May 22, 2015

Making a House a Home - Donating

(photo credit - some place on the web - borrowed with love)

Hey there!

I know. I know. If I mention that I am moving one more time, you are going to drive over to my house and beat me up. Well since you're driving over to my house anyway, can you help pack a box or two? Thanks. Much appreciated.

I have two major areas going on in my apartment right now. I have the stuff that I am carefully boxing up for moving and then a pile of bags and boxes and containers of things that I am donating to the thrift store. I knew when I began packing up my home that not everything was going to make the cut for the new place. It's a mindset when you get a new place. You are starting over fresh; a new beginning if you will. You'd like to take everything but, not everything can come with you.

I've taken this to the extreme. I have been very careful and thoughtful about what my new place will be and what it won't be. That has meant that I have planned quite a bit and some of the stuff that has accumulated for the last 6 years just cannot come to my new beginning.

(Side note; am I the only person in the world that doesn't move each year? I have friends that I have known for a good 10 years and they have moved about 8 times. Since becoming a single gal, I've lived in my neighborhood for 11 years and have only lived in 3 apartments. Is that weird? Am I normal? Never mind. Don't answer that question).

So, the first room of my new place that I visualized was my kitchen. My current kitchen is very white and airy and light and refreshing. When I moved into my place I said that it was like the beach house that you rent every year -- cool, calm and carefree. The white cabinets make it so open and breezy. The problem was it got dirty quickly and the cabinet space was pretty dismal. The new place is a bit darker with a deep cabinet color but there is twice as much cabinet space. For a foodie, this is heaven. Because the color is richer, I feel like I have to make the kitchen richer.

What I mean is, instead of a spot where I have my Keurig machine and some coffee pods, I need to create a coffee station. I need a small space that makes my morning coffee experience elegant and special. Instead of pulling out my Kitchen Aid mixer every time I make brownies for the office, I need to have a stable baking station. My Kitchen Aid mixer needs to be spit shined (ok, kinda gross in the kitchen) and I need to have the basic baking supplies right next to it so that it would appear that I am a pastry chef at the ready. While these types of changes might not excite you in the least, I feel so ready to make this kitchen a reality!
(photo credit - some place on the web - borrowed with love)
And that means I need to give up some of the current clutter bug pieces that currently live in my airy, beach kitchen. I've packed up a ton of plastic cups and old plates that I never use. I have them "just in case". You know..."just in case" extra people come over. And, "just in case" I throw a party. I even have some older plastic containers "just in case" I have to take something to work. Well, all of those "just in case" kitchen items are going to someone else's house, "just in case".

The next room that I visualized was my living room. Again, it currently reminds you of a beach house and I decorated it as such. I didn't paint the accent walls so I had to use bright art work to make the room pop. In my new place, there is a painted accent wall and while the room is bright, if comes off of the heels of a darker kitchen. I still wanted to maintain a bright feel but change the coloring just a little bit. That means that the beachy items have to go. A few shells might remain but a bulk of those things will go to another home where they can be loved just a little bit better. Instead, I'm going to reintroduce my books on the book shelves and add fewer trinkets and more blank space. I'm going a tad bit cleaner.

There are many other things that I plan on doing in my new space. I am creating a smaller eating area and making the dining room into an office space for me and the kiddo. I'm making my bedroom into a glam room and my bathroom into a spa retreat. And, the closet...well, look out baby! That means a good portion of my current toys will have to go to new homes. And, after 6 years, that is totally ok! It's time to freshen things up and create a new world. After all, I feel like I'm stepping into a new chapter of my life.

That means I'll make sure I take you with me. You ready to move? Come and grab a box.

No, seriously, come and get this box. It's heavy!

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