May 28, 2014

Quickie Review - Hard Candy Fox In A Box

So, let's keep the quickie review theme going. I've mentioned before that I have to go to a Wal-Mart that's not close to my house if I want to try certain cosmetic brands. That includes Hard Candy Cosmetics. I haven't tried a lot of the Hard Candy Products because of this but so many people rant and rave I felt that I needed to pick up the Fox In A Box blush by Hard Candy Cosmetics. Everyone said such wonderful things about it, I felt duty bound to try it.

So, I purchased Fox In A Box in Spicy & Sweet. I hated it. It did nothing for my complexion. The box itself was fine but the brush that comes with it is a joke. I doubt very seriously that anyone really tries to use it (come on, really? who would try?). I tried blending all the colors together and it was horrible. When I tried to use each color individually, it worked better but do you know how difficult it is to keep those little cubits separate?

I paid $6 for this box. I plan on using it for shadow or mix with blush or something but I won't buy it again for blush. For my skin color, it just doesn't work.

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