Sep 30, 2015

What I Drank This Month September

Hey there!

It coffee time! I didn't have anything fantabulous last month, so I thought I'd wait and just do both months together.

Of course, I'll start with my holy grail coffee, Tully's Decaffeinated French Roast (12.99 /18 pods). I drank one pack each month. Nothing new there.

But you wanna know what is new and might give Tully's a run for its money? Barista Prima Coffeehouse Decaf Italian Roast Coffee (12.99 /18 pods) is giving it a run for its money. This stuff is good! It's strong and bold and super rich. It's not better than my Tully's but it is certainly a good runner up!

I was in my local TJ Maxx store and found my Gloria Jean Coffee in Brown Sugar Cake ($7.99)!! I was so happy! I discovered the Gloria Jean brand at the beginning of the summer and I have loved every flavor I've tried. I wish they were decaf because they would be so nice at night before bed with a slice of cake or some other dessert.

I also purchased The Donut Shop Vanilla Cream Puff Extra Bold Coffee. I like vanilla cream puffs! This must be just as good! Wrong. This coffee is not bold and the vanilla cream isn't strong. It's just ok. Not gonna lie - I have no idea where I got this from and how much it was. That's okay cause it's not something that I would purchase again.

And my last coffee purchase was the Cafe Mexicano Mexican Cinnamon Gourmet Coffee ($7.99) from Home Goods. Holy Caffeine Batman! This stuff is so great! It's cinnamony and tasty. It's delicious and I have been drinking it almost EVERY morning. I am going to go and stock up on this because I don't want it to go away when the season is over.

I've had some good coffee's recently and that made up for the just ok coffee's last month. I am going to brand out and try some of the other seasonal coffees that have been popping up in the stores.

What are you drinking from the coffee aisle? Are you loving it? Is it worth my hunting it down?

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