Nov 30, 2014


Hey there!

We've come to the end of the month so it's time to take out the trash! I keep a little, green container by my trash can in the bathroom just so I can keep my empties, show them to you and tell you what I thought about them. Let's see what I used up this month.

This month I only used up one AVON Bubble Bath (Lavender Garden - 2 for $10). I love it and will probably always repurchase it.  I also finished a Despicable Me Bubble Bath in Apple Banana that I picked up at the Dollar Tree. Don't you dare laugh at me. This stuff smelled soooo good! It didn't bubble up very much and it didn't last as long as my AVON bubble bath but it smelled soooo good! If I find this again, I'll probably spend the dollar and get it.

I finished two shower gels. I finished my I Cinnamon Swirl. I got this from the Target Dollar Spot. If you see this, grab it. I loved the smell. It smells just like red hots. I also used up a Caress Aqua Sparkle Shower Gel in Lilac Blossom & Aquamarine Essence. I have quite a collection of full sized shower gels so it takes me quite a long time to finish one. This one was so nice. It smells clean and fresh. It reminded me of the way a nice soothing bubble bath should smell. I would definitely repurchase this one.

I finished off two packs of facial wipes. While traveling I got 2 LA Fresh Travel Lite Makeup Remover Wipes. I was excited to get this. It mean I could try this out without purchasing the whole pack. Well, I tried one of the two. It sucked. It was wet enough but it left lint all over my face! Not a fan folks. Not a fan. The other wipes I used were the Simple Sensitive Cleansing Facial Wipes. I got these BOGO at CVS several months back. I think I have finally finished all of the ones I purchased (I had a coupon to go with the BOGO so I picked up a few packs). These were ok, but that was just it. They didn't do anything else for me. I can't remember what I paid but probably more than I should have.

I used up a Secret deodorant in Powder Fresh. I never use anything else. Nothing else keeps the stink away.

My splurge hair product is my Design Essentials Reflections Liquid Shine. It's almost twenty bucks but it smells so good (fruity and sweet) and I use it like hair perfume and a sheen spray really. The only problem with this is that it does weigh my hair down so I don't use it that often.

I'm tossing that Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer nail polish. I hated that stuff! It sat on my desk for months and I finally decided it has to go.

Do you see this empty tub from Naturally...for you? I got that for Christmas last year. No, I didn't use it up. The scent was horrid but for some reason I never tossed it. This month I tossed it but decided I wanted to keep the jar and little scoop. I have no idea what I'll use it for.

I also finished a sample of the Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair! deep conditioning mask that I got in my Ipsy bag last month. It was a nice conditioning mask. I didn't really have any problems with it but the price point is high. $26 for 5.25 oz is a bit much in my opinion, for just ok. I currently have a stash of Organix conditioners ($7.99 BOGO) that I have fallen in love with. I don't see this item as a replacement of any sort for my beloved Organix.

I like to make my house smell good so I burn candles and use plug ins all the time. If I know I'm going to be home for at least 90 minutes, I burn a candle. This month I've been burning a lot of fall themed scents but I only used 2 candles up (I've been mixing and matching a lot). I know that everyone loves Bath and Body Works candles over all others but so far my favorite candle brand is the Target Scented Soy Candle line. I like their room throw and the fragrances have been very nice. This month I finished a Very Berry that I actually picked up from Marshalls for $3.99. I think it was a discontinued scent. Anyway, it smelled really nice and fresh. The other that I loved was the Heritage Pumpkin fragrance. Man! It smelled soooo good! I expected a pie to come out of the oven. Once I started burning it, I planned to run out and get a full size (the large 3 wick) but I had so many other fall candles that I needed to finish, I didn't get a chance to. If you still see this one at Target and aren't afraid to burn it (even if it isn't Christmasy), get it. You won't regret it.

And, as always, my random item. I have been loving my flavored coffee creamers! It's only been in the last 3 or so months that I have been using them. This month I've tried several but my favorite two for the month have been the International Delight Vanilla Caramel Creme and Nestle Coffee Mate Dulce de Leche. Both of these are sweet, caramel goodness that makes my plain coffees taste great.

And that's it! I can work on emptying stuff for next month now! What's in your empties? Did you love it? Will you buy it again?

Nov 29, 2014

Facial Towelettes

Hey There!

Am I the only person in the world with this problem? Am I the only person with 4 packs of facial wipes open at any given time? And, am I the only person that has about 5 packs of wipes on standby? Dear Lord, please tell me I'm not the only one!

I don't have much willpower when it comes to cosmetic items. Facial wipes always promise to do special things and I always crack them open to test them out. Right now I have 4 that are open and after trying them, I use them for different things. I've mentioned before that I use makeup wipes as my first step. Then I use my Philosophy Purity Cleanser to remove the rest of the makeup. I don't like getting water everywhere (running down my arms and neck, on the sink -- yuk!) so this 2 step process works for the crazy person in my head.

I have mentioned my Wet n Wild Under The Sheets Makeup Removing Towelettes. These are very moist and work so well. They were $2.99 at Walgreens and I plan to grab more of these. I've read reviews from folks that don't like them because they are too wet. I like them because of it.

I also have a Publix brand Makeup Remover Facial Wipes open. These are really nice too. They were on clearance for $1.50 so I picked up the only 2 that they had. I'm glad I tried them out. They are moist and they remove makeup very well. They smell clean and fresh and they don't bother my sensitive skin at all. I plan on purchasing these again.

A while back I purchased the e.l.f. Lotion Wipes in Vanilla & Coconut in a large e.l.f. purchase. These have been in my "What Am I Going To Do With These?" category for a long time. I honestly haven't been sure what to do with them. A moisturizing lotion wipe isn't part of my daily routine so I keep forgetting about them. Maybe I'll keep them in my car now that it's cooler outside. Let's see if I can use them up. While I think they are fine, I wouldn't buy them again. I just don't see the purpose.

The last facial wipe that I have open is one that I found at Marshalls. They have a TON of face wipes! I had heard about this one on "The Tube" and felt that I should try it out. They are Giovanni D:tox System Purifying & Exfoliating Facial Cleaning Towelettes. Whew, that's a mouthful! These towelettes have volcanic ash and super-antioxidants in them. They are supposed to revitalize tired-looking skin, gentle exfoliate and help combat damaging free radicals. With all that stuff in them, no wonder they don't remove makeup! When I bought these, I didn't read far enough on the package to see that removing makeup wasn't the main purpose. Once I realized that, I stopped trying to remove makeup and used them after I had removed the makeup. They were ok. I'm not sure that they did anything special but they were fine. I wouldn't purchase them again though. Even though it was only $4.99 for 30 towelettes, I wanted them to do more.

And that's what I have open. I seriously have 5 unopened packs right now, just waiting for their turn at bat. It's crazy I know but I'm looking for magic people! Isn't that what we're all looking for a in a face wipe?

No? Just me?


Nov 28, 2014

If It Smells Too Good To Be True, Is It?

Hey There!

I hope you good people had a GREAT Thanksgiving! I hope you got the hugs and food that your heart desired. If you didn't get a big ol' hug, come in close. Come on, get over here, I'm gonna hug you!

SO now we are all hugged up, let's talk about some fragrance. Have you seen these at Dollar Tree and run away from them? Me too. I mean for a dollar, what kind of scent are you going to get and exactly how long is that gonna last? Everyone knows you can't get a good fragrance from Dollar Tree! Guess what? Everyone is wrong.

A few of my Dollar Tree haul folks on YouTube kept saying I needed to try them out. I always hesitate with fragrance because I'm picky (with everything). I like sugary sweet scents and musky scents. I had seen the little $1 mini duo's before but passed right by them. After watching several reviews, I thought what the heck?!  I picked up 3 of them.

I purchased Too Much ("Our impression of Tory Birch"), Stunner ("Our impression of Bombshell by Victoria Secret") and Touch ("Our impression of Coach Love Coach"). The glass bottles contain.3 fl oz of perfume and the lotion container contains .9 fl oz of lotion. And, of course, each duo is $1.

Stunner was just TOO powerful for me. It is a strong scent. Too Much is better but I can only use a little bit. I liked Touch a lot. It's a lighter fragrance and seems "florally sweet". By that, I mean it's not candy sweet but a light floral scent that's sweet (sorry folks, that's the best I can do with perfume descriptions!). Now, while the perfume roll-ons differed in intensity, the small lotions did not. They all were very lightly scented and I could handle them all. This is perfect because they are tiny enough to fit into my wristlet and the smell isn't overpowering. They are a touch watery but it's not bad. They aren't a cream or ultra hydrating but they aren't meant to me.

And all of these fragrances last. I've heard people say that they don't last more than 30 minutes or have a strong alcohol scent. I just don't find that to be true. Yesterday I wore Too Much. I put it on at 1:15pm and when I got home from eating and then shopping, the scent was still there. That was about 10:30pm. The lotion lasts a while, but I wash my hands 9 million times a day so you aren't going to last through that. But, it's ok.

Would I purchase these again? I think so, even if it's only for the purse sized lotion. I think the perfume is a nice little trinket to have in your desk at work in case your forgot to put on some smell good before you left the house. Now remember, the bottle is glass so it doesn't travel well. That is definitely a downfall. The lotions are great and you can keep them everywhere.

Nov 27, 2014

Thanks for YOU!!

Hey There!

Today's post will be pretty short. I've finished baking 2 sweet potato pies and I still have a few other side dishes to do. I just wanted to make sure I tell you good people how fantastic you guys are and how thankful I am to have you reading my little 'ol blog. 

I am well aware that you could spend that 5 or 10 minutes doing something else. To know that you spent that time with me makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I try to make sure that I'm doing things that you guys like to see (and feel free to comment or email me and let me know if there's something else you'd like see). I hope you guys have as much fun reading each post as I have writing them.

Take today and snuggle with your family. Enjoy the turkey (or tofurkey) and cranberry sauce.

AND, rest up. Tomorrow is my biggest shopping day of the year!!

Nov 26, 2014

Wine About It Wednesday - November

Hey There!

You only see 4 wines AND 2 of them are almost full bottles that I am struggling to finish. Spoiler alert -- I only liked 1 of them enough to repurchase.

And may I remind you that I am soooo not a wine connoisseur?! I know what I like and I'm learning all the time why I like the ones I like. And for every 1 wine that I decide I adore, there are normally 4 or 5 that I mark off my list.

My first wine choice was a Chateau Ste. Michelle Columbia Valley, Harvest Select Sweet Riesling. I figured that because it was a sweet Riesling, I'd like it. Weeeeeeellllllll, it was ok. It wasn't as sweet as I liked and almost too dry for me. The Colombia Valley company website says that "Richness is balanced by crisp acidity to maintain harmony". It was too tart for me.

The next wine that I picked up was Kung Fu Girl. I picked it up simply because the bottle looked interesting. My favorite wine store of all time (Total Wine & More) said similar things to the Columbia Valley, Harvest Select Sweet Riesling. They called Kung Fu Girl "Crisp, Peach, Citrus, Light-bodied". It's better that the previous wine. It's refreshing but with a serious dry note

Another bottle that caught my eye was this Hogue Late Harvest Riesling, also from the Columbia Valley. Wine Enthusiast and say that this carries some sugar but not enough to be cloying. I probably should look for "very cloying" in my descriptions from now on because this too was too dry for my liking. My thought process was that it's from Washington State and apparently I like the soil there so I'll probably like this one. I was wrong. This one was tart and dry too. Again, trying to work through this but I might give up. The kiddo is making pasta sauce with this so I may add some (we aren't making THAT much sauce so most of it will go to waste -- sorry!).

The last wine is one of my faves. Paradise Peak Sweet Riesling isn't my favorite of all time but it's one of my top five. It's a sweet wine (but not cloyingly so). It's refreshing and lovely and I can sip on it for a while (and then I realize half the bottle is gone, and it's just me...). I like it best out of the fridge for about 10- 15 minutes.

And, side note. I noticed something when I was writing this "review". On, one of the "expert reviewers" had a list of all of the wines that they gave 5 stars to underneath one of my fave wines. I decided that I might just take a peek at their list and pull a few from there. Perhaps that's a better way to select that the "ohhh this bottle is pretty" method! LOL.

So did you try anything new this month? What's your method for picking wines? Is it better than my "pretty bottle" method?

Nov 25, 2014

A Tale of Two NARS

Hey There!

So I think we're down to the final 2 reviews from my Sephora VIB Haul. Don't cry though. Black Friday is coming so there are bound to be many more hauls coming your way. What I can give you until then is my review of my two NARS products.

Let's begin with the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer ($16 mini), shall we? I was a bit concerned to begin with because it has a high SPF of 30 and sometimes, many times, SPF formulations break my face out. This one began uncomfortably but then after about 2 minutes my skin calmed and I was ok. The second time I wore it, I added more regular moisturizer and it felt more comfortable.

I purchased the mini size in St. Moritz. The color was nice but the SPF left a cast that I wasn't a fan of. When I sheer it out with more face moisturizer, the cast wasn't as noticeable but the coverage wasn't good. I do like the tinted moisturizer as a light cover on the weekend. The added SPF is good. It's not supposed to be anything more than that so I'm happy with the purchase. I can't say that I'll purchase it again. I'll probably just get a NARS foundation and when I want light coverage, mix my foundation with moisturizer.

My other purchase was the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Biscuit. I had been drooling over this for so long, that I was pretty sure that it wouldn't meet my expectations. I mean, it's a $29 concealer. It can't be as great as I thought.

YOWZA!!! I am in love. I really am. This is so creamy and the perfect shade. It covers my dark spots so well. It's not heavy and works well with my powder and liquid foundations. And, it lasts several hours longer than even my Bare Minerals holy grail cream concealer.

Now, I know that other people like it under the eyes to conceal and highlight. For me, that was a fail. It creased and added about 10 years to my age. No, no, I've decided that powders do better around my eyes. Liquids and creams are my eyeball enemies.

The price is so gross but I have NO doubt that I will purchase this again. I try to be fair to my other concealers and wear them too but I've been reaching for this goodie more than the others.

So that's it. I'm done playing with all of the lippies and face makeup that I purchased from Sephora. Now, I'm ready to play with new makeup. Please believe that it will be happening!!

Nov 24, 2014

Nail Polish Change - Nicole by OPI in Count On Me

Hey There!

This week I wore Nicole by OPI in Count on Me. And, you can't count on me. I'm sorry that I don't have a nail swatch on my actual nail for you. I wasn't smart and painted my nails and then spent the next week helping my mother pack boxes and move. Day one they chipped but that's not the polishes fault. That's totally my fault.

Even though the chips were my fault, I still wasn't a fan of this formula. The color is purple iridescent but it's flat. It wasn't sparkly or super shimmery. It didn't do anything special for my nails and it wasn't even good as an topcoat. I had to use three coats on my nails and even then it was so sheer. This might be good for a little girl just beginning her nail polish journey.

I've tried other polishes from Nicole by OPI. I can't say that they fare any better than anything else. The formula is just ok, the colors aren't very opaque and I've had to use three coats with every color that I've tried. That has never happened from all of the colors within a collection until this one.

The bottom line is I have given several shades from this nail line a chance and there are soooo many other polish lines that work just as well or better. I probably won't pick up any more of these and if I do, you know I'll be scrutinizing the heck out of it. 

Nov 23, 2014

It's A Haul Y'all! - Dollar Tree, Marshall's, Big Lots & Ross

Hey there!

It's been a while since I posted an honest to goodness, random haul. I spent Saturday morning in the streets and the result is a trunk full o'goodies!

BATH AND COSMETICS - I made a point of stopping into my local Dollar Tree because one of my YouTube Gals, Frugal, Fun & Fabulous (if you aren't watching her, you are making poor life choices) recommended the Daily Defense Body Wash with Argon Oil. I'm excited to try it because it does smell really good. She also found some really cute tote bags and I found the one that you see as a background in all the pictures. Isn't that cute as a button?! Yes it is! I also got my e.l.f. Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara. I actually use both sides to set my brows after I use my Anastasia Brow Wiz.

From Big Lots I picked up 2 fragrances that I thought might be delicate enough for me to try (and if not, they're only $1). I got the Touch Heart (their impression of Coach Love by Coach) and Stunner (their impression of Bombshell by Victoria's Secret). At first sniff Touch Heart might work, Stunner may be a bit much for me.  I'll let you know.

Marshalls gifted me with a Body Shop Vineyard Peach Shower Gel (by gifted I mean I purchased). I've had a raspberry shower gel from them and loved it. This one was $3.99, well worth a trip to my house. I also picked up a Revive Makeup Blending Applicator. I've never used a sponge for my face and I wanted to see if this would do anything magical. I'll report back.

FOOD - It shouldn't surprise you that food is a part of my haul. Big Lots had this Winter Wonderland Gingerbread Man coffee. It was decent. I have to brew it on 6 oz (the smallest size) in order to get decent flavor from it. Either Ross or Marshalls (can't remember) had these two Meyer Lemon Olive Oil Blends for $3.99. I love cooking with oil blends and I don't have this flavor. I figure I'll be able to add this to salad dressings or other raw foods.

HOME "STUFF" - And second to last, is my home haul. I had to pick up some command strips to hang a picture. I saw a cute grocery list and pen set at Marshalls and the Dollar Tree had some Glade solid air fresheners in Pure Vanilla Joy. I don't normally use solid air fresheners but you can't very well light a candle at work and get away with it (well, I can't). I picked up 2 in case I liked it. If I don't, I can always use it outside in the storage closet.

And my favorite buy of them all are my London pajamas! I don't know if I've ever mentioned it but I'm British (in my head). Seriously, I am an Anglophile. I have several items all over my house with Union Jacks, a double decker bus, and several pictures all representing my love of England. Those closest to me know that an authentic piece of Cadbury's chocolate and some ribena (though not at the same time) win me over every time. So, while roaming the aisles of Ross Department Store I came across these pjs, I didn't look at the price, just the size (but was happy that they were only $16.99). And as I write this post, I'm sitting oh so cozy in my freshly laundered, brand new pjs.

What did you pick up this weekend? Was it a deal or a splurge?

Nov 22, 2014

For The Love of Beauty Supply Stores

Hey There!

Next year, I may do a series on the great things that you can find in your local beauty supply store. I think some people forget about beauty supply stores. Or, perhaps they don't trust the makeup that they have. Whatever the reason you shy away from these places, you are seriously missing out. 

I love beauty supply stores for the simple fact that you can test the products. Oh yes, many  beauty supply stores have testers galore. In the big box stores you have to guess what the color might look like. In the high end stores you are paying a pretty penny for the ability to test the product (and for the ability to return products). 

I've been going to my favorite beauty supply store since it opened. They have everything-- hair, hair care products, jewelry, leggings, purses, hats and makeup. And every month they come out with a 10% off circular.  And they have samples too! And in case you were wondering, yes, they have both good and bad cosmetic lines just like the Sephora and Ulta.

To be fair, many people have been going to their local corner beauty supply store all along. I tried my first NYX eyeshadow and lipstick from one (and tested the colors before I bought them). I did stay with NYX for a long time before I branched out to try the J Cat and Nanacoco lines. Once I tried them with great results, I tried everything!

And some things have worked very, very well for me. I love almost everything in the L.A. Colors AND L.A. Girl lines of cosmetics. The concealer, face powder and lip products are fantastic. I discovered Nanacoco lip glosses on YouTube and I think I have 75% of the entire line at my house. If your store is out of a tester, come on over to my house. And KleanColor nail polishes are the bomb. They have great colors (a lot of great colors) and the $.99 - $2.99 price point is perfect.

Now, it has been hit and miss. I have tried some blushes that lasted the 15 minutes it took to put them on and make it to the car. I've also tried lipsticks that took a heavy hand to get on and a mound of cleanser to get off. But that's a small percentage of what I've found. The majority of what I've found are good, quality products that I'm proud to wear. I've never had an allergic reaction to a cosmetic product and if something didn't work out, $4.99 is easier to suck up than $24.99. When I tell you that I look at my LancĂ´me face powder against my L.A. Colors face powder and weep, I am not playing! I love my Sephora lip lusters but my Nanacoco lip glosses go on just as well and last almost as long! And, I was going to display all of my face brushes but they are all dirty because I use them every day! My favorite concealer brushes are all from the beauty supply store!

If you've been avoiding going into that beauty supply store on the corner, just go park the car and see what you've been missing. Try some of the testers on your hand. Invest $3 in a lip gloss that looks so pretty. Those $1.99 nail polishes last just as long as that $8.50 nail polish you just purchased. No, there aren't any point perks or anything like that but you do have friendly folks in there that will help you too. And the money that you save can go towards food for your family!

Cause that $49 eyeshadow palette you just bought means no eggs, bread and milk this week.

Wait...was that me?

Nov 21, 2014

Urban Decay Full Frontal Lipstick Stash

Hey There!

When I say to you that I love lippies, you need to believe me! Lipstick and nail polish will be my downfall every time! When I saw this Urban Decay Full Frontal Lipstick Stash, I knew, I KNEW that it was going to be mine.

Look at those colors! Can you fault me for falling in love? And not only do the colors look great, the lipsticks are so creamy and long wearing. I already own Liar and to get 6 mini's and a lip liner for $39 instead of $22 for 1 full size.

I know that some people don't like miniature lipsticks but I think it's a great way to try new brands of lipsticks AND if you are like me, you don't use up all your lipsticks anyway. Also, mini's fit perfectly in smaller purses.

The colors (L to R) are Ladyflower, Crush, Illicit, Gash, Liar, F-Bomb and a clear 24-7 glide on lip liner in Ozone. Again, do you see these colors? All of these are colors that I'd try. I mentioned that I own Liar and LOVE it. I've worn Ladyflower and Gash and been in love. Now, I must admit that I have to use a lip balm before putting those on. Oddly, the rest of them are moist enough that I don't need a lip balm. Not sure why those two have that problem.

If you are wondering if you should pick up this set for the holidays, I say absolutely YES!! You won't regret it.

Nov 20, 2014

Quickie Review - Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

Hey There!

Earlier this year I tried the Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express For Brows and Eyes and while I liked it ok, I wasn't thrilled with it. Eventually, I took it back. I just didn't find that it did much for me. After that, I left the filling in of my eyebrows alone and just worked on tweezing and razoring them.

Before the Sephora VIB sale, I went into my JC Penny Sephora store to stake out what they had. I talked to one of my girls and she suggested I try the Brow Wiz (in soft brown) instead. She said that the small, thin, mechanical pencil is perfect for creating hairlike wisps. She was correct. I don't know what took me so long to try this but I am in love now and we are going to the chapel to get married!

This t-i-tiny pencil is so small that it creates thin lines precisely where you want them. You can fill in your brows completely or sparsely, just depending on what you feel looks right on you. The kit that I had before just felt too dark and too full. This pencil looks natural and the color blends with my brows and doesn't work against them.

The last brow pencil that I went ga-ga over was the ORFA brow pencil that I got in my Ipsy bag several bags ago. The color of that pencil was really nice. I still like it but I've been enjoying my Anastasia Brow Wiz much more.

So far I'd say it's a total repurchase. But, let's keep an eye out for my empties, shall we? That will be the real test.

Nov 19, 2014

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things - Cocoa

Hey There!

Be warned. The title says cocoa, I mean drinking cocoa. If you are looking for cocoa colored lips or nails, today's post ain't the blog post for you. If you just have to have something makeup related, stay till the end and I'll see what I can do for you.

The holidays are coming up and I think you nice people need to be pampered. We don't pamper ourselves nearly as much as we should. We think that it's too expensive or too much trouble. That's just not so! The little things can be pampering and from now until the end of December, I plan on giving you some plush ideas that you really need to add to your life.

I decided I needed to tell you good people that in the midst of grabbing great deals on eye makeup and face primer, I'm enjoying a belly warming beverage. It's cold here in Atlanta. I don't like it. I won't go all crazy in my complaining but I don't like it. So, when I saw this variety case of cocoa at my SAMs club, me and the kiddo went kray-kray. Rich cocoa on a cold winter's (ok, fall's) night is perfect! I mean right now I'm sipping on wine but normally it would be cocoa!

I've always gravitated towards cocoa in the colder months. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And, a great chocolate makes a good cocoa base.

Did you notice that I said cocoa and not hot chocolate? Well, I did that on purpose. I learned early on that when you open a packet and add milk or water to it, you are having cocoa. If you melt a chocolate bar and add milk, you have having hot chocolate. I've made hot chocolate before and it's time consuming and even with the end result, it just isn't feasible for everyday. I'd love to make warm, delicious hot chocolate every night before bed. But it's just easier to open a pack of a good brand of cocoa.

And it has to be a good brand. My brand of choice is Swiss Miss but this 7 pack of Land O' Lakes has been pretty good too. It's just like make up ladies -- there are great drugstore alternatives to high end cocoa.

And if you stayed till the end, endured the cocoa mania, I will just add that it you need some chocolate makeup, I've included a peek at my Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matter Bronzer and my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette. I love their cocoa goodness as well. If you haven't tried the Bronzer you really need to. Mine is in the Bonjour Soleil kit that also comes with a Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer and Snow Bunny Luminous Bronzer. It's a great kit to try out the three items and $44 versus $90 individually is a steal. And the Chocolate Bar Palette is yummy goodness that you need in your life. I can't wear eyeshadow often but when I do, I love reaching for this baby. The colors are warm tones with rich jewels thrown in and with names like Salted Caramel, Haute Chocolate and Champagne Truffle, you can't resist trying them out. This $49 bar of lusciousness needs to be in your life.

So pamper yourself with cocoa. It doesn't matter if it's in a cup or on your face -- just get you some!

Nov 18, 2014

NOT The Highlight of My Day

Hey There!

I have tried to be friends with liquid and cream highlighters but it hasn't worked. I've tried to glide it over my cheeks and down my nose to look all dewy and glowy. But I still look the same after the initial application. Oh, for about 10 - 20 minutes I see a beautiful sheen that makes me look all youthful and lovely and then I guess my cheeks soak it up and I look regular.

My cheeks are probably the only normal skin area I have. My t-zone is oily and the rest of my face is dry to normal. You would think that that would mean liquid or cream would be best. You would think that it would just sit in its glory on the apples of my face. Alas, I think not. 

What I have discovered after trying to force them to work is that powder highlighter works best for me. I'm currently in love with the top two spots on my Too Faced Snow Bunny Luminous Bronzer. On other complexions it might be a bronzer. For me, it gives my cheeks a radiant glow.

So, my new plan for highlighting is to keep using what works; I'll be trying more powders. That means you'll be trying them with me.

Virtually of course.

Nov 17, 2014

Nail Polish Change - Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Ruby Do and So Much Fawn

Hey There!

This past week I dipped my toes and fingers in luscious Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure colors. You know how other people run to the store for new Essie and OPI collections? I run to the store for new Complete Salon Manicure collections. I love these polishes. They are so easy to apply and last almost a full week regardless of how much I type or work. The color range of all the Sally Hansen polishes is great but it seems that the Complete Salon Manicure colors or richer colors.

I wore Ruby Do on my toes (left - this is week 2) and So Much Fawn (right) on my hands. Let's bask in the colors for a moment, shall we? I love them. They are creamy colors and I almost got away with 1 coat! I wanted it just a tad richer so I used 2.

Ruby Do is such a rich berry color and So Much Fawn is a beautiful "strawberry milk chocolate color". You guys know I love that color! There is no reason to put this color up because I WILL wear it again soon.

These two colors were great purchases in my book. At the full price (around $7) these are fantastic but I always catch them CVS BOGO 1/2 off with coupons or some other discount. However, I'd pay full price in a hot minute!

Nov 16, 2014

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Set

Hey There!

Back in August I told you good people that I loved these lippies and had plans to get more. Well, thank you gift set gods because they put 9 gorgeous lipstick minis in a kit and I fell in love. I've heard some folks were a bit upset because these are minis. Well, that's ok to me. I might actually use up a lipstick AND it means I get to try before I buy...kinda.

I already had Lovecraft and the kiddo already claimed Wonderchilde so I have 7 pretty lippies to play with. Do you see them? I mean really, are you looking at them? The colors are so deep and beautiful. They are reds that run all over the spectrum. Orange red, nude, plummy, lilac, you name it, it's there. I love it.

The full size containers (as well the minis) are in a plastic container that yes, are a bit cheapy cheap but I like the lighter containers because I already have a heavy makeup bag. I'm ok with the plastic casings. I've said that they are comfortable to wear and last a good while. I find them to have good moisture -- a dry lipstick will get banded from my lipstick line up FAST. This lippie stays front row (literally).

In order on my ashy hand -- Countess, Agatha, Adora, Sexer, Wonderchilde, Bachelorette, Motorhead, Lovecraft and Hexagram. I mentioned that I already have Lovecraft but I am so ready to pop Bachelorette and Adora on my lips. These lipsticks are so creamy I'd have one on right now if I wasn't testing something else on my lips (who else is sitting around on a Sunday afternoon, sipping wine and testing lipsticks, concealer and eye makeup? I look like a clown).

If you were wondering if you should drop $39 for this little pretty, you should. You really, really should. You have to find 3 out of these 9 that you fall in love with. Or, you could be like me and love them all.

Nov 15, 2014

Ipsy Bag - November - Preview

Hey there!

I don't have to say it. You can look at this month's bag and see that there is one special little thing that I am super excited about! I won't spoil it for you but OMG, I am in love already.

I think this month has a good mix of items. There is a Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Volume Shine Hairspray by Marc Anthony, a you're so FINE Eyeliner by Elizabeth Mott, Wonder Lip Paint by J. Cat Beauty, Eye Base by Be A Bombshell Cosmetics and Invisible Loose Setting Powder + Mini Fan Brush by Laura Mercier.

This time there is only 1 item that I won't be trying but I do have a guest blogger that will tell us all about it.

And here is the PSA; Ipsy Bag(<-- a link to the about Ipsy page only, however my personal link is below), is a subscription service makeup bag. For $10 a month, you get a bag and 5 beauty items -- sometimes full size, most of the time sample sizes. Some of the companies that supply items are very well known and some are lesser known companies. 

Ipsy Link  <--- I've put my link right here in case you are interested in checking this out for yourself. I personally think it's a great deal for $10 BUT that is completely my opinion and if you don't want to use my link, that's okay too! If you are interested and would like to try them out, I'd be super stoked if you did use my Link. If you do decide to, come back and tell me how you like your first bag!!