easily. Again, BB&B didn't offer it in a decaf flavor (Come on BB&B! Up your decaf game!) and when I looked it up online, I didn't see decaf version. This one too, is one that I'll use on special occasions. Too bad because it sure is yummy.

I have to admit I lucked out this month. Normally I have a not so good coffee in the mix but this month I loved my coffee selections. Both of the "new to me" ones were medium roast so I had to brew it on the smallest cup but they were still very good.

What are you drinking from the coffee aisle? Are you ordering super fancy coffees or just the regular old joe from the grocery store? What do you recommend I try?

May 23, 2015

It's A Haul Y'all!

Hey there!

It's a haul y'all!

I took my "sis'er" to birthday dinner Friday night (and it was amazing Thai food) and we of course had to stop by Target and Dollar Tree before going home. The restaurant that we went to is in a different neighborhood from ours and we all know that the stores in different neighborhoods have different items. Stores cater to their demographics and sometimes they get in little goodies that your stores don't have. Shopaholics like me and her have to check them out!

A few of the items I went ahead and road tested for you. I find that I do a lot of previews and only half of the reviews. Things like cookies and lip balms can get insta-reviews because really, you know pretty quickly if you like them or not. Hair color and nail polish remover take a little more time.

The first (and most important) item that you see are Cotton Candy Oreo cookies. You KNOW I love cotton candy. My sister bought me cotton candy for Christmas, because I love it so much. Now, let me just say, I am mad and glad that Nabisco keeps inventing limited edition cookies for me to taste test. Every time I turn around they have some new cookie that I need to try. Well, I wasn't disappointed by this one. They were are so tasty! They aren't a strong cotton candy taste -- they have a more subtle flavor combined with the vanilla cookie. They are delicious. If you see them, grab them. You won't be disappointed.

To the left of the cookies you see a Profusion Lips Moisturizing Tinted Lip Balm. We picked up this little baby at the Dollar Tree. Let me preface this by saying, I didn't want to purchase this. I have so many lip balms and I just reviewed the Rimmel London Keep Calm lip balm (link to that review here). I didn't want to test drive another balm but I felt like I couldn't let my thousands (twelve) readers down! When I saw this at the Dollar Tree I knew that I needed to try it for you good people.

I forgot to snap a quick pic of the other flavors, but I remember bubble gum (because it almost came home with me), and in my research I saw watermelon and peach. I purchased the grape lip tint. I must say that it didn't smell very grapey. It was just a hint of grape but not bad. It went on smooth as butter. I mean it went on JUST as smooth as a Maybelline Baby Lip Balm. And, it lasts for quite a long time. My lips were very moisturized. For a $1 product I was very pleased. Heck, for a $3 product I'd probably be very pleased!

Dollar Tree has begun really beefing up their L.A. Colors Nail Polish line. I normally breeze right past (because I own most of the ones that I want) but my sis'ser was looking at them. When she pulled out this one in Spring Flirt, I grabbed it. It's a blue base with pink, blue and shimmer confetti. I had to get this. I haven't worn it yet but this polish is going to happen and it's probably going to happen soon! L.A. Colors polishes have typically been hit or miss from me so I will have to report back on if this one makes the grade.

I've seen quite a few YouTubers talk about these Sassy + Chic Soak Off Gel Wraps. I don't have gel nails but I've also heard that it works well on glitter polish. That was what I really wanted to try it for because we all know how difficult glitter or textured nail polishes can be to remove. I don't use glitter or textured polish often (for that very reason) but when I do, I know that it's a beast to remove. I'm hoping that these help out. If so, they are definitely worth the price.

And, the real reason I stepped into Target, Friday was that box on the right. Let's not name it please (Clairol Natural Instincts Crema Keratina Hair Color in Chocolate Brown). Avert your eyes and look elsewhere. Let's pretend that I just wanted to change up my hair color a tiny but instead of the need to get rid of those pesky gray hairs that have now taken over. Now, I've never colored my hair before but my mom and both of my sisters do it ALL the time. This is the brand that my mom uses and it's not permanent so I thought I'd give it a go. It washes out in 28 shampoos but mom says it lasts maybe 6 or 7 shampoos. It's ammonia-free with keratin protection. I know that I will have to keep my hair super hydrated once I color it and take the best care ever. I'll do my best to do a really in-depth review of this once I get my feelings right about having to purchase it.

And that's all the beauty related items that I picked up this time. I mean I did get shelf paper and fabric softener and coffee and planner stickers but those items got put away quickly. Anything that's not put away in my house right now will get lost.

What have you been finding in your discount stores? Have you purchased any of the new summer polish colors that EVERYONE seems to be coming out with? Are you jazzing up your hair for the season? What are you loving now that the weather is changing?

May 22, 2015

Making a House a Home - Donating

(photo credit - some place on the web - borrowed with love)

Hey there!

I know. I know. If I mention that I am moving one more time, you are going to drive over to my house and beat me up. Well since you're driving over to my house anyway, can you help pack a box or two? Thanks. Much appreciated.

I have two major areas going on in my apartment right now. I have the stuff that I am carefully boxing up for moving and then a pile of bags and boxes and containers of things that I am donating to the thrift store. I knew when I began packing up my home that not everything was going to make the cut for the new place. It's a mindset when you get a new place. You are starting over fresh; a new beginning if you will. You'd like to take everything but, not everything can come with you.

I've taken this to the extreme. I have been very careful and thoughtful about what my new place will be and what it won't be. That has meant that I have planned quite a bit and some of the stuff that has accumulated for the last 6 years just cannot come to my new beginning.

(Side note; am I the only person in the world that doesn't move each year? I have friends that I have known for a good 10 years and they have moved about 8 times. Since becoming a single gal, I've lived in my neighborhood for 11 years and have only lived in 3 apartments. Is that weird? Am I normal? Never mind. Don't answer that question).

So, the first room of my new place that I visualized was my kitchen. My current kitchen is very white and airy and light and refreshing. When I moved into my place I said that it was like the beach house that you rent every year -- cool, calm and carefree. The white cabinets make it so open and breezy. The problem was it got dirty quickly and the cabinet space was pretty dismal. The new place is a bit darker with a deep cabinet color but there is twice as much cabinet space. For a foodie, this is heaven. Because the color is richer, I feel like I have to make the kitchen richer.

What I mean is, instead of a spot where I have my Keurig machine and some coffee pods, I need to create a coffee station. I need a small space that makes my morning coffee experience elegant and special. Instead of pulling out my Kitchen Aid mixer every time I make brownies for the office, I need to have a stable baking station. My Kitchen Aid mixer needs to be spit shined (ok, kinda gross in the kitchen) and I need to have the basic baking supplies right next to it so that it would appear that I am a pastry chef at the ready. While these types of changes might not excite you in the least, I feel so ready to make this kitchen a reality!
(photo credit - some place on the web - borrowed with love)
And that means I need to give up some of the current clutter bug pieces that currently live in my airy, beach kitchen. I've packed up a ton of plastic cups and old plates that I never use. I have them "just in case". You know..."just in case" extra people come over. And, "just in case" I throw a party. I even have some older plastic containers "just in case" I have to take something to work. Well, all of those "just in case" kitchen items are going to someone else's house, "just in case".

The next room that I visualized was my living room. Again, it currently reminds you of a beach house and I decorated it as such. I didn't paint the accent walls so I had to use bright art work to make the room pop. In my new place, there is a painted accent wall and while the room is bright, if comes off of the heels of a darker kitchen. I still wanted to maintain a bright feel but change the coloring just a little bit. That means that the beachy items have to go. A few shells might remain but a bulk of those things will go to another home where they can be loved just a little bit better. Instead, I'm going to reintroduce my books on the book shelves and add fewer trinkets and more blank space. I'm going a tad bit cleaner.

There are many other things that I plan on doing in my new space. I am creating a smaller eating area and making the dining room into an office space for me and the kiddo. I'm making my bedroom into a glam room and my bathroom into a spa retreat. And, the closet...well, look out baby! That means a good portion of my current toys will have to go to new homes. And, after 6 years, that is totally ok! It's time to freshen things up and create a new world. After all, I feel like I'm stepping into a new chapter of my life.

That means I'll make sure I take you with me. You ready to move? Come and grab a box.

No, seriously, come and get this box. It's heavy!

May 21, 2015

Sample Bin Review - May

Hey there!

I used up some samples! You guys know I love being able to try out new things before I buy them.

I used a Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. It's a clear primer that is silicone based and glides across your face. A set back is that it balls up if you aren't careful. If you are careful, it's wonderful. No, I don't have plans to purchase it because I don't need this type of primer. My holy grail primer is the Hourglass Primer. The Hourglass primer is more of a lotion than a silicone product.

I also tried Jurlique's Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum. I made notes -- "Stinks to high heaven. Too thin and can't get past the smell". No, I can't. I don't even want to know what it's supposed to do cause it smells so badly, I don't want to try it again.

I got a sample of the Sephora Instant Moisturizer. It feels and smells really nice but the SPF stings a little bit. I know that most folks tell you to always wear SPF on your face but I have to be careful. I can use SPF on my body but not on my face. It burns and turns red and itchy. So, while I like this, I can't use it.

I don't have to even to tell you guys how much I love the L'Oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal Golden Serum.  I found this sample in a magazine. It smells good and feels good and I have no idea what it really does but I love it! I keep purchasing the premium sample size but I think it's time to bite the bullet and pay full price for a large size.

Glowing Goddess by Jennifer Lopez smells so good! This was a sample that a lady handed to me in Kohls. I think she won. I would totally buy this perfume and if you know me, you know I don't purchase just any old perfume.

Prada Candy Floral is nice too. I got this sample in my last Sephora box. It smells nice but I need to take another whiff in the store to be sure. If it smells as good as I think it does, I might add it to my collection.

And last but not least is my Caudalie Premier Cru the Elixir sample that I requested online. It didn't smell like anything and I am pretty sure that it didn't do anything. I'd never purchase this even though I normally like Caudalie products. I don't feel that it did anything at all.

So that's the review of the samples I used this month. I made sure that I used as many samples as I could. I'll do the same for June and report back to you good people!

May 20, 2015

Wine About It Wednesday - Wine Not?

Hey there.

So I'm cleaning out the fridge and I had to pour out old wine. I know, I know! That's the worst thing ever. I didn't have a choice. I have stuff in my fridge that is, well, old. I've had quite a bit going on so I've opened several bottles (at different times) and never finished any of them. It wasn't that they were bad, I'm just one person.

So, my first wine was Moiselle Moscato from Aldi foods. I picked it up for about $4.49. It was a nice, sweet wine. Crisp with a decent taste. The Aldi website says it has "flavors of peach and apricot with hints of citrus and orange blossom". You know I don't know what that means! I do know that while it was refreshing it wasn't great. Even at $4.49, I can't see me buying it again.

My next wine was Sweet Pea Apple Wine. I picked it up at World Market. It was on sale too (yep, there's a theme). It was another wine that was described as "light and crisp". This one has an apple flavor with passion fruit notes. It was pretty good. It was light and crisp and had a really bright taste. I enjoyed it. I just didn't have time to enjoy the entire bottle.

The third bottle was a Helen Wine Co. Muscadine White (about $14.99). If you don't know about muscadine wine, you are making poor life choices. I LOVE muscadine wine. It's super sweet and fruity and goes down the hatch like koolaid (which is wrong cause I don't like koolaid!). I have to travel to the North Georgia Mountains to get more (I think) but I would certainly do that. This stuff is bomb!

And that's what I partially drank this month. I think I'm going to seek out small bottles of wine. Or, maybe I'll open them and then give them to random people. That's much better than wasting them. The bottles of my tried and true, road dog wines always get finished but the wines that I am test driving don't always get finished. Hopefully I'll be able to find a way around that soon.

Perhaps that means drink more. Perhaps that means cooking with wine (probably not). I'm not sure what that means but I hope to keep the wine reviews coming.

May 19, 2015

Spring Pinks For Your Toes

Hey there!

I love pink toes. There is something so gorgeous about summer time, tanned feet and pink tootsie wootsies. I've only been painting my finger nails for the last two years. Before that, I got french manicures for two years. Before that? Well nothing for probably 6 or 7 years.

BUT, my toes have always gotten painted. When sandal weather begins the real toe nail polishing begins. What have I been loving the most so far this spring (even though it has felt like summer for the past 2 weeks)? Pink. I love pink, peaches, corals and pale reds. They look best on my toes (well, I think so anyway).

Two of my favorite pinks are my Sally Hansen Bubble Gum Pink and SinfulColors Pink Forever. They are the summer pinks that I reach for the most. They go on well, they last several days and they look great.

My newest pink is my by Pop-arazzi polish in Short But Sweet. It's a pretty, rich pink that is a tiny bit difficult to work with but on my feet it works a bit better. The Rimmel London Sweet Crush is in the color CandyFloss Cutie. It's a textured polish in pale pink. I don't like textured polish but I'm okay with this one because I top it with my Sally Hansen Insta-dry and take out some of the texture.

Revlon Top Speed in Candy is an oldie but goodie. I haven't owned it for a very long time but I really like it. It's a pink that leans kinda coral but right before tan, it's perfecto!

My all time favorite pink polish is my Wet n Wild Megalast polish in Beat of a Generation. It's a beautiful pink that works on pale toes, tanned toes and all toes in between. I can wear this polish in the dead of winter or height of summer. I can paint my tootsies with this and off I go, looking stylish the entire time (well, my toes anyway).

Those are the pinks that have been gracing my toe nails so far this season. What have you been wearing? Do you have a favorite color that's safe or super daring?

May 18, 2015

New Bedding

King Set Includes: 1 Comforter, 2 Pillow Shams, 2 Pillowcases,1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet,  1 Bed Skirt, 2 Decorative Pillows

Hey there!

I am exhausted. I planned a graduation party, hosted friends and family from out of town, yelled and screamed extremely loud and also packed boxes for moving. I need to sleep for about 3 days. But, I have to go to work. No rest for the weary.

So instead of reviewing a new nail polish or telling you about the face wipes I just bought or showing the lippie duo that I've been loving, I'm going to tell you a tiny bit about the new bedding that I purchased.

I've been going round and round about the color of my bedding. It's currently green and white. I throw in some tan sheets every now and then to spice things up. But, I have been coveting a grey quilted headboard for a very long time (and mama is going to pick it up in a few weeks!) and I've been trying to find a way to marry the colors. When I saw this 10 piece reversible comforter set at Anna's Linens, I knew I had struck gold.

I didn't want to have to buy all new sheets. I wanted to be able to keep some of the ones I had. I didn't mind picking up a few new pieces but all new pieces? Who can afford that? So, with this comforter set, I'll get a new set sheets and get to keep the green half of all the sheets that I own. Yes, yes, I'll have to donate the tan half of the sheets to Goodwill but it was probably time to do that anyway.

I got the set on sale (of course I did) and decided that at $39 I couldn't say no to changing my whole bedroom just by tossing a new comforter on my bed and adding some throw pillows. I would love to spend several hundred dollars on new items for my bedroom but I don't have that kinda of money! So I'll take what I can get and make the best of it. That means 40 dollar changes instead of 400 dollar changes.

And I'm quite okay with that.

Once I move and get all settled in, I'll show you the finished product. For now, here's a picture from the web.

It'll do for now.

May 17, 2015

Quickie Review - Rimmel London Keep Calm Lip Balm

Hey there!

Maybe a week ago I picked up one of the Rimmel London Keep Calm Lip Balms (link here). I was hoping that it would be one of the best things I'd tried on my lips because I love the rest of their lip products. I bought and opened my lip balm a week ago but only told you about them a few days ago. It seems like I haven't had time to give it a good test run but trust me, I've revved it up to 100 mph and given her a turn around some corners.

Well, I like her but I probably won't use her that much.

Now, I don't hate her. Don't think that for one single moment. I just don't love her. First and foremost, she smells like oddly scented petroleum. I mean she really smells funny. I can't put my finger on what the smell is but it's something that I don't particularly care for.

Secondly, she's kinda bland. I know that I got the crystal clear one and how can crystal clear be anything but bland but I have other clear balms (and I won't name them here) that have a little something. Some of them smell like different foods. Some of them have color to the product but no tint to color your lips. Some of them are super moisturizing and long lasting. Well, this one was none of those things. I mean it was a little bit of all of those things but not much of any of them (if that makes sense).

Yes, it's moisturizing and it lasts quite a while. After a half hour or so, the weird smell goes away. If you can wait that long, you will be okay with that.

It doesn't offer long lasting lip benefits. If I pop some on at night and wear it to bed, I don't see results the next morning. That doesn't make a great lip balm for me.

Overall, it isn't a bad product, it just isn't a great product. I have a ton of lip balms and this one doesn't stand out over the rest. I wanted it to but it just didn't.

I had originally planned to grab a few of the tinted ones and give them a test run but I think I'll pass. This one was trial enough.

And it just didn't make the cut.

May 16, 2015


Hey there!

I'm off again today. Want to know why I'm off on a Saturday? The kiddo graduates today!!



Just so you know. I'm sitting in a church somewhere, not acting proper, shouting "That's my baby!" (not really/yes I am). It's been something folks! The village did it! We got that girl through high school. She is an AMAZING kid and she did a FANTASTIC job. In the grand scheme of things, she wasn't a day's trouble.

Really. No serious school calls. No suspensions. No weird boyfriends (but that's around the corner, I'm sure). No ink or extra piercings. No major fights. I'm so proud. I can't even tell you how full I am.

Now on to college.

Oh well, I'll think about that tomorrow!

May 15, 2015

Toss It Out - Perfume

Hey There!

Yep. Still packing and tossing stuff. Sorry to do that to you. But, stick around and find out what "smell goods", just don't smell good to me.

I have quite a few samples of perfumes. I'm not sure how that happened but I need to make it stop. I get perfume samples, sniff them and keep them around forever and ever. I need to just trash them immediately. If it doesn't smell like sugar, I probably won't like it.

I have a body oil that doesn't smell like sugar. It's the Chanel No. 5 Type body oil. It smells good but I don't wear it. It's a nice, soft fragrance but I don't think it smells like Chanel No. 5 and I think I actually used it twice. That is so not a reason to keep a perfume. It means you shouldn't have bought it in the first place!

I have two small samples that probably came from Sephora. I have NY DKNY and Dream Angel Heavenly. Ok, Dream Angel Heavenly came from Victoria Secret but you understand what I mean. Both of them were probably given to me because I bought something from those stores. Both of them are a bit stronger than I like my scents and neither of them does it for me. They are both getting tossed out!

I'm amending a Dollar Tree fragrance post (link is here) where I praised the Dollar Tree fragrances that I purchased. I purchased Stunner, Too Much and Touch from the Dollar Tree. They did smell nice but now, just a mere 6 months after opening the fragrance, they smell like alcohol. I mean, I guess that's ok for a $1 fragrance (plus body lotion) but I don't think I'll purchase them again. Maybe if I used fragrance faster but I would have liked to get more use out of these.

So all of these are getting tossed. I still have several fragrances (maybe a post/tour of my "smell good" tray once I move and getting settled?) that I enjoy. These just won't be with them.