Sep 27, 2015

FIRST LOOK - BareSkin 8 Piece Collection for Radiant Face, Eyes and Lips

Hey There!

Years ago I decided I need to try the bareMinerals mineral foundation. I like a light to medium makeup coverage but I don't like liquid foundations. I feel claustrophobic when I have it on my face so I very rarely use it. I thought that perhaps a mineral powder foundation would feel better on my skin. Well, I fell in love with it. It was light feeling on my face but had medium coverage and gave me a glow that I liked.

After falling in love with the powder I began trying other products; lip moxies, mineral veil, concealer, well rested, etc. Most things worked very well. A few things weren't my faves. But the items sealed the deal on my love with bareMinerals products.

And, QVC is my BFF when it comes to feeding my addiction. Several times a year, QVC has beauty specials including bareMinerals products. When it's strictly or heavily eye products I resist and move on. When it's face products I hover on the channel.

Recently they had a special on the BareSkin 8 Piece Collection for Radiant Face, Eyes and Lips ($56.94 QVC). The only reason that I didn't push the ship button faster was because I had to figure out my color. Unfortunately, the BareSkin colors don't match the powders so....

Note; I haven't used the products so I can't talk about the formulations and how long they last on my skin and how they wear in general. This really is a first look.

I decided that bareMinerals BareSkin in Bare Sand ($29, must be my color match. I'm looking and I think I did ok. The light doesn't do it justice. In person it seems to work. And, when I first looked at my bareMinerals BareSkin Perfecting Veil in Tan to Dark ($25,, I got concerned. It looked too dark for me. But, paired with my Bare Sand, it was perfect!
New BareSkin  on left, old concealer on right

The other thing I was concerned about was the BareSkin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer in Tan ($20, I thought it would be too dark as well but when swiped next to my current concealer (in Tan 2) it's about the same. I wonder how it will work though. It's a serum. Too many serums can't be good, can they?

Also in my box were bareMinerals colors. My swatches DO NOT do these colors justice. They are all very pretty! There was a Crushed Copper Eyeshadow (other shadows $14). This will be a gift for someone. I'm able to sneak eyeshadow under my eyebrows (brow shadow) but this pretty copper color is not going to work as brow shadow. There's an Equinox Blush (other blushes $20) in a warm peach color. It looked a bit chalky on my hand so not sure how that's going to work. And last but not least (in the colors section) is the Purely Brilliant Lipcolor in Delicate Cinnamon (other Lip Sheers $16). This is a pretty warm pinky brown Lip Sheer and I can't wait to try this. Lip Sheers are always moisturizing and give just that little pop your lips need. I like to keep these in my purse for quick color touch ups.

And, makeup brushes! Everyone knows about the Perfecting Face Brush ($28). If you bought your bareMinerals BareSkin the first few weeks, you got this brush free. While I've heard mixed reviews about the BareSkin, I don't know that I've heard reviews on the brush. You also get a Double-Ended Expert Application Cheek & Eye Brush (other double ended brushes $28). The bristles are very soft and I think they will work well.

So I like I said, I paid $56.94 for my kit. The value is actually $180! Even if I have to give the eye color away, I'm still getting three times the value!

I'm very excited to try this kit and see if BareSkin is the product for me. Of course I'll come back and tell you good people what I think!

And let me just say, QVC nor Bare Escentuals have paid me to try or rave about their products. I enjoy both companies and their products. As always, all product reviews, raves and rants are my own opinion.

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