Aug 20, 2014

A Month of MAC - MAC Lipsticks, Cremesheen and Lustre

Hey there!!

Month of MAC

I received my new MAC lipstick from the A Novel Romance Collection the other day (may I saw awesome? Yes I may? Awesome!) and it reminded me that I'm supposed to talk about my MAC items this month. I don't have much but I'll share my thoughts on what I do have. 
Top = Plumfull
Bottom = Yield To Love

I now have 2 MAC lipsticks. Yeah, I know -- just 2. Like I explained earlier in the month, I just didn't "do" MAC. I didn't see what all the hype was. Then I began to purchase a few things, you know, to see if it was all that. Some things are, some things aren't.

I must admit, the lipsticks are pretty fan-tab-ulous. They are moist, last for several hours and have enough colors to suit anyone's needs. Oh, they smell great. It's that sweet vanilla smell that I like. The price point isn't so bad either. $16 - $22 bucks for a lippie isn't bad. Especially if it wears well.

The down side? Believe it or not, they have soooo many colors, it's hard to find ones that aren't something that you already own. And, they have so many limited edition items that it kinda sucks. You have to be willing to take a chance on a color rather than see what everyone else thinks and then purchase it. That may work for you cutting edge folks but for me and my other "let's think about this for a day or two (month) before we pull the trigger" people, it doesn't work.

For instance -- I purchased my Yield To Love cremesheen without really knowing what it looked like. It's an online exclusive so no in store demo (AND in stores, you have to wait a few weeks). I got lucky and the folks who tried this in advance were correct about it being very nice. The color was  a bit pinker than I thought it would be (I was thinking more pinky nude) but it's still quite a pretty color.

On the other hand, my Lustre in Plumful was one I got to test in the store. I knew when I swatched it on my hand that it would be pretty and then I tried it on and knew it was coming home with me.

So MAC has opened my eyes with their lipsticks. I really like them and see why everyone has 10 or 12 bullet containers in their makeup case. Do I plan on adding to the collection? Yes, but not so fast. I need to only purchase colors that really stand out.

How many bullet containers do you own? Did you try this newest collection? What did you think?

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