Nov 25, 2014

A Tale of Two NARS

Hey There!

So I think we're down to the final 2 reviews from my Sephora VIB Haul. Don't cry though. Black Friday is coming so there are bound to be many more hauls coming your way. What I can give you until then is my review of my two NARS products.

Let's begin with the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer ($16 mini), shall we? I was a bit concerned to begin with because it has a high SPF of 30 and sometimes, many times, SPF formulations break my face out. This one began uncomfortably but then after about 2 minutes my skin calmed and I was ok. The second time I wore it, I added more regular moisturizer and it felt more comfortable.

I purchased the mini size in St. Moritz. The color was nice but the SPF left a cast that I wasn't a fan of. When I sheer it out with more face moisturizer, the cast wasn't as noticeable but the coverage wasn't good. I do like the tinted moisturizer as a light cover on the weekend. The added SPF is good. It's not supposed to be anything more than that so I'm happy with the purchase. I can't say that I'll purchase it again. I'll probably just get a NARS foundation and when I want light coverage, mix my foundation with moisturizer.

My other purchase was the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Biscuit. I had been drooling over this for so long, that I was pretty sure that it wouldn't meet my expectations. I mean, it's a $29 concealer. It can't be as great as I thought.

YOWZA!!! I am in love. I really am. This is so creamy and the perfect shade. It covers my dark spots so well. It's not heavy and works well with my powder and liquid foundations. And, it lasts several hours longer than even my Bare Minerals holy grail cream concealer.

Now, I know that other people like it under the eyes to conceal and highlight. For me, that was a fail. It creased and added about 10 years to my age. No, no, I've decided that powders do better around my eyes. Liquids and creams are my eyeball enemies.

The price is so gross but I have NO doubt that I will purchase this again. I try to be fair to my other concealers and wear them too but I've been reaching for this goodie more than the others.

So that's it. I'm done playing with all of the lippies and face makeup that I purchased from Sephora. Now, I'm ready to play with new makeup. Please believe that it will be happening!!

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