Sep 29, 2014

Nail Polish Change - China Glaze in Travel in Color and Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer in Berried Under

Hey There!

I wore 2 polar opposite nail polishes this week. One of them was one of the best and the other was one of the worst. Like I said, opposites.
Sorry about the chippage. I didn't take this picture until
5 days in. Pretty good for 5 days, huh?!

I talked briefly about China Glaze's Travel in Color last week. I liked it so much that I wore it on all my nails this week. I am so in love with this nail polish color. I'm going to marry it. The iridescent sparkle and shimmer is amaze-balls. It gives off a slight green hue but that's ok. When you are this pretty you can do that. The staying power is good. My only complaint is that I bought this little itty bitty bottle instead of a full sized one. 

The color that I wore on my tootsies was Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer in Berried Under. I cannot stand this formula. I am going to give this the award for WORST nail polish formula EVER! It looks like I painted my toes in a pretty, muted pink and then drug my feet through sugar or sand. 

I know, I know! That's the point of this polish but it's horrible. Does anyone really like this? I don't. I won't use this again. Good thing I got it on clearance. 

So just to recap -- Shimmery iridescent, yes. Feet tracked in sugar or sand, no.

Any questions?

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