Sep 29, 2015

Making a House a Home - Fall Candles

Hey There!

I love burning candles. Scenting my house is a favorite way to get into the season. I don't like the change in weather but I do like the change in colors and scents. I already have some Fall candles from end of season sales last year. But I have picked up a few new candles this past week.

I wanted to add some Halloween candles to my decor so I picked up this Chesapeake Bay Candle Campfire Marshmallow candle. It has a slightly sweet marshmallow smell and I'm excited to burn it. The color is dark and the twine makes it fall-ish. I picked up a great candle holder from the Goodwill thrift store with this candle in mind.

This Sweet Pea and Pomegranate candle isn't really a fall scent but the color of the jar is pretty and kinda goes with my Halloween decorating theme (purple and black). The scent is a lightly sweet fruit smell. It's not over powering or anything, but I think it will smell so good.

I ran into Target this past weekend and went beyond the candle aisle end cap and walked down the actual aisle. I never do that. I love their regular candles but wasn't ready to purchase the new ones that they had (I don't know why). So I wandered down the aisle and found the Pure Clean Soy candles. The one that I fell in love with is the Lavender Lemonade scent. Man!!! Ok, so it's not a fall scent but it smells so fantastic I needed to have it. I'll put it in my bedroom so it won't clash with the Halloween-ness of my front rooms.

I also have some smell goods until it's time to light a pumpkin candle. I have some Luminessence Fragrance Oils in Apple Cinnamon, Pumpkin Pie and Black Cherry. I like these because when I get a candle that doesn't burn well or has a bad room throw, I can add a few drops of fragrance oil and make the candle smell good again.

I also have wax melts that I don't use as often as I use to but I still love them. I have my Iced Winter Cranberry and Toffee Nut Crisp. These Better Homes and Gardens wax cubes are fantastic! They have scents that fill a room and make you think something is cooking or baking. I enjoy popping them into my scent warmer.

So I'm ready to change the scent of my home from sweet, summer smells to warm, holiday smells.

What candle are you burning? Did you purchase it this season or last?

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