Feb 15, 2014

Rub A Dub Dub

I'm a bit of a bubble bath and shower gel junkie.  I love a good bubble bath, I love a soft smelling bath fizzy or bath salts and I adore the lather from a rich shower gel.

Yes, my bathroom looks like a Bath & Body Works store. Yes, I know I have enough bath products for the next 9 months. Yes, I'd purchase more if I found out they were on sale.


My bath always begins with a generous pour of a rich bubble bath and while I play with different shower gel brands, I am pretty set in my ways when it comes to bubble bath brands. I love Avon bubble baths. I have waaaay more that I'm showing here. As a matter of fact, this basket holds my bubble baths. Currently, I have 7; Pomegranate & Peony, Vanilla Cream, Lavender Garden, Fresh Peach, Peppermint Vanilla, Sparkling Apple Blossom and Dark Orchid and Raspberry. Yeah, I know. I'm getting low. I have an order coming in. No worries.

Once I have settled into the luscious bubbles, I reach for one of my many bath gels. How many bath gels do I currently have, you ask? Well, again, I'm low in that department. I'm down to one Aruba Coconut, one Paris Amour, one Moonlight Path, one Vanilla Bean Noel, one Paris Amour, one Twisted Peppermint, two classic Lemons, one Black Raspberry Vanilla, and one Warm Sugar. Does anyone know when the next sale is? I need to be there.

Oh, don't get confused. That's not all the gels I have. That's all of the Bath & Body Works brands that I have. I have a couple of Philosophy gels, 5 or 6 Caress gels and I also have a myriad of store brands and drugstore brands that I love to suds up with. It's a relaxing way to get clean.

And when you're finished, grab a body butter or body cream and slather it on.

You are gonna smell so good my friend!

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