Aug 27, 2014

Ipsy Bag - August - Review

Hey there!

Are you ready to find out what I thought of the goodies in my little pink bag? Are you on pins and needles? Well even if you aren't, here goes!

I mentioned that this month's Ipsy bag has an Urban Decay Perversion mascara, Coastal Scents Forever Blush duo, Absolute New York's 'You're The Balm' Lip Balm, Dr. Brandt Pores No More and Lord & Berry eyeliner. I made sure to take adequate time to try most of the items, but not all.

I'll be honest with you (cause when do I lie?) I didn't even try the Dr. Brandt Pores No More. I've used a lot pore shrinkers and vanishers and I've come to realize, my pores aren't very noticeable and I'm wasting money on products like this. I'll probably give this one away instead of using it. Someone will need it more than me.

I also didn't try the Urban Decay Perversion mascara. I had already tried another sample of this about 6 months ago (Sephora I think) and it was ok. I've had better though. My holy grail mascara (Jordana Best Lash Mascara) does about the same job. I'll pass this along to my mom. She will probably like it. She doesn't like "POW" lashes that reach out for days but she does like black lashes. This definitely did make my lashes black back during the holidays when I tried it.

The Coastal Scents Forever Blush duo was great! The pink shade showed up very well on my skin. The peach shade gave me a fresh glow. They wore well and lasted almost all stinkin' day! I love that in a blush. The packet boasts that there are 18 Forever Blush colors to choose from and it gives you 25% off of blush (not to be used with any other offer). But honestly, Coastal Scents has so many offers, you can always get their blushes at a discount. Right now the deal is 35% off of the 10 blush palette (there are 2 different ones). But if you wait a bit, you can find the perfect sale for you.

The Absolute New York's 'You're The Balm' Lip Balm is very nice. It smells great! There's a slight sparkle but nothing too bad and it smells great! It goes on smoothly and you only need a dab and it smells great. Did I mention that it smells great? Ipsy offers a 30% discount at the Nicka K website making it $10.19 for the duo (30% off plus $6.00 S&H). Spoiler alert, I've seen these duos at T.J. Maxx for $3.99. I'm just saying folks. The down side? The container. I hate tins of lip product. What if your fingers are dirty? Love the product - hate the tin - because of that I probably won't buy it.

Last but not least was the Lord & Berry eyeliner. It's a soft eyeliner that glides on your waterline (where I wear my eyeliner) and stays for a decent amount of time -- several hours. The Lord and Berry website sells them for $18 (with and extra 25% off Ipsy discount). No way these are worth $13.50. It was fine but not great. I have $5 brands that are better.

So, this bag wasn't as great as the others were but I do fill that I got my $10 worth. The eyeliner will last me about 6 weeks. The lip balm will go to work with me and after I wash my hands, I'll moisturize my lips. The Blush sample showed me that I can trust Coastal Scents blushes to work (and this sample will last about 2 months in rotation, if not 3). I can give my mom the mascara because she is ALWAYS looking for a good mascara that isn't wet. The Dr. Brandt, well that was a fail for me. And, the bag that it all came in is currently holding scrapbook essentials.

So there you have it! Another month of Ipsy love. I still think it's worth the $10 and I still recommend you try it.

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