May 25, 2015

REVIEW - AcneFree Clear Skin Treatments

Hey there!

About six weeks ago I picked up the AcneFree Clear Skin Treatment packet for the kiddo. She has a hard time dealing with acne and we have tried quite a few products over the years. We've even gone to the dermatologist with little success. So, when a co-worker mentioned this product, I had no problem picking it up from CVS in order to try it out (preview here).

I purchased the box from CVS for $19.99. Inside you get three products -- An oil-free purifying cleanser with micro-benzoyl peroxide, a renewing toner for oil control & tone balancing and a repair lotion with continuous release micro-benzoyl peroxide.

As I mentioned before, you are supposed to use this every morning and every evening. The instructions in the box said that you should start seeing results within 1 - 3 days.

Well, I can't vouch for 1 - 3 days but I can tell you that after 7 days I could really tell a difference! Her skin was clearer and the acne was coming in smaller clusters than previously. I was excited to keep using the product.

I verified with the kiddo that the product didn't burn or irritate her skin because some acne treatments can do that. She said it was "fine" which is the teenage equivalent of "it rocks!". Of course it's also the teenage equivalent of "I hate it" but I've learned to differentiate her "fines" and this time she meant that it worked well.

We've been using the kit for a full 6 weeks (almost 7) and she is just now starting to run low on items. I think the box will probably last about 8-9 weeks which is phenomenal for a $20 product. I do not mind spending $10 a month on this kit at all. That being said, I was ready to pay twice, maybe even triple for the same effects. I just want the kiddo to have clear, healthy skin. And this seems to be doing the trick.

Have you ever tried this product? If you've seen it in the store, were you swayed to pick it up and read the box? If you're on the fence, I say try it out. We tried everything else and this has really worked for us!

(ps - I was not paid to endorse this product at all. I purchased it with my own money and the kiddo tried it).

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