Sep 20, 2015

Sunday Fun Day - It's A Haul!

Hey there!

Just FYI, this is a haul over a 2 week period. I've been picking up random things here and there and now, I'm finally ready to share them with you!

I've mentioned in an empties that I enjoying adding lavender Epsom salts to my bath. I normally pick up smaller packs from Dollar Tree but the Target Up and Up brand was a good deal. I'll try them out but I can't imagine that it's any different than the Dollar Tree one.

Yep! I picked up another pack of Pure & Gentle Make-up Remover Wipes from Walmart. I have really begun to like these! They are nice and wet and most days I can use 1 wipe and get off all of my makeup. They aren't better than my Wet n Wild makeup wipes but they are a verrrrrry close second. And, the price is right.

I found Honeymania shower gel from The Body Shop at my local Marshalls. I've mentioned that any time I see a shower gel from The Body Shop, I am going to grab it. They smell so good and they lather so well. They had a peach one but I've already sniffed that one so I wanted to try a new one.

Also at Marshalls I found an Essie nail polish in Using My Maiden Name. It appears to be a beautiful, slightly iridescent light purple. I also got a purple from NYC at Walmart. Purple Pizzazz Frost is a darker iridescent purple. I also picked up Strip Me Off by NYC. It's a base coat that you can peel off. I thought this would be great with any glitter polish that I use.

And, I lucked up during a Dollar Tree trip. I found 2 Milani Liquid Lip Colors. Neither of them have a name so I have to go with "the brown one" and "the fuchsia one". Perfect names in my opinion.

See, I didn't pickup much. I could have picked up quite a bit more but I really wanted to scale back my purchases. I went into Ulta and came out with nothing. NOTHING! I also went into the makeup section of Kohls and came away with .... NOTHING! See, I'm doing well.

But, why I scaled down my purchases, I'm not going to never purchase anything else. You know I'm not going to do that! What kind of blogger would I be if I didn't buy things to blog about??

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