Jan 24, 2015

OPI Fifty Shades of Grey

Hey there!

Yep. Those are the OPI Fifty Shades of Grey minis that you see. I tried to resist. Kinda. I originally saw the full sizes and swatches at my local Sally Beauty supply and they didn't impress me. Then I kept seeing folks with the actual polish and the colors looked gorgeous. I decided that for my peeps, it was my duty to pick them up and tell you about them. I thought that a mini set was the best route. If I decided that I really liked 1 or 2 of them I could purchase the full size but if I didn't like any of them it would be ok.

My Silk Tie is a silver, silky color. It really does remind you of a silk tie, all smooth and shiny. But, it's not overly shiny. It's just a nice, neutral silver (if that makes sense). This is going to be a great base coat for nail art.

Dark Side of the Mood is a fall gray (perhaps a fall grey). It’s deep and rich and screams of the changing of the seasons. I only used 2 coats but I'd probably use 3 on my nails.

Romantically involved is a deep red. It's a nice fall red that is going to get lots of wear. I suspect this will be the first full sized shade that I purchase.

Embrace The Gray is a bluey gray. It's another color that probably needs 3 coats.

Shine for Me is a Sparkly top coat. It's pieces of blue, gray and silver sparkles. It looks fine by itself but it's probably best as a top coat.

And, Cement the Deal is a pale color gray. I think of it as a spring or summer gray. It’s classic and I think it looks pretty good against many skin complexions.

All of these colors are cool colors except Dark Side of the Mood and Romantically Involved. They are warm. On a swatch held up to my hand they are all wearable for me. I'll try them all out but at this point I only see one that I'll purchase a full size of. I say, if you are thinking about getting them...go ahead! I approve.

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