Aug 25, 2014

Nail Polish Change - Sassy + Chic Nails and Zoya polish in Meadow


Hey There!

I'm wearing press on nails this week.

Stop laughing at me!

I decided that I was tired of my nails looking all cray cray and decided to go back to my roots (well, go back to 1986 anyway) and put on press on nails.

I don't think they look half bad! I even got some complements. Perhaps they weren't sincere complements, but they were complements none-the-less.

They wore well. They were thinner than they used to be (in 1986) but they were surprisingly tough. Two popped off but I glued them right back on, no worries! I type all day and pick things up. I'm pretty tough on my hands in general and for only 2 nails to pop off? That's pretty impressive.

I purchased the Sassy + Chic brand from the dollar tree. I got the short, box cut because I like a natural length nail and it's hard to type with anything longer. I got two packs which worked out well because I didn't like the lace design at all. I ended up using only the French tips.

I wore them for a few days without polishing them and then I wore them with Zoya's nail lacquer in Meadow. I can't tell you how well this polish really wore because I polished plastic. Polish on plastic stands up much better than polish on nail. I must say I was a bit disappointed in the color though. The bottle has a shimmery orange look. My nails are bronze -- metallic but not shimmery -- does that make sense? Well it does in my head. But, I guess it was ok.

(Pink) Lola is in the middle. That's what's on my toes.
Meadow is on the right. That's what's on my hands.

I also have Zoya polish on my toes (you can look at the swatches). I wore Lola. Not a fan. The consistency was very runny and I had to work VERY quickly to lay down each coat. I normally wait 5 or so minutes between coats. I waited a full 15 minutes. Who has that kind of time?? (Just kidding). And, I wasn't fond of the color. There was something off with this pink. Too much blue hue? I don't know. I won't be using it again.

So my verdict on the Zoya nail polishes is in. (I wore another color here). They aren't any better than the $1.99 polishes that I wear. So, I don't think I'll be purchasing another one at full price (I didn't purchase these at full price either so...).

And, my verdict on these "do-it-yourself" nails is in too.  I'm gonna keep wearing them (for now). They are comfortable and allow me to wear pretty polish and pretend I have nice nails without going to the nail salon; without shelling out $20; without have the top 7 layers of my nail buffed off to add acrylic or gel on top.

Have you tried press on (ok, glue on) nails or Zoya polish? What did you think?

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