May 29, 2014

May Faves

I know, I've been such a slacker. I didn't do a March or an April favorites. It's not that I didn't have favorites, it's that I was too lazy to write them down, take pictures and talk about them. Really, it's the truth. This month, however, I pre-planning, got a good night's sleep and began typing.

Here you go.

I love my candles. My favorites for this month were Target Spun Sugar (see, I bought the big one!) and Bath & Body Works Pink Bubble Gum. I don't have to tell you that my house spelled like a candy store. I loved it! These are candles that I plan on keeping in rotation at my house.

My coffee of the month was Archer Farms Milk Chocolate Strawberry. I think people sleep on Target brands. They make some pretty good stuff and their flavored ground coffee is wonderful. Milk Chocolate Strawberry has an undertone of chocolate with a hint of strawberry. So good. I have 3 other Archer Farms coffees so Junes coffee fave may be different.

I was all about Simply Pink by Pink Sugar this month. I picked up mine at Sephora after smelling about 20 other fragrances. I sniffed this one and then went and played with makeup. Then I came back and sniffed it some more. Then I choose two Buxom lip glosses and went back for another sniff. By the time I was finished, I had tried Simply Pink so many times, I couldn't smell anything else.  I am soooo glad I kept smelling it. It's such a sweet scent that I smell good all day long!

The same day that I got my Simply Pink, I also picked up the Too Faced Bonjour Soleil Summer Bronzing Palette (Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer, Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer and Snow Bunny Luminous Bronzer). I was leery because not everything looks good on darker skin. I asked one of my ladies at Sephora (I spend way too much time in there -- I know their birthdays and all about their families!!) and she said that yes, this palette would work for me. Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer and Snow Bunny Luminous Bronzer are so awesome! I use my powder brush to add Snow Bunny to entire cheek area and then add Chocolate Soleil Bronzer as a contour. The Snow Bunny luminosity shines right through and creates a beautiful glow on your face. I am so glad I took a chance on it.

I've also been loving the Wet n Wild Fergie Shimmer Palette in Rose Champagne Glow. It, along with my Bonjour Soleil Summer Bronzing Palette, stays on top of my makeup table, ready to create a natural glow on my face. Not everyone likes the Fergie Shimmer Palette but I say try one if the three that she has and see how you like it.

And my favorite body wash has been Dial Frozen Yogurt Cooling Body Wash. I love the way this smells. It's a slightly sweet, refreshing smell. It's not overpowering. It's soft and lasts quite a while. The body wash itself is a nice, creamy wash that leaves your skin so soft.

So the theme for the month was candy smells and shimmery face. It's right after my birthday month -- you do the math. I like to glow and smell good.

What were your faves this month? Are the same as last month? What's new? I plan on trying quite a few new things in June so stay tuned!

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