May 5, 2014

Nail Polish Change - Triple Shine Sally Hansen in Pink Coconut & Changing Tides and Sephora's Formula X Hydrate Nail Hydrator

I know, right? I don't really need to say anything do I? Is this color combo not absolutely gorgeous? I saw that my Walgreens had the Sally Hansen Tahiti Sunset Triple Shine Collection and I got a little excited. I had an easy time picking colors because orange and green aren't usually my thing but I knew that the pinks would be right up my alley.

And they are!

These polishes are Sally Hansen so you know that they are good. They go on well (using my favorite tapered brush - remember when it scared me?!) and they last a long time. I didn't chip, I changed! I wore the polish for 5 days and then I did a day of treatment (more about that later).

The pink is a pretty bubblegum pink and the party nail is pow - boom - bam - zow (yeah, I know). The glitter coat looks that great after just 2 swipes of the brush and I could have gotten away with 1. I really enjoyed wearing this and I got lots of complements. I plan on wearing these colors many more times.

I also picked up the green sparkle color in Archipela-glow. I think I'll use it as an accent for other greens that I have. I don't think the Seasational green that matches it is the right color for me.

And the nail treatment? Sephora's Formula X Hydrate Nail Hydrator. It's green and it's $14 and it's good. I've mentioned that this time last year (exactly a year ago today in fact) I had beautiful gel nails. They were pretty and I got them redone every 2 - 3 weeks. And then after about 5 months I decided to take them off and let my own nails breathe. And, I got the worst nails ever. They were weak and brittle and in desperate need of treatment.

I had gotten them harder and healthier but they were still peeling. I knew that I needed something to make them better. So, I tried Formula X Hydrate Nail Hydrator. It's been almost three weeks now and I can see the difference. I am so glad that I made the investment. My nails aren't 100% but they are well on their way!

Now, what's on tap for next week? Welllll, let's just say you will marvel at what comes up next!

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