May 21, 2014

Quickie Review - Milani Baked Blush

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Yesterday I talked about one of the drugstore highlighters that I'm loving. Today I'm going to talk about a set of the drugstore blushes that I'm also currently loving.

I purchased Milani Baked Blush in Delizioso Pink a bit skeptically. It is a bright pink that I wasn't sure would work on my cheeks. I was worried that I'd look a bit clownish. Surprisingly, it does work well. It gives me a natural glow when used moderately. This blush is definitely a "dab will do ya" type blush. A heavy hand is too much but a light touch will give you a beautiful pop of color.

Luminoso is a warm peach blush. Nothing special, just a nice flush of warmth across the cheeks. Again, a light hand is the best hand.

My favorite of the three is Corallina. Corallina is a beautiful, deep peach, marbled with a pearlescent highlighter. Instead of a pop of color, it gives more of a glow to your cheeks. It's not the same glow that Luminoso gives. Corallina is soft with a red base. For me, it like not wearing blush, just a glow.
Colors have been swatched heavily for viewing -- not the amount to be used normally.
All of these colors are very nice. They are smooth going on but they can appear a bit ashy if applied to heavily (well, Corallina doesn't) but it's not bad if you use a light hand. They are bendable so if you do put on too much, blend away to your desired look. If these three don't appeal to you, Milani has several more that will. They are all around $9 or $10 and the drugstores always have a BOGO 1/2 off so you can get 2 for $15.

I've often wondered why everyone seems to have several blushes in their collection. This is why. All of these blushes work well and give your cheeks a healthy look but with a different purpose in mind. I think this is a great line if you want to have a selection of colors to play with. They are smooth and colorful and very forgiving.

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