Sep 19, 2015

Nail Polish Change - Maybelline Colorshow Blushed Nudes polish in Sultry Spice

Hey there!

Let's talk about this nail polish quick, fast and in a hurry... I can get it off of my nails. 

I was wasting time, wandering through Target (as most of us do) and my eye caught the Maybelline Colorshow Blushed Nudes nail polish line. I didn't even know if it's a new line or if the colors were new to the line but when I peeked at them I wasn't overly impressed. I almost walked about but then I saw the color Sultry Spice. It looked interesting. It looked like a color that I needed for fall. It looked like a color that my nails needed. I decided to pick it up and get a better look.

When I picked it up, my first thought was, "do I own any Maybelline nail polish? And if I don't, why don't I"?

To answer my own question, yes, I do.

I own six of them.

And except for one of them, I got them all on sale at Big Lots for about $2 or less. Does that mean something?

I was very excited to purchase my Maybelline Colorshow Blushed Nudes polish in Sultry Spice. You know I have a problem with cooler weather! The color looked like just the thing I needed to help me glide into fall. 

The color night have been but the formula was not. 


I've NEVER had such a difficult time with a polish. It went on patchy and dried super fast in some places and regular speed in others. 

And when I say super fast I mean one swipe, two swipe, dry on the left, wet on the right. 

And it was kinda gloppy. 

These shouldn't  be old polishes. This Blushed Nudes line is fairly new, right? Like within the last five years! I take that back because I have bottles of three year old polish that behaves waaay better than this. This was atrocious.

And yes, people have commented on how pretty the color is but close up reveals that it looks like a 3 year old polished my nails.

You know I can do slightly better than that! I might color outside the lines and onto my fingers but everything within the lines is all good.

And maybe I'm being overly dramatic and it's really ok. Maybe this polish and others within the line work better the second time. Maybe I should give it another chance.

And maybe you haven't met me in real life.

I give second chances. I know when it's okay to do so.

And, I know when it's not.

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