Sep 24, 2015

iConcepts Car Vent Mount

Hey there!

Because I've moved, the kiddo and I have been all over town, finding new places to visit, shop and eat. Sometimes we just drive until we see some place that we want to go to. Sometimes I have to pull out the GPS system on my phone. When I use my phone I have to load the location and then put my phone in my drink holder. It's not the best solution but what's a girl to do?

Well I was roaming the aisles of Target (Girl, what else is new?) and I saw this iConcepts Car Vent Mount. I was soooo excited!! I know that other people mount their phones to the dashboard but I don't like that. I really wanted to use my vents so this was right up my alley!

The first time I tried to use the car mount, I couldn't get it to hook on properly. It was all twisted and wouldn't hook on so that I could see my phone. Then I read the instructions (because reading is fundamental) and realized that the hook was a 365 swivel hook.

After learning it's a 360 swivel, I tried it again. I did get it to hook to the vent but it was still no good. It's too heavy for my air vent and kept falling down. I stopped trying because I didn't want to break the ac vent (not in the South!). It's probably an issue with my 1923 car more than the product itself. Nice idea but just not feasible. 

So, this is going back to Target. It doesn't get to stay at my house. 

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