May 24, 2014

Super Spectacular CVS Spring Clearance Haul a.k.a CVS Spring Clearance 2014 Haul

The CVS super spectacular spring clearance is one of my favorite makeup times of the year (second only to the super spectacular fall clearance and Black Friday). This is when I toss the things that didn't work over the past 6 months and when I build my collection with things that might work for the next 6 months. I don't go in CVS all willy nilly though. I do use a system. Even though I will go back to the CVS stores several times before it's all said and done, my first trip is when I pay 50% off for the things that I really want and wouldn't want to miss out on.

Front and center are 2 Revlon Nearly Naked Foundations. I picked up the 2 that were marked down (the others weren't - yet?), 200 Warm Beige and 210 Sun Beige. 200 Warm Beige is totally my color now and 210 Sun Beige will be my shade by August, after I've gotten some sun. Let me just tell you about my foundation situation. For years I didn't like liquid foundation. It made my face feel claustrophobic. Does that make sense to you? It totally does to me. So, I stuck with powders and then I tried a few high end foundations. Many of them felt nice on my face. I realized that I had been trying full coverage liquid foundations and while they may look flawless on your face, I prefer to have a flaw or two and let my skin breathe instead. So, I wanted to give these two a try and see if the Revlon Nearly Naked formula is really nearly naked and non claustrophobic. I'll let you know.

I don't have to explain the nail polish. It's nail polish. Everyone needs nail polish. Milani isn't a brand that I normally go to for polish but at 50% off, I'm willing to try. I have Move On Mauve, Heather and Cupid's Touch. I also picked up 2 of the CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Glosstinis from the Hunger Games line. I wasn't overly excited about any of the colors but Rouge Red and Inferno looked ok.

Day two of my CVS experience included more nail polish -- Revlon Parfumerie in Lavendar Soap, Milani Nail Lacquer in Sugar Burst and one in Sugar Cane. I think I'm going to like those sugar colors. While the nail polish is great, I'm really excited about the 2 treatment products - Revlon Treat and Boost and Revlon Cuticle Softner. I am expecting great things from them (which will be a bummer if they are being discontinued, right?).

Milani baked eyeshadow in Copper Excess
L'Oreal Paris Quad in Hollywood Icon
CoverGirl Eye Enhancers Trio in Major Distraction

I also picked up 3 eyeshadows and a shadow pencil. Milani baked eyeshadow in Copper Excess looked nice, L'Oreal Paris Quad in Hollywood Icon looked fun and CoverGirl Eye Enhancers Trio in Major Distraction looked fun as well. The CoverGirl Flamed Out Shadow Pencil in lime green looked good. Not sure when or where I'm going to wear it but I will!

And, Essence Face of Beauty Angled Blush Brush was an exciting find for me. I love angled blush brushes. They work perfectly for bronzer and blush and I can't wait to try this one.

And, this is just my first go at the CVS Super spectacular...I know, I know. It's the CVS spring clearance. See, I'm just as excited as you are!

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