Sep 16, 2015

Laneige Skincare

Hey There!

It all began with a search in an Asian food mart and ended with a love for the Laneige brand skincare line. It wasn't supposed to happen and I certainly wasn't looking for it but BAM! There it was. 

I walked in looking for a toner. Yep, a toner. I remember when my mom use to go to the mall to pick up her cleanser, toner, moisturizer trio from Fashion Fair. I'd look at all the pretty makeup colors and wait for her to finish her transaction. Besides all the pretty colors, the one thing I remember is that toner matters. I think the name is a misnomer because I don't know that it tones anything. In my research I learned that it's supposed to shrink your pores and rejuvenate your skin. I'm not sure that it does that for me but I know that it does remove those last remnants of makeup and preps my skin for moisturizer. Well, a good one does.

So, my initial search was for a toner. I walked out with a skin refresher and a sample pack of Laneige Water Bank products. The skin refresher was the Brightening Sparkling Water Pop Essence ($33). This is a weird product that has been very interesting to try. It's a fizzy product (carbon air bubbles and sparkling water) that you use after your cleanser. I'm honestly not sure what it does. It feels good going on your skin because it is cool going on your face. But, I don't know that it really does anything. I'll finish this container but I won't purchase it again.

With this purchase, I ended up getting a free travel sized packet of all things water bank essence. Two of the items were pretty thick and didn't make the cut but three of the items did. The two that didn't were the Water Bank Moisture Cream ($32 Target) and the Water Bank Eye Gel ($32.49 Target). The Water Bank Moisture Cream was waaaaay to heavy for my skin and I don't let anything touch my eyes except aquaphor and Clinique Eye Gel so the Water Bank Eye Gel didn't stand a chance anyway.

One of the things that I fell in love with was the Power Essential Skin Refiner ($25 Target). It is an amazing toner and I want to marry it. It is the next item on my "Must Buy" list. Another thing that I fell in love with was the Water Bank Serum ($32). I use it as a daily moisturizer. Not sure if that's what it's real purpose is but I like it this way. I don't like the way heavy moisturizers feel. This is perfect for me. And yes, I bought the full size!

My impulse buy was the Water Sleeping Pack ($23). I've heard fantastic things about this. You are supposed to wear it at night and then wipe off in the morning for moisturized, fresh skin. It's true. This was the case. The only problem is that after doing this for three days straight I realized my makeup began to slide off my face during warm days. I got all misty and had to blot my makeup. I never really have to do that. I've begun to only use it every third night and that seems to work better.

So Laneige has become my beauty line. I really like my new additions. I didn't mean for it to happen but they seem to be good quality products. They are on the higher end but I don't hesitate to spend a bit more on my skin care line. I'll keep trying new things and I'll tell you all about them! 

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