May 25, 2014

Bonne Bell Spring Items

I went to visit a friend and stopped by the CVS near her. It's at that CVS that I saw the new CoverGirl lip glosses. And, it's at that CVS that I saw the new Bonne Bell lipstick, lip lacquer and nail lacquer.

Bonne Bell evokes memories of pre-teen hood joy. I had Bonne Bell lip smackers in ever flavor possible. My favorite two were my Dr. Pepper one and my Strawberry one. They were perfect for the young girl who's mother wouldn't let her wear lipstick just yet. They were glossy and had just enough tint to make you think you were doing something. 

They were wonderful. 

These were not wonderful. 

I wanted to like them. I really, really did! I wanted them to work for history's sake.

The lipstick was in Calypso Coral. It was little more than a glorified Chapstick.  I had to very delicately keep adding gloss to get a hint if peach color. It wasn't much peach color either.  And I said delicately because the top kept breaking off. I figured it melted (how I didn't know because my makeup drawer isn't hot) so I put it in the fridge. It firmed up...for about 5 minutes. See the lipstick in the picture? That's an hour out of the fridge. The color payoff is little and the longevity is nil. I wore this for an hour and had to gently reapply. An hour later I changed lipsticks. I had no interest in trying it again. 

The lip lacquer in Bellini, wasn't any better. It was streaky and had the worst applicator I've ever seen. Do you see those bristles? Not good at all. The color didn't last long and I couldn't keep dipping the wand in the gloss. It seemed like it brush bristles were getting worse with each dip.

The nail lacquer was really the only saving grace. The color is Miami. It doesn't show very well on camera but it is a pretty color. I had to research that though because once you open the cap, the name goes bye-bye. I wish I have noticed that! The color is an iridescent gold color. It will be good as an overlay color I'm betting. I'm hoping it works anyway.

And, the nail lacquer is the only thing I'm keeping. I normally don't return lip products. I always feel bad because I know they can't return them to stock but I don't like these! They are horrible and I don't have room in my collection for horrible lip colors. I had such high hopes, I'm really sad about it.

What's the last thing that you purchased that didn't work out as well as you though it would?

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