Jul 26, 2014

Mini Haul - Zoya Nail Polish

Hey there!

At the beginning of the month Zoya nail polish had a sale. You could get 3 nail polishes for just the cost of shipping ($12). I already own 2 Zoya polishes (and the kiddo owns 1) that I have yet to use. I did not pay full price for high end nail polish because so far it only EQUALS my drugstore polish. So far none of them have surpassed them. But, at $4 a bottle, I was willing to try these lovelies out.

I already owned Dhara (Orange) & Piaf (Yellow). I paid about $3.50 at Ulta for them. Dhara is a grainy color so I see it making its debut as a party nail. Piaf is a softer color that might make an appearance before the summer is out.

The new colors that I purchased are LuLu (Peach), Lola (Pink) and Meadow (Toffee). I really like these colors. I really can't decide which to try first.

Again, I haven't tried any of the Zoya polishes but I'm excited to do so. As soon as I do, you'll be the first to know!

Have you tried Zoya nail polishes? Did you pay full price? What is your most expensive nail polish?

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