Jun 28, 2014

Ipsy Bag - June - Review

Hey there!

It's time for my June Ipsy bag review. I'll try to review it a bit faster next month but I got it late and wanted to really try things before telling you what I thought. You know I can be a bit harsh sometimes! I wanted to give things a fair shake.

There are 2 things I didn't get a chance to give a fair shake (Great job! There are only 5 things in the bag woman!!). The Be A Bombshell mascara and the Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray. I don't wear mascara anymore and after taking a sniff, decided I didn't really want to share this with a friend. It kinda stinks. But, maybe you don't think so. Let me know if you want me to mail it off to you and I will. The Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray went to a friend at work and she is really trying it out for you guys. She should have a full review soon (first guess blogger!).

On with the show. I gave the eyebrow pencil by OFRA a really good try and you know what? I'm in love. It is about the right shade for me, it goes on smoothly and with a bit of eyebrow gel, stays in place (I use the gel because I tend to touch my eyebrows when I put my glasses on and take them off so the gel helps keep the color on my brows and off my hands). I went onto the website and saw the price. It's $13. And, it only comes in 1 shade. That being said, with your Ipsy 30% off discount plus shipping, it's about $14.05. That's not any worse that's anything else you've purchased. And, if it's your perfect shade, that does make it worth it. I personally am thinking about it. Other eyebrow pencils that I have come close but not as close as this one.

I did use the Realtree for her eau de parfum. It was a tiny bit too strong for me. I like soft scents or sweet scents. This was just...strong. Not my fave. On the website this parfum is $19.99. I tried to use the Ipsy code on their website (to see if it works) and it didn't. Maybe I waited too late in the month. Anywho, after flat rate shipping it's $26.98 for 3.4oz. That's not a bad price but I didn't like it, so I wouldn't purchase it no matter what.

I told you that one of these products got a squeal out of me. I saw it and was very happy, even though I already owned the product! The NYX butter gloss in crème brulee make me smile. Have you smelled a NYX butter gloss? I mean let's just start with that! It's a sweet, vanilla sugar smell that I love. And this color is beautiful. It's a soft warm pink color that is great on top of a brown or pink lipstick or, I just use it alone. And this one became my backup because I go through butter glosses like no one's business. I have 3 in my purse right now, so YES -- I will purchase this item!! I tried to use the Ipsy code on the website but it didn't take. That's fine though because I get my NYX BOGO 1/2 off at CVS or Ulta so no worries there.

Which brings me to a little question. Has anyone had luck using the Ipsy discount? In this case, the one item I would purchase, I'd get cheaper somewhere else. But, I know if you earn enough Ipsy points you can purchase things that way. So, what would I'd do? I'd review the items and earn points and when you have enough, treat yourself to a little something.

Do I plan on continuing my Ipsy bag? Yeah, for now. I got to try a few products that I ended up liking. The bag was $10 and to come out a winner with the NYX butter gloss and the OFRA eyebrow pencil, it was worth it to me.

Do you get the Ipsy bag? Do you like it? What do you really like about it and what could they do better in your opinion?

Ipsy Link  <--- I've put my link right here in case you are interested in checking this out for yourself. I personally think it's a great deal for $10 BUT that is completely my opinion and if you don't want to use my link, that's okay too! If you are interested and would like to try them out, I'd be super stoked if you did use my Link. If you do decide to, come back and tell me how you like your first bag!!

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