Aug 16, 2015

It's A Haul Y'all! - Target - Ava and Viv & Merona

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Hey There!

I went to Target!

That's not new!

But, it's not often that I go to Target and look at their clothes (besides tops) because their jeans and pants don't often fit my curvy shape. I find that the plus sized pants from Target have no waist line. The waist and hips are the same size. I don't know about you but my waist and hips are not the same! I saw the Ava and Viv brand a few months ago but because of my prior experience, I just kept going.

Friday I went into a different Target and saw the line and saw the jeans that they had. I decided, what the hay?! I've got to try on these t-shirts so I'll try on their jeans too.

MAN!!! These jeans are the business! They fit wonderfully! Ava and Viv understand that my waist is smaller than my hips. The dark blue wash complements my shape and they were on sale for $17 and change so they jumped into my cart. Did I mention that they are skinny jeans? Yeah, skinny! Jeans in sizes 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20 don't often look skinny when they say skinny but these looked skinny! I'll let you know how they wear but I'm excited to try them!

I also picked up some t-shirts because they were $5. They aren't the Ava and Viv, they are Merona brand. These are a silky material so I can dress them up a bit for dinner or lunch out. I have plenty of junk t-shirts but I don't have any nicer t-shirts. I wanted to get more but the other styles of t-shirts didn't look right on me when I tried them on.

This is not a large haul, I know, but enough to slowly add to my closet. When I moved, I discarded some things that no longer fit right or hot rips or tears or were worn out. I decided I'd slowly add thing back into my wardrobe.

Have you been to Target lately? Do you see the new clothing lines that they've added? What do you think? 

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