Aug 30, 2014

TARDIS Blue Nails

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I have quite the geeky side and a major reason for that side is because I am a HUGE Doctor Who fan. I mean I am a BIG, BIG, BIG Doctor Who fan. For instance, last weekend was the series opener and I DARED anyone to call me, text me, or even look at me for the approximately 2 hours it was on.

And people respected my wish.

That tells you that they understand my obsession or they understand my crazy and have no desire to deal with it. Either way, no one called, texted or looked at me from 8 p.m. - 10 p.m. ET. And I watched The Doctor.

And I did so with blue toe nails.

If you have no idea why I would do this, take a minute and read what Tardis Blue is. Or, if you just don't have the time, TARDIS is what The Doctor travels in (think spaceship, in the form of an English police box). There is a whole world of Whovians (people that are BIG Doctor Who fans) that will have toe nails and finger nails painted for the show. I just happen to be one of them.
Orly's Macabre Masquerade & Sinful Colors Break Away 

I have several blue nail polishes but a few weeks ago I had to weed out the ones that weren't the perfect shade of pantone 2955C (TARDIS blue). Unfortunately, I don't own polish that is that shade, but I came close enough (in my mind). Here are the losers (put such pretty blues) and the winner (made prettier by the fact that it's the closest and I think other Whovians would approve).

First, let me have a geeky moment and say, many of the tardis blue polishes aren't fantastical or anything. They are simply pantone 2955c blue. BUT, polishes that fall into Who fanfare are sparkly and dazzling and have sparkles and shapes in them and that makes them "tardis blue-like" -- which in many parts of Who-world, makes them ok.

Ok, back from that. Any who (LOL - I'm a laughing my butt off at that joke) here's what I had to choose from.

Orly's Macabre Masquerade is a sparkly blue that glitters and shines and makes it a great "tardis blue-like" color. The TARDIS doesn't shimmer but this is so pretty, it's ok.

Sinful Colors Break Away is such a rich denim blue. It is sooo pretty. It's perfect for the fall. It's almost TARDIS blue but it's not quite there.

KleanColor in Leap of Grape

KleanColor in Leap of Grape is the closest that I have to TARDIS blue. It's what I wore on my toes for  the Doctor Who series premiere weekend. It's a beautiful blue that I think The Doctor would be proud of.

Wet n Wild in Blue Visionary is very un TARDIS blue. It almost doesn't fit the "tardis blue-like" qualifications. It's a very pretty pearl blue but you'd never mistake it for a Doctor Who blue.

Sephora Formula X in Zing is pretty and just qualifies for "tardis blue-like". Because of the touch of warmth in the color, I can get away with it on my fingers. The other blues are too cool for my hands but remember, my toes are party toes and they get party colors!
Wet n Wild in Blue Visionary , Sephora Formula X in Zing & Revlon's I'm Electro blue

And last but not least is Revlon's I'm Electro blue. Very far from "tardis blue-like" but still very galactic in nature. Because of that, you won't get kicked off of the TARDIS for wearing it.

Those are the TARDIS-ish colors that I had to choose from (and the one that won). Hopefully you too have loved a show or something so much that you had to pay homage to it in polish or makeup. It takes fandom to another level!

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