Mar 23, 2014

Waste Not Want Not - Creams, Potions & Lotions

This post began as a review post and then morphed into something completely different.

You know one of my favorite pastimes is watching YouTube. Once of the channels I've been watching is hellojerree. I really like her! She has some great suggestions for skin care and over health. Her voice is very calming too! Any who, I had been watching some of her older videos and she said to use things that don't work in one place in another place. I let that go in one ear and out the other until I was reviewing moisturizers that didn't work for me. I had already placed the very full containers in my empties bin and then I remembered what hellojerree had said! So, I've been using my creams on...get ready for elbows, knees and feet!

I know, that sounds cray cray but they have been working really well in those spots. Waste not, want not people! An eye cream that didn't work on my eyes, works very well on my elbows. A moisturizer that was really too perfumey to use on my face is now on my feet because, let's be honest -- my feet don't care about perfume! I've mentioned before that I purchased eye makeup remover wipes and they stung the crap out of my eyes. I use those pads to wipe swatches off my hand or clean my concealer brush between cleanings.

Now, I don't throw away things that don't work in one area. I've learned that repurposing is a lot better than throwing away. I don't have plans of repurchasing those items, but I don't have to be wasteful either.

What can you repurpose? Think about it before you throw that cream away. Your elbows, knees and feet might like them better than your face!!

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