Sep 21, 2015

Face Of The Day

Hey there!

I don't really have a setup where I can blog a "get ready with me" so instead I thought I'd show you the products that I used to get ready for an event that I went to (Doctor Who series premiere! Fan girl ahhhhh!). I went just a tad bit harder than I normally do for work makeup. I wanted to pull out all the stops 'cause let's face it, I don't get to do that very often.

So I moisturized and all that goodness, because your face needs it. I didn't use a primer because I forgot. I don't normally wear primer unless I'm going out for the evening and even though that was the case this time, I forgot. I'm sorry. But, if I had remembered, I would have used my Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer.

So I concealed with my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Biscuit. This is my favorite concealer. I've pulled the stopper out and I'm enjoying several more months of use. I also moisturized my lips with my REVO lip balm in grape. I've been liking it. I've also been sniffing my lips more and trying very hard not to lick them (cause the smell so good!).

I took care of my eyebrows really quickly. I had let them become very sasquatch-ish. I raised and plucked a bit and then used my Anastasia Brow Wiz in soft brown. I love it. Then I had to highlight my brows. I can't wear eyeshadow without eye issues but I can wear eyebrow makeup (I have blepharitis). So for my eyebrow makeup I used the browlighter in my Mally Citychick Smokey Eye Kit. Even though I got rid of most of my eyeshadow pallets, I kept this one for the browlighter and I am able to use the crease color as a top lid eyeliner (I didn't do that this time. I went naked eye).

Once my concealer set, I put on my MAC Studio Fix in NC42. It's my love and we go together. I have others that I use but when I need to look and feel my best, I use this one.

Then I decided to use a bronzer with LIFE. I pulled out my Tarte Park Avenue Princess Amazonian Clay Bronzer. I know that you can get the one that's real sparkly and the one that's matte and just gives a glow. I got the matte one but the glow is AMAZEBALLS! It is gorgeous and make my cheeks sing! I love wearing it for special occasions.
This picture doesn't do the glow justice!

If you are using a bronzer with such a gorgeous glow, you have to use a blush/highligher with the same glow. When I purchased the NYX Illuminator in Chaotic, I was disappointed with the result. I initially thought it would look good as a regular highlighter. Then I discovered that I needed to use it as a total cheek highlighter and then add a slight blush on top of it. It's an awesome bit of cheek glow and the packaging is darling!

And the blush that I used, very lightly, was my Sonia Kashuk Beautifying Blush in Spice. It's a warm peachy pink shade that I use as an everyday blush.

For my lips I went backwards. I started with my NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Spice Cake. It's beautiful color but because I don't wear eye color, it looks a bit weird when I pull out the totally dramatic lip color. So, I blotted it a tiny bit and then added a swipe of Wet n Wild lipstick in Wine Room. The resulting look was fierce! I really liked it! I will wear it a lot.

And then my little cute self went out and had a great time at the Doctor Who premiere. I met some new friends and took a picture with the Tardis!

OH! You might be wondering why I added specific colors to the products I wore. And, you might not even care. A few days ago I was attempting to purchase new makeup product and I couldn't remember the shade that I use to wear. I ran to my blog posts, because I thought surely I'd find the shade mentioned there! Nope! I hadn't been consciously adding shades to my posts! So, I decided I needed to begin doing that

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