May 24, 2015

What I Drank This Month

Hey there!

I mentioned last month that the two "fun" coffees that I tried out didn't make an A+ grade. That's always sad because we all want great tasting coffees, especially since you get the Keurig pods in packs of 12, 16 or 18. No one wants to drink 11 more cups of mediocre coffee and while my coworkers love it when I bring my unwanted coffee to work, I really would like to focus on more coffee for myself, not them.

Sorry, but I always start with my Tully's Decaffeinated French Roast (12.99 /18 pods). I know that you keep hearing the same old song every month but it's my favorite. It's a deep, rich, decaf roast that I have every morning. In case you're new, I order the 18 pack from because my local store doesn't always carry good decaf brands.

Oh, in case you wonder about why I try to put such a huge focus on decaffeinated coffee, I have hypertension and my doctor only allows me to have 1 cup of caffeine a day. I have made it my mission to find really good decaffeinated coffee's so I don't have to limit myself quite as much.

When placing my last coffee order, I also order 2 new coffees. I had heard about Door County ($8.99 / 12 pods) from a YouTube friend and was super excited when I saw it online. They had several types to choose from but I figured Heavenly Caramel would be a fun one to try. MAN!!! This changed my life! It is so good. It's sweet and caramelly and I didn't need half of the sugar that I put in my coffee in the morning. I was super excited to have this one. The only drawback was that that the BB&B ones aren't decaffeinated so it means I have to use them sparingly. I have to admit, I went on the website just hoping but alas, they only sell decaf in bags. It might be worth it but I can find good flavored decaf pods and just use one when I want a treat.

The other coffee that I got from BB&B was the Green Mountain Coffee in Brown Sugar Crumble Donut. Can you say, "Slap Yo Mama Good"? I mean, I wouldn't recommend slapping your mother but you could offer her a cup of this and she would be super happy (if she drinks coffee). This one was sweet with a hint of "I kinda want a brown sugar donut or cookie". It had a good medium roast flavor that went down easily. Again, BB&B didn't offer it in a decaf flavor (Come on BB&B! Up your decaf game!) and when I looked it up online, I didn't see decaf version. This one too, is one that I'll use on special occasions. Too bad because it sure is yummy.

I have to admit I lucked out this month. Normally I have a not so good coffee in the mix but this month I loved my coffee selections. Both of the "new to me" ones were medium roast so I had to brew it on the smallest cup but they were still very good.

What are you drinking from the coffee aisle? Are you ordering super fancy coffees or just the regular old joe from the grocery store? What do you recommend I try?

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