Jan 17, 2014

Bee Nice!

(NOTE: I had to edit this post. Once I went back and read my receipt, I realized that my extremely nice sales associate's name was Heather).

Hopefully this post doesn't catch you too late. Hopefully you haven't gone shopping yet. If you haven't, great because we need to talk about your greatest asset in this makeup game, your sales associate. 

I learned very early in life that you have to be nice to everyone. You catch more bees with honey, all that jazz. It is really true though. It doesn't matter where you are going to get your make up products. It can be the corner drugstore or the high end department store -- It's all the same. Be nice and typically you get nice back (we'll talk about what happens when you don't get nice back another day). Your sales associate has the "in". She knows when product comes in, where it's placed, what folks are saying and if they are super nice, they will call you when product comes in or save it just for you!

For instance, yesterday I went it to pick up my Revlon Super Lustrous lip glosses (you may have seen the instagram post). I finally found them after being out of stock at THREE stores! I picked them up but noticed they weren't BOGO 1/2 off. I had searched high and low for Fatal Apple & Pinkissimo and now that I had them, I didn't want to let them go. I don't like paying full price for anything BUT those colors are soooo pretty. Well, Heather(a lovely sales associate that was so sweet to me!) offered to see if they had a store coupon. Low and behold she found dollar off coupons! Well that's practically a sale! You see I brought them home!

And, she was sweet enough to offer some samples from an event that they had over the weekend (that I missed just being plain lazy). She was just a really sweet lady all around. I'll make sure that I go to that drugstore now on and I'll make sure I speak with Heather. And, if I get any good stuff, I'll share with her. She is definitely someone to be nice to!

As are most of the sales associates. Most of them are happy to talk to you (if they aren't busy so try to go during slow times in the day). Always speak, maybe tell them how much you like makeup or that you write a blog or that you have a youtube channel. Be friendly! Everyone (almost) likes it when you are friendly. You do get more bees with honey.

Just don't call the sales associate honey.

They don't like that.

I know.

Don't ask.

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