Feb 23, 2014

Wild Nails

I've spend the last 4 weeks using my L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Collection Privée nail polishes and I have enjoy trying them. But, I'm down to my last 2 weeks and I'll need something else to test out. Have no fear. Wet n Wild has had some coupons in the Sunday paper and I used most of them on nail polish.

Let me go back a few years (about 1986). My favorite color in the entire world was Wet n Wild 416A, a Pepto Bismol pink polish. I wore that color like it was going away soon. And then one day, it did. I was so unhappy! I wrote a letter to the company and told them about my love of 416A and guess what they did. Yep -- they sent me a box of 6 that lasted me through my bright pink phase. Because of that, I still use Wet n Wild polish.

Because I've used Wet n Wild nail polish so many times before, I know that I like the formulation of them so really, I'll just be seeing if I like the colors. And now that I look at my selection, I really didn't get a varied range. If you check the colors out, you know that they are my normal shades! I love warm colors on my nails and most of these are considered nudes. Luckily for me, Wet n Wild has a great range of colors, including nudes!

I picked up a nice sparkly fastdry polish in Party of Five Glitters. I know that will make a great accent nail polish. Add that on top of a color and you really do have a party.

I have a lot of the Wild Shine colors in my collection. I heard good things about the protective base coat so I picked one up and then also got the color Sparkled. Don't laugh, I actually picked up 2 of the color Sparkled! I have to take one back and exchange it. I guess I really liked that color, huh?!

I only have a few of the megalast salon nail colors so I was eager to add to what I have. I bought Undercover, Private Viewing and Bite the Bullet. I'm excited about those colors. I can't wait to show you what they look like. I already know that I'll go back and get more when the stores restock. I've been looking at Through The Grapevine, Wet Cement, Candylicious, Milk....you know how it is!

With a coupon, the first 3 were free and the last 3 were $.89. I would have purchased more but everyone had that coupon and so the selection was limited at the stores I visited. Do you find yourself trying new brands because you have a coupon (YES!!)? What coupons are you getting ready to use? Do you have a favorite color that you keep backups of?

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