Aug 28, 2014

September Face (Powder) Off

Hey There!

I read an article on that talked about their 13 best face powders. I like face powders. I'm not big on liquid makeup as I don't like that "claustrophobic" feeling that they give me. They are a few liquids that are lighter than others but I haven't found one that impresses me yet. I don't like creams at all because I have an oily t-zone and my glasses already like to slide down my nose. Powders do the trick and they seem to come in more shades that match my skin tone perfectly.

I decided I wanted to try out the powders that TB suggested. Not all of them because the entire collection would run me right at $400 plus tax. I just don't have that kinda cash folks! So, instead I'm going to be selective about the powders that I try and see what samples I can use!

So, I have decided that September will be "September Face (Powder) Off" Month. I'll try some of these 13 powders and I'll mix in some of my own. I don't want the good folks at to come looking for me, so I won't list each powder (you can run over to their website and take a looksie) but as I test each powder, I will let you know how I came to get it in my hot little hands!

I'm going to have fun with this! What powders do you like? Which ones should I avoid like the plague? Are you a liquid or cream girl? Am I missing out?

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