Aug 21, 2014

Somersets Skincare For Women English Shaving Oil

Hey There!

A few months ago I got several packets of these Somersets Skincare For Women English Shaving Oil. I got two extra sensitive ones for my legs & underarm and two extra delicate ones for my bikini line. I was pretty excited about these. I normally just use whatever shave cream is on sale at Target so...

When I opened the packets, I couldn't get over the "fishy" smell that they had. You know how you can get really "fishy" fish oil supplements? That's what this smelled like. Once you open the little packet that the oil comes in, the smell goes away a bit. The samples came in a packet -- the full size comes in a regular container so the smell shouldn't be a problem.

The product is smooth and helps the razor glide, but in my opinion, the razor glides a little too much. It seemed like I had to go back over the same area too many times because the razor just zipped on across my legs and arm pit. And, it was harder to wash off than shaving cream is. You can use shaving cream, wipe and go. With this, you have to use soap and water and scrub a bit. I normally shave my legs right before getting out of the tub so I had to modify my routine a bit.

The website says you can buy this at Walgreens but I didn't see it at my Walgreens. Online it's $6.99 for a 15 ml bottle. That's a bit pricier than my .99cents can. But not too terrible.

While I think this is a good idea, it's not for me. I don't think oil shaving is best for fumble finger people. And, I found once I had put the oil on my legs, I had to wash my hands so that the razor wouldn't slip out of my hands. Shaving cream from the can doesn't do that.

I appreciate the samples but I think I'll stick to my shaving cream. I'm a simple girl, with simple legs and arm pitts.

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