Aug 23, 2015

More Bang For Your Buck

Hey there!

Sorry, this post is so short. I'm still getting better from my dental procedure that I had this past Friday. Anesthesia always takes a while to get out of my system and the antibiotics they like to use make me a bit nauseous so I'm off kilter a bit longer than other folks. But, I had to tell you good folks about my latest bang for your buck!

I LOVE my NARS Creamy Concealer. That's not a secret! This stuff is heaven sent. It's the perfect shade, the perfect consistency, and it lasts the perfect amount of time. I began using the NARS Creamy Concealer about nine months ago and it's been my go to concealer ever since. The only problem is that it costs and arm and a leg. 

Well, kinda. It's $29 for .22 oz of product but it has lasted for 9 months so far. 

And then I started to hit pan. I wanted to cry. I almost did!


Before the first teardrop fell, I remembered that one of my favorite YouTubers, ItsKeerstin (I. LOVE. HER. CHANNEL!), showed us how to pull the stopper out of the tube and get another several months out of it. At the time that I saw her video, I knew that it was a tip that I'd keep in the back of my head.

Well, it was time. It was time to test it out and see if I could do what she did. I took an older pair of tweezers and gently pulled the stopper out. You know what? It's messy as hell but it works! It works people!!

So when you see that you are getting to the end of your concealer or something else in a tube (skin care in tubes!), don't toss it out! Pull off the stopper and have 2- 6 months of product left!

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