Aug 14, 2015

REVO - Cotton Candy and Pina Colada

Hey there!

I'm not the biggest fan of REVO lip balms. It's not that they aren't moisturizing, because they really are. It's not because they aren't EOS because I actually prefer the REVO lip balms to the EOS balms. They are more moisturizing and I love the scents. The kiddo prefers them too. The reason that I'm not the biggest fan is because of their shape. I know that it's supposed to be fun but it's hard to put them in smaller purses and I carry smaller purses. Also, it's awkward to hold them and put them on my lips. The shape is just odd.

So, crazy lady, why did you buy some REVOs if you aren't that into them. Well, I saw that one of them was cotton candy scented/flavored.


You know how cotton candy is a very intricate part of my life. My house smells like it. My favorite perfumes smell like it. I eat it all the time! So if there is a lip balm that is cotton candy scented I must have it! It's non-negotiable!!

And because I can't just purchase one REVO lip balms, I also picked up the Pina Colada one. No major reason. I just thought it might be nice.

And they are both nice. They are of course, moisturizing, and they smell good. Cotton Candy is softly scented, not over powering. Pina Colada is ok scented but there is a subtly plastic smell. Both of them are just fine and I'll use them.

Do I suggest that you run out and get them? Well, you don't have to run out but if you are at the Walgreens, yeah, pick up one. I'd go with Cotton Candy Scent.

Of course.

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