May 18, 2014

Splish Splash

Hey there!

Because it's Sunday evening and we're getting ready to go back to the hustle and bustle of work tomorrow, let's try to relax shall we? Let's put on some really good music, pour a beverage of choice and slip into a nice, soothing bubble bath.

I'm such the bubble bath girl. If I've had a hard day, I need a good soak. If I've had a good day, I need a victory swim. If it's a random Tuesday, I need a good scrub. See how this works?

And, you can't love bubble bath's the way I do without....bubbles! I showed you a tiny picture of the madness but trust me, there's a lot more. If I weren't so in love with my bubbles, I'd be embarrassed. But I am, so I'm not!!

This month has been a bit stressful so far so I've pulled out some of my faves and I've picked up some new goodies.

I posted an Instagram pic of my latest darling. My local Marshalls had this tiny 4 oz bottle of Philosophy Old Fashioned Eggnog scented Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath (BTW, does anyone really use these as shampoo? Really?) for $4.00. Now, I'll pay 3 for $10 of the 3 oz Bath and Body Works shower gels but I feel a certain way if the price tag is more than that. But, I took a good sniffy of this one and decided I'd try it out. WOWSERS!! I smelled so good, all day. I called my mom and told her I smelled just like nutmeg! You know how a cup of eggnog sprinkled with spices smells? That's how I smelled yesterday. Heavenly! That was $4 WELL spent!

My other Philosophy luxury priced find (sorry!) was the Philosophy Strawberry Italian Soda scented Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath. It was $10 for 16 oz. I really had to psych myself up to make that purchase. But oh baby, once I did, I was so glad I spent the $10. You know how strawberry soda smells? This smells just like that...bubbles and all! I'm not kidding! It smells like soda bubbles! How on earth do you do that? It's magic I say!!

Bath and Body Works Signature Vanillas Shower Gel in Lemon. The day that Bath and Body Works stops selling this, I will throw a huge hissy fit and die.  They do a classic sale about twice a year and I stock up. I'm down to one opened and this one that's sealed. I show reverence to this scent. It's a sparkling lemon fragrance (if that makes sense). It smells clean and natural and so fresh. It brings me up if I'm down -- I mean really, it does.

Date night (like I remember what that is!) gets Bath and Body Works Moonlight Path Shower Gel (and yes, I did bust out the spray!). It's soft and silky and smells sexy. Ladies, you know what that means! You know that you have that fragrance that you slather on and you instantly feel sexy and ready to tame any wild beast! Moonlight Path does it for me. 

And finally, I am in love with this Dial Frozen Yogurt Cooling Body Wash! It is so nice. It has a soft, fruity scent and a very creamy texture. The bottle says that they've added yogurt protein. I haven't gone and tasted it so I'll have to take their word (and, what does yogurt protein do for your body anyway? Don't you have to eat it for the probiotics?). It's one of those body washes that lathers up for days! Bubbles, bubbles everywhere. I like it and yes, I do detect a minor cooling sensation but sometimes my bath water is hot so it could be that, who knows.

So when I'm feeling happy or sad I jump in the tub. These have been my favorites lately. What do you take in the bath or shower stall with you? What changes your mood in an instant? And how do you make shower gels SMELL like fizz?

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