Aug 13, 2015

MAC Veluxe à Trois

Photo Credit: MAC website
Hey there!

I like MAC lipstick ok. The ones that I have are moisturizing and feel good. And, I wear them quite a bit. But, I haven't purchased any new MAC lippie colors because they haven’t made me look twice. All of the new collections that have come out lately haven't made me put on clothes and run to the store. I look at them cause you know, MAC will send you emails.

Photo Credit: MAC website

While many of the past collections haven't churned my butter, I have to admit that 2 of the new Veluxe à Trois colors caught my eye. Royally Riotous and Heaux ($17) look like they need to come to my house! Do you see them? Of course you do! Just look at that rich brown and gorgeous berry. I even think the You’ve Got It, cremesheen glass looks pretty.

Photo Credit: MAC website

Now, there are other products in the line. But the lip products got my motor running. Pillow Talk, How Tropical, Flowerscope and Quelle Surprise are pretty too. None of them jump out at me (well Quelle Surprise ($16) does) but if you want to buy them for me…
Photo Credit: MAC website

I also took a look at the other cremesheen glasses in Softly Lit, Loud & Lovely, Richly Revered and Dark Outsider. I’m not a fan of the cremesheen glasses. I have one and they seem like really overpriced lip glosses to me.

Now, I have put several lippies in my MAC cart and then I close the browser. Sighhh. I have about $50 worth of lipstick in my cart but pulling the trigger is hard! I'd rather find dupes for $5 each! Drugstore lipsticks are coming out with their fall lines and I really want to try some of them. If these lipsticks were in stores I could go try them on and make a decision that way.

But, for now, I'll keep drooling over them and never actually pull the trigger.

Sure. Let's see how long that works!

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