May 30, 2014

The Balm Nude'tude Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Hey there!

When the Balm website put all of its products on sale for 50%, I jumped on The Nude'tude pallet. I had coveted it for a long time and now it's mine!

And I enjoy it. The colors are nicely pigmented and most of the shimmery colors don't have a ton of shimmer (I'm a matte girl you know!). I know it may sound weird but I like a palette when I can use more than half of them as eyelid colors. I like to have deep colors for the "outer v" and outer lid. I like to then, go softer as I go in toward the inner lid and then use a nice crease color (usually something just this side of my lid color - peach, browns, warm pinks). This palette fit the bill.

Sassy (white), Snobby (yellow), Stubborn (pink) and Stand-offish (champagne) are probably not my favorites. They are colors that I might pop on my brow bone as highlight colors. Stubborn could be an accent color that goes in the center of my lid for pink looks and Stand-offish could be an accent color for browns.

Selfish (grey/silver), Seductive (bronze) and Silly (weird, chunky copper - not a big fan of it) are good "outer v" colors for date night. They are very glittery and I tend not to be a fan of that much glitter. I wouldn't trash them but I'd be aware to use them more at night.

Sultry (cinnamon brown) and Sophisticated are good blending colors for your crease. Sultry is AWESOME for the crease. I expect to hit pan on that one first!

Sexy (brown/eggplant/plum) and Sleek (deep, chocolate brown) are good "outer v" colors for me. I can do a light pop in the "outer v" or I can go a bit heavier and go for a splash.

Serious (black) is good for powder liner -- top lash line or bottom lash line. So is Sleek.

My favorites in this palette are Sultry (GREAT crease color), Sexy and Sleek. I know that these will be used the most.

I will admit that this isn't my favorite palette in my collection but it's good. I'd probably have been a tad bit upset to pay full price for it but half price is A-ok.

Did you pick this up? What do you think? Which color is your go-to color in the palette?

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