Feb 24, 2014

Nail Polish Change - L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Collection Privée in 620 julianne's nude

Forgive me. My nails are still recovering from the fight with a pair of scissors. A few weeks ago I dropped a pair of scissors and instead of letting them hit the floor, I foolishly attempted to catch them and I unfortunately, succeeded -- in catching a pair of OPENED scissors with my finger tips. Sighhhh.

It's week 4 of my six L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Collection Privée nail polish colors. This week was 620 julianne's nude. Last week was 350 frieda's nude and I wasn't very impressed.

This week, I was ok with the color but I wasn't pleased with the formulation. Yes, you do see a chip on my pointer finger. If I had taken a picture of my other hand you'd see half the polish gone on my middle finger.

I've been trying to be nice about the chipping of this collection. This, however, was a bit much. I painted my nails one night and the next day, I wash my hair and presto chango! Two of my nails are chipped. I hadn't even typed or done any housework so I couldn't blame it on that.

Like I said, the color was ok. It reminded me of that color in the Crayola 64 box that you kinda avoided -- burnt sienna. It always reminded me of baby poo. So, this week I wore baby poo on my hands. LOL.

I have to admit, after 2 days I was ready to change polish. But, a deal is a deal -- one week.

I'm just ready for next week.

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